Chamber Rising

Haddow Business Plan v Chamber

We can’t help but be impressed by the maturing transformation of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce over the past two years.  Rejecting far-right wing ideology, they’ve been charting a moderate-conservative course that emphasizes the positive contributions a healthy business sector makes to our community, businesses’ responsibilities as corporate citizens, and the importance of infrastructure, education, and quality of life to a thriving commercial sector – a sector necessary if we are to diversify away from such high reliance on residential real estate taxes.


Recently, the Chamber took the courageous step of publicly criticizing the latest unprincipled tactics of the Haddow-Candland cabal on the Prince William Board of County Supervisors.  In a press release and letter, the Chamber noted that it was not just the policy change on the Bi-County Parkway (on which reasonable people may disagree) that concerned them, but the manner in which the Board conducted its business (i.e. the Haddow-Candland cabal’s dishonesty).  Calling it a “failure of leadership” the Chamber singled out Vice Chairman Pete Candland, who they said, “in our opinion, forced the vote irrespective of the Board’s previously stated intent,” because he thought that if all the board members had participated the motion would have failed.  The Chamber went on to say that BOC members “spout platitudes to the business community about supporting the growth and development of the private sector,” while in fact working against such growth.  In a bold and forthright closing, the Chamber remarked that “those seated behind the dais should not be some of our community’s greatest threats to economic growth.” Continue reading Chamber Rising


Stewart Speaks Out on Haddow-Candland Cabal Dishonesty

Mac Haddow's Junta Misleads Public

PWC Board Chair Corey Stewart recently spoke out on the Haddow-Candland cabal’s* dishonesty involving the recent Bi-County Parkway vote. As reported previously by the Muckraker, Vice-Chair Pete Candland had explicitly assured Chairman Stewart and the public that no vote would be taken on removing the parkway from the county comprehensive plan until Stewart had returned from a business trip and could participate. It quickly became clear, however, that the Mac Haddow junta of Candland, Jeanine Lawson, and Ruth Anderson on the BOCS, had no intention of honoring the commitment they had made. Continue reading Stewart Speaks Out on Haddow-Candland Cabal Dishonesty


Haddow-Candland Cabal Snakes Stewart

We got a glimpse of what a Pete Candland controlled Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) looks like on March 15 when the Mac Haddow/Pete Candland cabal snaked the absent BOCS Chairman Corey Stewart.


Snake [sneyk] Verb: To stab someone in the back by telling them you’re going to do one thing and then doing another to their detriment.


The Mac Haddow/Pete Candland cabal is the acknowledged master of the dark art of snaking in Prince William County.*  Their modus operandi is to emit a constant stream of lip service pronouncements concerning good government, transparency, and conservative principles for the consumption of the busy public.  But like the Pharisees of old, while they self-righteously hold themselves above others on these points, behind the scenes they reserve for themselves a completely different set of rules. To help mask their hypocrisy they use the cabal’s house organ, the Sheriff of Nottingham blog, to both misdirect the public on any given issue and discredit opponents through a vicious program of intimidation and character assassination unencumbered by the truth.  Then to lure allies as needed, they sometimes applaud those outside the cabal, including prior victims of their character assassinations. Continue reading Haddow-Candland Cabal Snakes Stewart


Chairman Sawyers Champions Historical Fact

36 seibel 12'tallEspecially for older African-Americans the scene had to be surreal. They must have thought to themselves, how is it that after long struggle here we are in 2016 listening to people stand up to defend the legacy of a segregationist who opposed integration of Virginia schools.  To defend naming of all things, a SCHOOL, after him.


Some people came to the School Board meeting on March 16 to complain about the lack of community input regarding the School Board’s recent unanimous vote to change the name of Mills E. Godwin, Jr. Middle School.  School board members acknowledged that issue as a valid concern and expressed their regret for having been so swept up in a solution that honored two men that they didn’t give more thought to it.  But that’s where the validity ended.  In yet another painful example of the ignorance and bigotry that has clouded this issue, speaker after speaker, almost all white, rose and attempted to rehabilitate the late Virginia Governor Mills E. Godwin’s legacy on school segregation.  Some probably only had a cursory knowledge of the history, but many really should have known better. Continue reading Chairman Sawyers Champions Historical Fact


School Board Member’s Family Subjected to Racist Threat

FlagThe ugly specter of racism emerged from the sewer again in Prince William County, this time to threaten the family of Potomac District School Board representative, Justin Wilk.  Mr. Wilk’s wife recently found in the family’s mailbox a Confederate flag with the words “N*$%&R LOVER” painted on it in black lettering.  Wilk has confirmed the event and indicated that it has been reported to police, but declined to comment further.


Wilk was presumably targeted because he made the motion at the March 2, 2016, School Board meeting that resulted in the School Board voting 8-0 to name a new school after late firefighter Kyle Wilson and rename Mills E. Godwin Middle School after county resident George M. Hampton. Continue reading School Board Member’s Family Subjected to Racist Threat


Tracy Conroy Secretly Tapes Conversation

In an unfortunate development in the public integrity arena, the Muckraker has learned that Tracy Conroy, 2015 School Board Chair candidate, surreptitiously taped a telephone conversation with Potomac District School Board representative Justin Wilk.  Mr. Wilk learned of the personal violation when Conroy posted details of their conversation on Facebook and acknowledged her use of a recording device.  At the time of their conversation, Wilk was unaware that he was being recorded.


The conversation at issue occurred after the long March 2, 2016, School Board meeting at which the School Board voted 8-0 to name a new school after late firefighter Kyle Wilson and rename Mills E. Godwin Middle School after county resident George M. Hampton.  Conroy was strongly opposed to the board’s action in renaming Godwin Middle School.  Her disagreement with Wilk (who had moved the name change at the meeting) resulted in a series of tense online messages between the two on the night of the school board meeting.  By the end of the online exchange tempers had cooled and the two agreed to speak the following day.  It was the conversation on the following day that Conroy taped without Wilk’s knowledge. Continue reading Tracy Conroy Secretly Tapes Conversation


The Counts of Monte Cristo

the good bad uglyThat’s right! There’s another political blog in Prince William County, and we don’t mean us here at the Prince William Muckraker. We’re very new, but our first post is not about us. It’s about the Counts of Monte Cristo, a blog celebrating its first full year in operation that seems poised to be the reasonable person’s online alternative to the Pete Candland/Mac Haddow smear blog that has dominated the Prince William blogosphere since Candland and Haddow arrived on the scene in 2011. The Counts bill themselves as providing Radical Common Sense for the Middle Class in Prince William County. We wish them the best! Check out the Counts of Monte Cristo.


While the Counts tackle some of the important day to day issues in the County, our focus will be a little different. Take a look at our About Us page to get an idea.