Jeanine Lawson and Recallers Bungle Again

For a long time now we’ve been receiving submissions from a couple of contributors and some anonymous writers about the antics surrounding a recall effort directed at School Board Chairman, Ryan Sawyers. We rejected prior submissions since they were covered by regular media or were of no import. Today, however, a submission arrived that was nothing short of hilarious in its implications, so we’re giving it some time.

You see, apparently a court has ruled against the School Board attorney’s attempt to withhold some information that was requested as part of the lawsuit by Patriot High School’s principal against Potomac School Board Member Justin Wilk and School Board Chair Ryan Sawyers. As a result of the judge’s decision, members of the recall effort against Sawyers have been crowing online that Sawyers’ attempt to withhold the information failed and now the “truth will come out.”

There’s one big problem with the crowing:


Somehow the geniuses behind the recall effort brain trust missed the fact that Sawyers and his attorneys sought to have the information released. It was the School Board’s attorney who sought to withhold the information, presumably hoping to assert some legal privilege on . Sawyers and his lawyers prevailed on every count, with the judge denying the School Board attorney’s request to quash.

In other words:


This is but one example of the ridiculous bungling of the recall effort’s leadership. The online commentary crowing about the victory that wasn’t is a who’s who of some of the most prominent bigots and haters in the county. But it is, nevertheless, hard to be too harsh on the commentators. After all, they’re simply following the lead of the recall effort brain trust and assuming that those leaders are giving them accurate information.

The real surprise is that one of the commentators is Supervisor Jeanine Lawson (R-Brentsville). Putting aside the basic impropriety of a sitting elected official playing an active supporting role in an attempt to recall another local official on what by any reasonable measure are specious grounds, it is simply stunning that a sitting Supervisor could be so misinformed, so easily duped, or so willing to spread false information about a legal case involving two other elected officials and a high school principal. This is the sort of thing that increasingly makes Prince William County out to be a joke – the Vice Chair of the Board of County Supervisors is not intelligent enough or honest enough to get the basic facts right in a prominent lawsuit.

Hilarious, but very sadly so. Once again Lawson sticks her foot in it and Prince William County pays the price.


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    I saw this on the recall Facebook page :-). It was hilarious! How could they get this so wrong? Read the comments. A bunch of these people are clueless whackjobs.

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      Typical , facts escape these people

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    Look, all you need to do is look at the people engaged in the recall effort, to a person there isn’t an IQ over 85, with the dumbest being Lawson. In ranking the BOCS on an intelligence scale, it’s clear that Anderson and Lawson compete for last place. If either one of them has more than a dozen brain cells I’d be surprised, there simply isn’t much in their crainium.

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    Republicans leaping before they look? What a surprise! If I say I have a friend who has a friend from Russia with some dirt on Sawyers what are the odds we could get a meeting?

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    Lawson still has a way to go before she can match the staggering hilarity of the chairman though.

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    Jeanine used to get all of the attention in her end of the county and now she doesn’t. Maybe she will learn like Pete did to not take on Sawyers.

    What ever happened to old Prime Rib anyway? He’s less publicly less vocal these days (not counting his “anonymous blog” Sheriff of Nottingham).

    Jeanie gave a grand to the recall effort because she hates Sawyers that much. That’s some serious hate. Since the recall effort is all lies and BS she has to keep it up otherwise her investment is lost.

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    Raker so good to have you back! Lawson is probably still reeling from her huge massive mosque loss a couple weeks ago and that’s probably why she’s not as sharp as she would like to think! But it never fails, Pete and the repetes march on! Just when you think that Pete Candland could not whine anymore…he just never shuts up!

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