Sheriff of Nottingham Exposed: Mac Haddow

The Prince William Muckraker has obtained documentary evidence exposing the involvement of Upstream Consulting principal, Mac Haddow, in the well-known forgery, fabrication and character assassination blog, the Sheriff of Nottingham. Since 2012, Haddow, as well as Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland, have repeatedly, publicly and vehemently denied any involvement with the defamation blog. Haddow has gone so far as to threaten with legal action members of the Board of County Supervisors, private citizens, and critics like the Prince William Muckraker. Today’s revelations thus mark another chapter in a long history of deceit and deception by Haddow and raise significant questions about the complicity of several Prince William County elected officials and appointees.

The evidence of Haddow’s involvement in the Sheriff of Nottingham defamation blog comes in the form of an old, and presumably promptly deleted, Google profile that likely stems from the blog’s early days, when Mac Haddow and others associated with the office of Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland were trying to figure out the best way to make the transition from Haddow’s anonymous Gainesville District Truth Squad campaign blog to a blog that could anonymously attack and spread false information about Candland’s opponents in the community and on the Prince William Board of County Supervisors.

As the Muckraker has previously reported, in 2011 Haddow exploited his role as the spiritual mentor to an individual he had converted to Mormonism, convincing that person to set up the blog known as the Gainesville District Truth Squad, which was used to attack and fabricate smears against Candland’s opponents, including his Democratic general election opponent, Ann Wheeler. Despite his denials, Haddow, the Muckraker revealed, was responsible for the blog’s content.

After Candland’s election, Haddow, his spouse Alice Haddow, and Delegate Rich Anderson’s former campaign manager Reece Collins, became staff members in Candland’s office, where Mac Haddow was explicitly given carte blanche by Candland to do whatever he wanted. He briefly attempted to advance Candland’s agenda by publicly attacking county staff on a blog he operated under his own name. That quickly became a liability to Candland, however, and the completely anonymous Sheriff of Nottingham blog soon emerged, specializing in vicious attacks and fabrications directed against those who resisted Candland’s efforts, in particular, County Executive Melissa Peacor, as well as Supervisors Maureen Caddigan, John Jenkins, Marty Nohe, Frank Principi, and Corey Stewart.

Apparently while attempting to establish the Sheriff blog anonymously, Haddow appears to have briefly neglected to adequately shield the relevant information from his personal Google profile. The result, obtained from a now long-outdated and publicly-inaccessible Google list provided to the Muckraker, was a Google profile directly linking Haddow to the Sheriff of Nottingham. Some of the relevant screenshots appear below. Both the second and third screenshots shows photographs of Mac Haddow from his linked personal Google profile,




The Sheriff blog has long vacillated between claiming it is multiple people and claiming it is one person, depending on the benefits of that representation in any given instance and the potential pressure critics bring to bear on those threatened with exposure. Haddow in this instance largely appears to have followed his familiar pattern. While another party is convinced to set up the blog site, Haddow directs content. Other parties play roles that Haddow uses to justify seemingly definitive public statements like “I am not the Sheriff of Nottingham,” which represent, in fact, a parsing of words based on Haddow’s rationalization that the involvement of other people actually means that he “alone” is not the Sheriff of Nottingham.

The Muckraker long ago discovered how this works in practice. It typically involves a surrogate like Reece Collins, the former campaign manager for Delegate Rich Anderson and a former staff member of Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland. Paid by the campaigns of Candland, Brentsville Supervisor Jeanine Lawson, and Occoquan Supervisor Ruth Anderson, Collins has worked to disseminate through Haddow’s Sheriff blog extensive fabrications about Candland’s, Lawson’s, and Anderson’s electoral and policy opponents. This enables the three supervisors to avoid having their fingerprints on the fraudulent, forged documents and false attacks. It also, however, gives Haddow extensive private leverage over each of the supervisors, and is largely responsible for Candland, Lawson, and Anderson voting as a bloc in accordance with Haddow’s wishes on virtually every major issue that comes before the Board of County Supervisors.

With the exposure of Haddow, a significant outstanding question that remains is the knowledge and involvement in the long-running deception of supervisors like Pete Candland, Jeanine Lawson, and Ruth Anderson, and the extent to which their knowledge and the threat of its exposure makes them privately beholden to Haddow rather than their constituents.

