About Us

The mission of the Prince William Muckraker is to investigate and report on issues relevant to Prince William County that are overlooked or under-reported due to resource issues that constrain other legitimate media outlets. Our focus is on public corruption and hypocrisy in government and local affairs, but we will consider investigative submissions on a wide range of topics.

Esther Tarbell’s quote excerpted in our tagline goes on to say, “But the man who never does anything else, who never speaks or writes, save of his feats with the muck rake, speedily becomes, not a help but one of the most potent forces of evil…. The effort to make financial or political profit out of destruction of character can only result in calamity.”  Our goal is to expose the corrupt and contemptible in public affairs, the libelers and slanderers, the self-righteous hypocrites, the bigots and the bullies, to defend the weak and the meek, and give a voice to the voiceless. If an attack is for the purpose of personal character assassination, we’re not interested, except to defend the victim. Consequently, unlike the far-right smear blogs prevalent in Prince William County today, we will not publish submissions that are fabrications designed to promote specific officials, candidates, issues or agendas. While our biases will be reflected in the issues we choose to cover, we will strive at all times to ensure our posts are factual and adhere to more than a modicum of journalistic standards. Ours is a search for the truth in a post-truth world.  If you’re interested in submitting a post (as opposed to a comment on a post), please see our submission guidelines.  We reserve the right to reject any and all posts or comments at our sole discretion.

The Prince William Muckraker is a publication of the Prince William News Corporation (PWNC), a private Virginia Corporation established by Harry Wiggins.  Mr. Wiggins serve as the corporation’s sole board member, and as president and secretary.  PWNC’s current treasurer is Earnie Porta. Submissions and capital funding are provided by a variety of individuals in Prince William County.

Direct general inquiries to info@princewilliammuckraker.com.