FBI Investigating QBE Transactions

You read it correctly, folks. Things just got a bit more serious.

The Muckraker has learned that the FBI has opened an investigation into Prince William County’s transactions with Quality Business Engineering (QBE), the local firm where Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland now holds the position of Executive Vice President.

As regular readers may remember, on April 18 the Muckraker was the first to publish a comprehensive post on the county’s transactions with QBE and the troubling involvement of Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland, who had close ties to the firm. At the time, our contributors built on an earlier and admirable post on Moonhowlings.net that had been the first outlet to raise questions about the Candland-QBE connections and the favorable terms QBE had secured in its deals with the County.

Well, now the FBI has taken notice. According to our sources, County Supervisors and staff have been advised of the investigation, and the County’s legal counsel has informed them that the County cannot represent them in their dealings with the FBI and that they should seek independent counsel at their own expense if they wish to be represented.

In our April 18 post, we asked our readers how they felt Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland would have reacted if he had discovered that another sitting supervisor had voted in support of deals involving taxpayer funds and a privately-held for profit corporation founded and run by the chairman and chief benefactor of an organization set up to market and support that other supervisor? An organization, in fact, that included the supervisor’s father-in-law and one of his office staff? And how do you think he would have reacted to that supervisor then being hired some months later as a high-level executive of that very same for-profit corporation?

We of course knew the answer to those questions. Pete Candland would have expressed outrage, and his cabal’s blog would have used the opportunity to launch a vicious attack on the supervisor in question, calling not only for an investigation, but legal action. Yet, what we described in the preceding paragraph is precisely the contours of Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland’s conduct and his relationship with QBE.

In light of the FBI investigation, below we have reprised and updated our earlier report on the troubling circumstances surrounding Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland and the QBE transactions.

The Sale

As we previously reported, county records show that on October 11, 2013, QBE purchased the vacant building and 9 acres that used to constitute Prince William County’s Pace West Alternative School. QBE bought the property for just under $1.4 million, substantially below the assessed value of more than $5 million in 2012 when QBE made the offer, as well as below the $2.76 million assessed value in 2013, the year the sale closed. The ostensible reason for the substantially reduced sale price was that QBE was required to make the site’s fields available for public use.

Such a restriction on use that runs with the land often reduces a property’s resale value and is a legitimate reason for negotiating a reduced sales price. What eventually became clear, however, is that QBE (sometimes substantively reflected in these transactions as Haymarket Properties Group, LLC) had a different understanding of that commitment than others appear to have had.

Prior to the purchase of the Pace West site, QBE leased office space on a floor above the Haymarket Town Hall, which was, according to a July 13, 2012, story in the Washington Business Journal, “a spot conducive to frequent chats between CEO Shawn Landry and local politicians.” What makes this particularly interesting is that the old school site QBE purchased was partly in the County and partly in the Town of Haymarket. QBE decided they wanted the entire property within the boundaries of the Town of Haymarket for ease of land-use decision-making, and so while a contract-purchaser they sought a boundary adjustment between the County and the Town of Haymarket. The resulting discussions among QBE, the Town of Haymarket, and the County, appear to have resulted in agreements that did not require that the fields be available for public use indefinitely, contrary to what appears at an earlier stage to have been the understanding of a variety of parties, including Town of Haymarket officials who proposed modifications to a proffer statement submitted by QBE. Instead, it appears that QBE secured the ability to sell the property at a later date without requiring that public use of the fields be preserved.

In other words, it appears QBE purchased the property at a reduced price because of restrictions people understood it was willing to accept that were then not included in the final disposition of the property, and that thus do not reduce the resale value of the property for QBE.

The Field Leases

As part of the boundary adjustment and sale, QBE negotiated (in August of 2013 and prior to the consummation of the sale) a 10-year lease agreement with the Prince William County Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) for use of the fields. DPR is responsible for all maintenance, liability and improvements, and at the end of 10 years (absent extension) has to return the property to QBE, including removing any improvements should QBE so desire. Furthermore, if for a period of one year no partner is willing to enter into a “commercially reasonable form of lease agreement,” QBE is entitled to develop a plan for use that is consistent with the by-right zoning. The annual lease the county pays QBE for use of the fields is equivalent to the county property tax on that part of the property.