To take just one example, Haddow has since 2012 repeatedly dissembled before the public about his involvement in the Sheriff blog, and in these denials he has been vociferously supported by Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland. As previously reported, Haddow has served as (a) Candland’s appointee to the County Strategic Planning Committee, (b) Chair of the Joint Gainesville-Brentsville Budget Committee, (c) a Candland staffer, (d) spouse and father-in-law of Pete Candland staffers, and (e) a board member of a nonprofit supporting Pete Candland’s “efforts” (in the last Haddow served alongside Quality Business Engineering founder, Shawn Landry, whose activities with Candland appear to be at the heart of a pending FBI inquiry). The correlation, sometimes almost verbatim, of the attacks by Candland and the Sheriff blog on a variety of county officials, political opponents, and private citizens, is astounding, and makes it almost unfathomable that Candland has been unaware of Haddow’s role. Yet Candland has repeatedly and vociferously denied such knowledge, even in the face of continued representations before the Board of County Supervisors by former Candland staff.

There is simply no reconciling these two positions. Either Candland was completely oblivious to the activities of a very close associate or he has repeatedly and deliberately misled the public on a matter of significant public concern. Neither reflects well on Candland, but a resolution of that issue is pending. In the meantime, Haddow’s continued dissembling for a period of years on this issue, coupled with his well-documented prison term, lobbying activities involving Khadafy and the victims of Pan Am Flight 103, disruption of the Chantilly Youth Association, and involvement in prior defamation blogs, brings into question the integrity of all his actions on behalf of and espousing the positions of Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland. He has in short, in contrast to Pete Candland’s representations to the contrary, not abandoned the dishonest tactics that led to his conviction and imprisonment decades ago, but has instead brought them to Prince William County in the service of elected officials over whom he exerts substantive control. For all Prince William County citizens this should raise serious red flags about the integrity of certain county officials and processes.


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    Well done Muckraker! The obvious is officially exposed.

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    Pete Candland really should resign. “Unfathomable” is a good word to use. There’s no way he was not aware of what Haddow was doing and yet he continually lied about it to the public.

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    If during his threatened legal actions against others Haddow signed documents under oath where he lied about his involvement, he could face legal action on that basis.

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    This could create major problems for Candland, Lawson and Anderson down the road. If there are lawsuits pending in which Haddow and others in your post are deposed or subjected to discovery, that will provide a real chance to expose what these supervisors knew and when regardless of what they said in public.

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    Pete is responsible for what comes out of his office. We all knew how confidential information was leaking out of the county but we just couldn’t prove it.

    One shouldn’t govern by deception and lies. One shouldn’t bully others either.

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    One of our happiest days was when the Haddows moved out of our neighborhood. Why anyone would every trust or get involved with these vicious hypocrites is beyond me. They go to church on Sunday after viciously lying about anyone they disagree with. Trust me, Prince William, you’ll be much better off when they’re gone.

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    Thank you Muckraker for calling out these frauds. I can give you some more information about Ruth Anderson’s involvement that comes directly from the loose lips of her husband.

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    I still marvel at the irony of the naming of that blog after a legendary villain.

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    Candland is a liar, what a surprise, LOL.

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    Lock him up! Oh that’s right he already was. Well then, lockup Anderson, Candland and Lawson.

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    Of course Candland is involved, think about it, not one bad word against him was published EVER by the Sheriff. Also Haddow’s ego couldn’t resist testifying in public and he repeated everything from the blog in his speeches verbatim. So obvious it’s embarrassing!
    Sometimes the graphics that Candland uses in his town hall presentations are exactly the same as the sheriff’s, what are the odds?

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    Thanks, Muckraker, for finally providing proof of what we’ve all known for so long. The SoN blog – the blog known for personal attacks – even attacks on personal appearance – on county staff and other civilians; the blog known for creating and then publicizing forged documents; the blog known for creating outright fabrications (otherwise known as lies) claiming that local figures have said and done things that never actually happened; and yes, the blog that appears to exercise mind control over as many as three of our county supervisors and at least one state delegate — was founded by Mac Haddow. The same Mac Haddow who went to jail for misuse of taxpayer funds. The same Mac Haddow who appears to script almost every one of Mr. Candland’s sermons from the dias. The same Mac Haddow who has imbedded multiple family members in the Candland operation where they feed at the taxpayer trough. The same Mac Haddow who once actively lobbied (for pay) to get the US gov’t to go easy on Libyan terrorists who brought down a Pan Am jet. You’ve provided confirmation of what we’ve known all along – the Sheriff of Nottingham is indeed what he has always been described to be in legend — a villain.

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    It is interesting to note that the Sheriff has issued a non-denial denial on his blog – What great irony — the master of alternative facts and falsified documents implying that the screen shots proving Mac Haddow is the SoN were photoshopped (though he doesn’t actually say they were, since they weren’t). Haddow is definitely an expert when it comes to making s**t up. While you, Muckraker, insist on publishing only what you can verify to be true. How quaint!

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    Mac Haddow and Pete Candland want to think nobody cares that they’ve been lying to the public for years now, while Pete appoints Mac and his mini-Mac minions to county boards. Some of us do care that our supervisor has been lied again and again to us and that he’s in Haddow’s pocket.

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