Haddow-Candland Cabal Member Plea Bargains

Foreman LarcenyAccording to InsideNova, Dumfries Mayor and low-level Haddow-Candland Cabal operative, Jerry Foreman, has unsurprisingly pled “no contest” to the reduced charge of trespassing for his illegal activities last April.

As the Muckraker reported on May 2, Foreman has come to fully embrace the unethical, sometimes illegal, tactics of the Haddow-Candland Cabal after having served as a foot soldier in the Cabal’s failed Republican primary/convention attempt to unseat Coles Supervisor Marty Nohe. Foreman canvassed for Haddow-Candland candidate and acolyte, Paul O’Meara, and it was also Foreman supporters of his failed State Senate run who were involved in the serious misconduct at the PWC Electoral Board.

Foreman dug deeper into the Haddow-Candland Cabal tool kit last April when he used taxpayer assets to smear and endorse candidates running in the Dumfries Town elections. Subsequently, he was arrested and charged with petty larceny for removing campaign sign(s). After an investigation police “brought the facts before a county magistrate who found probable cause to issue a warrant.” Petty larceny is a misdemeanor with a maximum punishment of 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine.

Foreman apparently took a cue from the experience of the Haddow-Candland Cabal’s de facto leader, Mac Haddow, and struck a plea deal in which he pled no contest to a reduced charge of trespassing in order to avoid conviction on the more serious charge of petty larceny. Of course, this all comes on top of the recent FOIA violations the press has reported on involving Foreman.

Egnaging in unethical or illegal conduct for political gain is a rite of passage for people who want to be part of the Mac Haddow-Pete Candland Cabal, an entrance exam and initiation fee, something for which your credentials must periodically be renewed, for which you must earn the equivalent of CE credits to remain in good standing. Well congratulations, Jerry Foreman, on acing the most recent exam.

Candland, Lawson, Anderson, Collins, Deutsch, Foreman, Guiffre . . . . The pattern of hypocritical, unethical and sometimes illegal conduct amongst this group is pervasive and consistent. It’s a group that seems to feel that the law, much less standards of common human decency, do not apply to them. Political success or advancement is all that matters. Their common denominator? Mac Haddow and membership in the Mac Haddow-Pete Candland Cabal.


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    I’m disgusted by this guy. He’s a marine and he’s doing bullshit, juvenile stuff like stealing campaign signs in a small town election. He’s a disgrace to the uniform, the flag and everything the marine’s stand for.

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    This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. If you’ve ever interacted with Foreman you know he’s like an immature little kid who wants attention. He’s a joke and sign of just how screwed up things have gotten in Prince William County.

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    Anonymous, get real about the Marine stuff. It means nothing once they leave the service where they can get in trouble. Look at Rich Anderson. He’ll tell you one thing to your face or to one group and then do something completely different in front of another group or down in Richmond. If guys like this ever had any honor they dump it as soon as they leave the service.

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    @Get Real
    Anderson is Air Force. Foreman is a Marine, one of the few, the proud. There’s a difference. Foreman shouldn’t be doing stuff like this.

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    Bill Card is a Marine too and what did he do? He manipulated the primary process to force conventions to try to help the Pete Candland and Mac Haddow candidates upset the incumbent Republicans he didn’t agree with. Come on, don’t be naive. Guys like Anderson and Foreman probably never understood the concept of honor in the first place. There’s no reason to expect them to gain an understanding just because they served in the military. It might even have made them worse since now they seem to feel entitled to not having to follow the same rules as everyone else.

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    Vets are like any other large group with good apples and bad apples. Foreman is a bad apple and not representative of most. What galls me the most is not that people like him and Anderson make mistakes, but that they kow tow and seem afraid of chickenhawks like Candland and Haddow. You’d think they’d be able to think for themselves and act honorably and not buy into the Candland/Haddow dirty-tricks kool-aid. It seems to show a basic weakness in their character.

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      Thank you for defending Veterans. I was going to chime in a bit stronger when it appeared as if this was going to develop into bashing all Veterans, especially coming from those that have chosen not to serve the military that gives citizens the freedom of speech.

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    Foreman’s a joke. I wouldn’t waste any time on him. Candland and Haddow just use him for their own purposes and discard him when they want.

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    His state Senate campaign reportedly promised students academic credit for internships.

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    Look at what Foreman is doing to the Town of Dumfries, he is undoing everything that is aimed at keeping kids out of trouble. He is a Virginia racist, probably a closet KKK.

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    Wow. These people really take being crooked seriously. I would like to say I’m suprised, sadly I’m not.
    Well the good thing is muckracker will be around for a long time with the endless topics the cabal provides.

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    @Joe George. I’m not sure you should be happy about what Anonymous said. It seems to me the argument was between someone who was surprised and disappointed that a Marine veteran (Foreman) acted so poorly and someone (Anonymous) who wasn’t surprised because they don’t think we should expect Marine veterans (like Foreman) to act more honorably than anyone else. I’m not sure which is better is better or worse. Expecting honorable conduct or not expecting it.

    [Muckraker Note: Our recent reading of the comments thus far is similar to that of @Depressing, but what we think that @Joe George was basically saying was that other veterans should obviously not be judged by what Foreman has done. We wholeheartedly agree with that position and it’s why we never mentioned Foreman’s veteran’s status in our post.

    This also as a good a time as any to refer to the comment regarding Bill Card. Some at the Muckraker have strong feelings about Card’s involvement in the 2015 Republican primary/convention controversy (i.e. they believe that he didn’t purposely try to circumvent the primary process to benefit the Haddow-Candland candidates, but simply made a mistake), so we’re not going to entertain comments that attack Card about that).]

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    Wow! We must be dealing with the kind of people who leave threatening notes and the like in people’s mailboxes. It was common 50 years ago but what does it say that we have that happening now in Prince William County?

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    Foreman fits right in with the rest of the Prince William Slime: Lawson, Candland, Deutsch, Ruth Anderson, Rich Anderson, Haddow, O’Meara, etc.

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    Muckraker I know you have more stuff on the conduct of Foreman and Brewer because I wrote you about it. When are you going to print it?

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    Foreman just forced out the chief of police who brought the complaint against him. Dumfries will be paying millions in a retaliation suit.

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