The Continued Evolution of Ruth Anderson – the “Knife in the Back”

On April 21, C.R. B. wrote a post on the “Evolution of Ruth Anderson.”  Well, in just the few short days since then it appears Anderson has made another evolutionary leap.  This time to the use of the “Knife in the Back” technique.

Although just last week Anderson stated she hadn’t made up her mind who to endorse for the Virginia governor’s race, by Sunday she had joined three other Republican supervisors in endorsing Ed Gillespie over BOCS colleague Corey Stewart.  The other supervisors endorsing Gillespie were Marty Nohe (R-Coles District), Pete Candland (R-Gainesville), and Jeanine Lawson (R-Brentsville).

Nohe has been a consistent critic of Stewart’s comments and positions during the governor’s race, and it was Nohe who took a principled stand in going public with his opposition last week.  At that time, of course, Candland and Anderson declined to take a position one way or another, with Ruth Anderson trying to have it both ways, speaking out of both sides of her mouth in a manner raised to an art form by her spouse, Delegate Rich Anderson.  As she told the Prince William Times last week when questioned about Stewart’s embrace of Confederate symbols, she agrees with the need to “save our history even if it includes things about which we’re not proud . . . But I do not believe we need to do it in such a manner that it causes division.”

Now, all of a sudden, in a matter of a few days, Candland, Lawson, and Anderson have done an about face and joined Nohe’s opposition to Stewart and support of Gillespie.  What’s changed?

Well, it can’t be Stewart’s position on illegal immigration.  He’s held that position for a long time and his rhetoric on the issue has been pretty consistently opposed by governance Republicans like Marty Nohe and Maureen Caddigan.  In fact, Supervisor Ruth Anderson’s spouse, Delegate Rich Anderson, has used such rhetoric in front of hard-right crowds going back to his first campaign against incumbent Paul Nichols.  Delegate Anderson was also among those who a few years ago in front of Republican audiences expressed outrage at Youth for Tomorrow housing illegal immigrant children without specifically informing him or publicizing it.  That, of course, was before Rich Anderson learned of the deep-pocketed conservative donor base that supports Youth for Tomorrow and how advantageous it could be to him.  Upon learning that, he simply turned the second of his two faces toward Youth for Tomorrow and has kept his head up their . . . . well, you get the picture.

Neither can it be Stewart’s embrace of Confederate symbols.  After all, this also has been a tactic of Delegate Rich Anderson’s.  Anderson not only voted in favor of a bill to prevent localities from removing Civil War monuments they found offensive, he voted to override the governor’s veto of the bill.  Rich Anderson has not been shy about promoting Confederate heritage in front of what he feels is a receptive audience.  He’s simply not been as open about it as Stewart where people outside those receptive audiences might also see it.

So, we ask the question again.  What has changed in the span of a few days?  For Candland and Lawson the answer is probably quite straightforward.  Both are interested in higher office, whether in the State Senate or as Chair of the BOCS.  Neither wanted to openly oppose Stewart’s actions for fear it would damage them with Stewart’s Trump voters in a later contest.  They sat back to see which way the wind was blowing and how people reacted to Marty Nohe’s principled stand.  Then, Sheriff Glen Hill, a principled man, friend of Stewart’s, and an early endorser of Stewart’s, withdrew his endorsement.  This, coupled with the generally positive reaction to Nohe’s announcements and the local press’s antipathy to Stewart’s actions, gave Lawson and Candland the air cover they needed to finally jump on the bandwagon.

As for Ruth Anderson, she followed in the practiced footsteps of her spouse, Delegate Rich Anderson.  Many a Republican will remember how Anderson tried to hem and haw about Donald Trump.  Then, after FBI Director Comey’s letter came out a couple weeks before the election and it appeared Trump might be able to win, suddenly Rich Anderson started calling around telling Republican how much he “liked” Trump and wanted to support him.  It was classic Rich Anderson two-faced, political opportunism.

Well, Supervisor Ruth Anderson continues to learn her spouse’s ways and employ them for her own personal benefit.  For all intents and purposes it’s the 11th hour of the Republican primary.  Corey Stewart is down in the polls.  He’s lagging in fundraising.  He’s being roundly criticized by the local and national media.  The county’s delegates and several supervisors have endorsed his main opponent.  Supervisor Marty Nohe and Sheriff Glen Hill have taken principled, public stands based on long-held, public beliefs.  Pete Candland and Jeanine Lawson have sat back, read the tea leaves, and assessed what it means for their ambitions and denounced Stewart.  It’s the perfect time for Ruth Anderson to . . . stick a knife in Stewart’s back.

Let’s be honest about what’s going on here folks.  Some political hypocrites and cowards have decided to pile on after becoming convinced of Stewart’s demise.  It’s unlikely anyone feels sorry for Corey Stewart, nor necessarily should they.  Yet there is little to celebrate in the cynical, late countermoves of the far-right three in Prince William County.


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    I think you’re being too coy about Ruth Anderson on this. Bottom line is that Mac Haddow, Pete Candland and Jeanine Lawson told her what to do and when to do it. It’s not rocket science.

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    I resent that these people would make anyone feel sorry for Corey Stewart.

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    Convicted felon Mac Haddow sized up the situation where Stewart was going to lose the Republican primary..badly and determined it was in the best interest of his stable of idiots: Anderson, Candland and Lawson to throw Stewart under the bus. Anderson is as dumb as a rock, even Rich has remarked on occasion how dense she is. She just released an obviously ghost written piece on transportation indicating the 45 minute trip from Smoketown Rd to 123 during rush hour is the result of I-95. Sorry Ruth it’s the result of too many cars on Old Bridge Road, when Old Bridge goes from 4 to 6 lanes at Minnieville Road things open significantly. BTW, what happened to Ruth’s proposal to “double deck Old Bridge Road”? When she proposed that, everyone and I mean everyone should have figured out that there isn’t a shred of gray matter under her dyed hair.

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    This situation must explain how we got the expression “no-brainer.”

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