Here in Prince William

The Muckraker’s written several times already about the rise of the white nationalists of the alt-right in the Trump campaign, particularly since Corey Stewart’s departure from the ranks of Trump advisers. Members of the alt-right have existed right here in Prince William County for some time, with some of its practitioners closely tied to and supported by some elected officials, and some even present in the ranks of county employees.

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The Alt-Right and “Jew S. A.”

The Trump campaign fired Corey Stewart the day the Muckraker was posting a story about the political rationale behind Stewart’s alignment with Trump. Our eventual post promptly elicited comments from people who speculated that Stewart might have been grateful for his dismissal in part because he might have been troubled by the rise of alt-right, anti-Semitic, white nationalists within Trump’s campaign team.

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Shortly after Corey Stewart was fired from the Trump campaign, the Muckraker wrote about the Trump campaign being infiltrated at the highest levels by the anti-Semitic, white nationalists of the Alt-Right movement, led by campaign CEO Stephen Bannon. Since that time we’ve noted several anti-Semitic dog-whistles that are symptoms in the Trump campaign of that group’s dominance. Now there’s more disturbing evidence.

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Anti-Semitism and Social Media

On October 11, the Muckraker published a post analyzing the rationale behind Corey Stewart’s alignment with Donald Trump. We followed it on October 14 with a post expressing relief at Stewart’s departure given how Alt-Right anti-Semitism appeared to have infiltrated the top ranks of the Trump campaign. Since that time, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has released a report detailing “a troubling, year-long rise in anti-Semitic hate targeting journalists on Twitter, with data showing that the harassment has been driven by rhetoric in the 2016 presidential campaign and identifying some of the groups and individuals responsible.”
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Alt-Right Anti-Semitism Infiltrates Top Levels of Trump Campaign

On October 11, 2016, the Muckraker issued a long post called “Corey Stewart’s Trump Gambit.” The post discussed in depth Stewart’s relatively open-book approach to politics, his political acumen, and the possible advantages for his political future of association with Trump, win or lose, and regardless of the fact that Stewart had just been fired by the Trump campaign. We even speculated that Stewart might have purposely got himself fired, or at least anticipated the possible advantages if that occurred.

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Mormons Lead the Way

One of the things about the 2016 Presidential race that has confounded some is the continued strong support Donald J. Trump has among conservative, predominantly-white, religious groups. This hasn’t been a source of consternation solely to Democrats. After all, with opposition to abortion and reproductive rights being such a core issue for religious conservatives, it’s relatively easy to explain their support for any Republican nominee over a Democrat.

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Voters: Please Ask the Paul Ryan Question

One can’t call U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) or Prince William BOCS Chair Corey Stewart (R) “cold and timid souls.” McCain and Stewart have taken strong, diametrically opposed positions regarding Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump.

At the Muckraker we think Trump is abhorrent on multiple levels, even if the events of the last month had never occurred nor come to light. We laud John McCain for his stance in revoking his endorsement of Trump. We’re appalled that Corey Stewart sides with Trump, but in his steadfast support find it impossible to accuse him of the cowardice that would place him with the “cold and timid souls.”
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Analysis: Corey Stewart’s Trump Gambit

Some readers have complained that the Muckraker hasn’t been appropriately critical of Prince William BOCS Chair, Corey Stewart. As you might expect, those complaints have reached a fever pitch in recent days, especially after Stewart’s firing yesterday by the Trump campaign. It’s a fair criticism, and in responding we’re going to take the opportunity to debut a new feature. While we will continue with our traditional coverage, we’re now adding periodic analytical articles on relevant local topics. Today we start the latter with what we have entitled, “Corey Stewart’s Trump Gambit.”
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