Utah, How About a Trade?

Utah gets Evan McMullin and here in Prince William County we get Mac Haddow, Pete Candland and their cabal’s forgery and fabrication hate-blog the Sheriff of Nottingham. Did we get the short end of the stick!

Conservative, independent candidate and proud Mormon, Evan McMullin, along with his female, Jewish running mate, is in a tight race to capture heavily Mormon Utah’s 6 electoral votes in this year’s presidential election. You don’t have to agree with McMullin’s policy positions, his opposition to Trump and Clinton, or his run for President to respect this man. He’s a throwback to a form of political conservatism that differs from the toxic mix of Moral Majority, Tea Party, alt-right white nationalism that has hijacked the once Grand Old Party

The contrast unfortunately hits close to home for us here in Prince William County. According to a divinity school professor who happens to be a Mormon, publishing in Utah’s Deseret News, McMullin is attractive to Mormons because Trump’s “crass” and “bullying” style conflicts with Mormon “values of modesty, self-restraint and simple human kindness.”

Again, did we get the short end of the stick!!!

The terms “crass” and “bullying”, and everything that is the opposite of self-restraint and simple human kindness, epitomize the tactics of Mac Haddow and Pete Candland since they arrived on the political scene here in 2011. Since that time they have engaged in a barrage of vitriolic, false, and personal attacks on those who disagree with them or produce facts that run counter to their political agenda, whether those individuals are county employees, other elected officials, candidates, or private citizens. From Mac Haddow’s creation of the anonymous Gainesville Truth Squad blog during Candland’s first campaign, through today and their intimate involvement in the Sheriff of Nottingham blog, the Haddow-Candland cabal has repeatedly shown they are willing to forge documents, create and disseminate knowingly false information, and engage in intimidation and misdirection tactics that Haddow has been employing against everyone from federal officials, to victims of the Pam Am 103 bombing, to nonprofit groups and private citizens. No group is monolithic, but the difference in interpretation of Mormon values between people like Evan McMullin and the likes of Pete Candland and Mac Haddow is beyond staggering.

Maybe there is some truth to what Donald Trump said when he claimed that others were sending their worst across our borders. He just got the origin and destination wrong. Perhaps he was talking about Utah and Prince William County.

Utah, how about a trade?


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    Spot on, Muckraker! How did Utah get rid of these bad apples? How did we end up with them? These people make attack dogs seem like pussycats.

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    Yes we would definitely get the best deal in that kind of trade!

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    Haddow and Candland are MINO, that’s Mormons in name only. Haddow is a convicted felon and Candland is the felons hand puppet. Mormons are honest and trustworthy the exact opposite of those two. BTW, has Ruth Anderson converted yet, she would fit right in the corrupt crew.

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