Submission Guidelines

The Prince William Muckraker will consider submissions for posts on topics relevant to Prince William County.  Our focus is on public corruption and hypocrisy in government and local affairs.  While posts on such topics will thus receive preferential consideration, we will consider submissions on other relevant topics.  All submissions must be fact-based.  We will not consider fabrications like those so common to the far-right smear blogs prevalent today in Prince William County, and we reserve the right to reject any and all submissions, including comments.  Authors are encouraged to review our existing posts.

Although we will post submissions without attribution (i.e. with the author remaining anonymous in the post), we will insist upon the identity of the author being disclosed to the Prince William Muckraker.  If you wish to submit a post (as opposed to a comment on an existing post), please email your post, as well as your name, email, telephone number, and whether or not you wish the post to be anonymous, to