Candland Renews His Transparency and Accountability Charade

He released it to great fanfare. Or at least with what passes for great fanfare in the Haddow-Candland Cabal echo chamber. We’re speaking, of course, about Gainesville Supervisor and Mac Haddow protégé Pete Candland’s “Transparency and Accountability Project.”

You remember his description, right? It is “designed,” he wrote, “to set aside the personal attacks, and focus solely on a set of public policy reform recommendations that will serve to restore trust that the citizens are entitled to have in the operations of their government. It will provide a greater level of transparency and accountability for every dollar of taxpayer money spent by Prince William County government.” So said Pharisee-in-Chief, Pete Candland.

So, we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And what did we get?

The same old, same old misdirection fraud from Mac Haddow, Pete Candland and crew.

We were skeptical from the beginning, naturally. After all, Haddow and Candland have a history of this sort of thing. Come up with some new sounding “project” with a name designed to give it a patina of legitimacy sufficient to fool the booboisie and distract from Candland and Haddow’s own misdeeds or the venomous false attacks they’ve been lodging against those who disagree with them.

This latest iteration of their tried and true tactic has turned out to be no different. There was no transparency and no accountability, at least when it comes to Pete Candland’s own actions.

Candland didn’t address any of his own extravagant spending at taxpayer expense and pledge to do better.

He didn’t address the sweetheart arrangements involving taxpayer funds and the family of his mentor, Mac Haddow.

He didn’t disclose and discuss his relationship with Rise Up Prince William, an organization dedicated to supporting him, and his votes for sweetheart deals between the county and QBE, the company run by the organization’s president.

He didn’t discuss that same individual hiring him after those votes for the lucrative position of Executive Vice President at QBE.

He didn’t discuss then opening a separate business of his own on the same land the county had sold in one of the sweetheart deals to QBE.

He didn’t discuss the FBI investigation of the QBE transactions.

And he didn’t apologize, disclose, or discuss in any way his long-term involvement with and knowledge of the forgery, fraud, fabrication and character assassination blog, the Sheriff of Nottingham. In fact, despite his “set aside the personal attacks” pledge, his cabal of sometimes appointees and staffers, Haddow, Collins, etc., continued unabated with their venomous and false bile attacking Candland’s opponents.

It was vintage Pete Candland. In modern parlance Pharisee refers to a self-righteous hypocrite who has pretensions to superior sanctity. In a Prince William County dictionary it might as well just refer to Pete Candland.


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    I am so disappointed in our media. No one reported on the FBI investigation into QBE. Pete of course is not mentioning it. So much for transparency

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    All I can say is IRONY! Candland trying to talk about transparency and accountability is like Hillary talking about the meaning of classified documents and protecting the lives of our soldiers.
    From what I understand the only people at his kick-off meeting were his co-conspirators and county staff, how embarrassing. How does he sleep at night?

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    This is what a pig looks like after the lipstick has been applied. (By the way, welcome back! We missed you.)

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    You’ll see more of that hypocrisy at tonight’s BOCS meeting. Candland will sign on to block any land use reforms in the rural crescent except purchased development rights. He’ll do so while knowing full well that he and Lawson and Ruth Anderson will never vote for the funding to make purchased development rights work.

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    You’re wrong Anonymous. Candland, Lawson and Anderson will vote to fund purchased development rights assuming it’s funded by cutting social services for the needy. Otherwise it’s a nonstarter. Candland knows he can dupe the rural crescent advocates into loving him with this kind of charade. He’s been doing it for years.

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    I have some neighbors who fit this bill completely. If he says he’s protecting the Rural Crescent (my neighbors don’t even really seem to know where that is) and lowering taxes they wouldn’t care if Candland rounded people up and put them in concentration camps.

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    Classic Lawson at the BOCS. She voted for the one thing in the Rural Crescent that she would never vote to devote new money to.

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    Corey Stewart was right when he said that PDRs don’t work. Lawson, Candland and Anderson will never vote for an additional tax levy to fund a PDR program. That’s the way the one in Fauquier County that Lawson cited works (she probably didn’t even know that). Are they willing to vote for the necessary tax increases? Do they have any idea how high the tax increase will have to be given how much more expensive land is in Prince William than in Fauquier? Of course not. They’re either too ignorant to know how these things work or they’re scamming the taxpayer again.

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    Fund the schools

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