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The Muckraker’s written several times already about the rise of the white nationalists of the alt-right in the Trump campaign, particularly since Corey Stewart’s departure from the ranks of Trump advisers. Members of the alt-right have existed right here in Prince William County for some time, with some of its practitioners closely tied to and supported by some elected officials, and some even present in the ranks of county employees.

We’ll have more to say about that later, but in the meantime some Trump supporters have made their presence known in our community in other disreputable and even illegal ways. At the Tackett’s Mill commuter lot in Lake Ridge, some of them illegally highjacked a VDOT message board that was encouraging people to vote. On a sign that is seen by children, they altered it to read “Crooked Hillary” . . . “Is a Bitch”. . . “Vote Trump.”

If the sign had simply been altered to read “Vote Trump,” we might have laughed at the joke. But having a sign read “Is a Bitch” crosses a line. Of course, we’ve listened to conservative elected officials wail, moan, gnash their teeth, and rent their garments, when someone allegedly steals their signs (or they’re blown down by the wind). They immediately call for prosecution (well, not Haddow-Cabal member Jerry Foreman). They’ll be mostly silent, of course, on this.

And we wonder why others wonder – about Prince William County.

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    It’s likely that the King (Rich Anderson) and Queen (Ruth Anderson) of dirty politics had something to do with this. It’s in keeping with both of their campaign practices.

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    I have never seen such ugliness as displayed during this election campaign. Civility has gone out the window. And I have personally encountered several very ugly outbursts by Trump supporters during my outreach efforts on behalf of the Democrats. I will be glad when this election is over, although the results won’t solve the problem. This campaign has revealed the face of Trump’s supporters and it is not a pretty sight.

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    Even though I’m sure it’s illegal, I would have found this kind of clever and funny if whoever did it had just changed the sign to read “Vote Trump.” Technically it would probably still be vandalism but it’s easily fixed. It’s a sign of just how nasty some people are that they had to ruin it all by calling Clinton “crooked” and a “bitch.” Now instead of being kind of funny it makes Prince William County look bad.

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    Muckraker, you’ve clearly gotten under Pete Candland’s and Mac Haddow’s skin again. They’re flipping out and whining about your post on trading them to Utah for Evan McMullin. Keep it up. I advise you not to read anything they put up but just do your thing. They can’t help but get obsessed and respond and it’s hilarious to watch them freak out.

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    I just learned that the Republicans are complaining that eight Trump signs have also been vandalized in PWC. Eight. Let me say that again: eight. Of what must be more than a thousand Trumps signs that have been up in PWC for weeks, eight have been vandalized. Republicans sent out a press release on it. On eight signs.

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    None of this stuff is called for, but there is real hypocrisy in Republicans acting as if there is some sort of equivalency. You don’t see tons and tons of Clinton supporters walking around with t-shirts about Trump that say things like “Hillary for Prison” or “Hillary is a b*&%” etc., etc. like you see at Trump rallies. Here’s a tweet from the Texas Agriculture Commissioner that refers to Clinton with the “C” word. He later apologized and said it was retweeted by a staffer and that they didn’t realize that a bad word was in it. Hmmm. That’s how normal that kind of language has become among some Trump supporters.


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    It wasn’t just any Republicans complaining about 8 signs. It was their two national tearducts, Rich Anderson and Pete Candland. The two most twofaced, unethical elected officials in the county are the ones complaining about sign vandalism. Classic.

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    “How we explain that when someone is cruel or acts like a bully you don’t stoop to their level. No, our moto is: when they go low, we go high. With every word we utter, with every action we take, we know our kids are watching us. We, as parents, are the most important role models.” – FLOTUS Michelle Obama

    I believe it would go a long way if leadership within the PWCDC renounced the destruction of political signs. Does it happen when races are tense? Sure. Is that the right way of doing business? No. Remember “our kids are watching us” and we would like to show them the proper actions.

    I believe the issue with the “8 signs” are that a couple of location (that I know about), the signs have been repeatedly destroyed. No way that the wind is doing this continually and not doing it to the Wittman signs. It is not about “the other side” whining and complaining about signs, but “our side” doing/saying the right things.

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    @ Joseph George
    Harry Wiggins, the chair of the Prince William Democratic Committee, did denounce it, immediately.

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    This is a real crock! It’s pretty obvious what happened here. The vandalism of the electronic sign that was vandalized to read “Crooked Hillary is a bitch” happened on Tuesday evening. Then on Wednesday the Republican Committee and Pete Candland and Rich Anderson issue a press release complaining about the vandalism of 8 Trump signs, never mentioning the vandalism of the electronic sign. They clearly decided to try to get ahead of the story about the Trump supporter vandalism of a government sign changed to use a profanity seen not just by the public, but by children. Where was their outrage or even a comment? This is classic Rich Anderson and Pete Candland. Ignore the truly egregious violations of your own and try to saturate a story by feigning outrage over those of the other side. Totally unethical hypocrisy.

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    I see the InsideNoVA article has been updated to reflect Harry’s empathy to what’s been going on.

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    I can’t get as worked up about Pete Candland as a lot of people. He’s Mac Haddow’s puppet and will never be able to advance because of that. Rich Anderson is much worse. He hides behind online attack dogs just like Candland, but Candland at least tells voters his honest positions. Anderson takes opposite positions on the same issue depending on who he’s in front of. Then he thinks because people are civil to him that he’s fooled them. It’s insulting to watch in action. You end up feeling like you need to take a shower.

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    It’s rich (no pun intended) who the Republicans got to speak on the sign vandalism. You have Dottie Miller, who was involved in the electoral board misconduct scandal and who participated in Jeanine Lawson’s hatchet job press conference on Earnie Porta, which featured decades old testimony from people facing perjury charges and a chronic dui-er, corrupt and incompetent former government employee who was sleeping with her elected boss. Then you had Pete Candland who is partially behind the Sheriff blog with the convicted felon Mac Haddow, who bilks taxpayers to pay for his lunches and mileage, and who is being investigated by the FBI for voting on a sweetheart deal for someone who ran a nonprofit supporting him and who hired him after the vote (QBE). Then you have Rich Anderson, who established a new standard in dishonest campaigning in Prince William County with his false TV and print ads attacking Paul Nichols for an alleged DUI (charges dropped), when Nichols wasn’t driving and wasn’t even in the car pulled over. These are three of the most ethically compromised people in politics in Prince William County and they are the ones who speak out about 8 Trump signs getting vandalized. Big surprise they said nothing about the vandalism of a VDOT sign that was changed to read Crooked Hillary is a bitch. You should do a full post about this Muckraker.

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    Just got a nice juicy tidbit about Mac Haddow, Pete Candland and Reece Collins that I don’t think they’re going to like.

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    Yep, I saw that lady stagger to her car many a late night to drive a couple blocks home. Can’t believe Anderson used her. She better hope the truth doesn’t come out.

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    Joe, pls read my response in the Bristow Beat.

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    Harry, I have seen the updates after my initial comment.

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