At the time of the sale there was some grumbling about how favorable the deal was to QBE. That’s not unusual in a public-private partnership arrangement, since there has to be some strong incentive to entice private participation. What agitated people in this particular case was that it appeared QBE had started the transaction with a sale price substantially below market value by agreeing in principle to long-term restrictions on the use of the property, restrictions which they then allegedly maneuvered to have removed during the complicated tripartite discussions about boundary adjustments. This successful maneuver made the property far more valuable than what QBE had paid for it. In effect, despite having received a substantially reduced sale price based on presumed restrictions, QBE could now not renew the lease after 10 years, require the county to remove field improvements, etc. at taxpayer expense, and then sell the property for a by-right use at a substantial profit.

The Rise Up Prince William Connection

As some might recall, in July of 2013 (before the boundary adjustment, lease agreement, or consummation of the sale to QBE), Pete Candland publicized a cross-county walk he was doing to raise money for an organization called Rise Up Prince William. Despite publicity in the newspapers and social media there was confusion among potential participants because there was no mechanism for signing up for the walk. Calls to local charities marketed as beneficiaries of the walk revealed that they didn’t know anything about it. They had simply been told they were going to get some donations from the event. Web searches turned up sites with Rise Up Prince William logos accompanied by Candland for Supervisor signs and language explaining that contributions for Supervisor Candland’s campaign fund would be accepted outside event locations. To many people it became clear that the walk, if not Rise Up Prince William itself, was a primarily a campaign/publicity vehicle for Candland.

On the day of the event, InsideNova reported that Candland was accompanied by a support vehicle, consisting of a “black platinum F-450 pick-up truck,” which it turned out was driven by none other than QBE founder and CEO, Shawn Landry. According to the press report, Landry was the president of Rise Up Prince William, described as a newly created nonprofit Landry “and some of Candland’s other constituents formed to support Candland’s ongoing community service efforts.

Candland claimed to have raised more than $10,000 as a result of the walk, with most of it coming from an anonymous donor. A former Republican supervisor promptly revealed that the bulk of the money raised came from QBE’s Shawn Landry. Indeed, when the Muckraker received and reviewed the 2013 records for Rise Up Prince William we found that an anonymous donation of $10,000 had been received with an office address that matched that of QBE.

And who were the Candland “constituents” that formed Rise Up Prince William to support Candland’s ongoing community service efforts? Well, according to state records the organization had only three voting members. They were:

(1) A secretary/treasurer named Dennis Peterson, who is not a Prince William County “constituent” at all, but instead is a man who lives in Pennsylvania and turns out to be Pete Candland’s father-in-law.

(2) Candland mentor and sometime Candland staffer and appointee, Mac Haddow (who was sent to jail for violating federal conflict of interest laws to enrich his family, who lobbied Pam Am 103 victims in an attempt to ultimately get sanctions removed on Libyan dictator Moammar Qaddafy, who wreaked havoc at the Chantilly Youth Association, who used his spiritual influence to establish the Candland hit-blog the Gainesville Truth Squad, who has attempted to pollute the county’s strategic planning process, who is a key member of the cabal that runs the forgery, fraud and fabrication Sheriff of Nottingham blog, and who received carte blanche authority in Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland’s office).

(3) a chairman who is none other than QBE CEO, Shawn Landry.

The “constituents” of whom Shawn Landry thus spoke were none other than Mr. Landry himself and Mac Haddow.

QBE Hires Pete Candland as Executive Vice President

As mentioned earlier with regard to the two agreements highly favorable to QBE, the field lease agreement was negotiated in August 2013 and the sale was consummated on October 11, 2013. In other words, both transactions occurred while QBE CEO Shawn Landry was serving as chair of an organization set up, by his own admission, to support Pete Candland’s efforts. As troubling as this is, things became even more troubling not long after.

Less than 5 months later, on March 10, 2014, QBE CEO Shawn Landry announced that Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland had been hired as QBE’s new Executive Vice President.

Candland Opens Business on QBE Property

As if all of this did not raise enough ethical flags, earlier this year Candland opened an ice cream shop business called “Cookies & Cream” on the QBE property.

So now we have a situation where the sitting Gainesville Supervisor participates in sweetheart deals involving the county and a private business that is owned by a person who is running a nonprofit that “supports” that Supervisor’s “efforts.” Then, after those sweetheart deals for the business close with the county, the business hires the Gainesville Supervisor as its Executive Vice President. Then, the Gainesville Supervisor also starts a new business of his own on that company’s property.

There are a number of dessert establishments in Haymarket, including Pickle Bob’s and Cupcake Heaven, who presumably pay market rates for their space. Now they’ll find themselves competing with a business owned by Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland that has essentially been subsidized by the county taxpayer through the sweetheart deals that QBE entered into with the County. Deals that this same Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland participated in while a Supervisor. Deals that this same Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland participated in while the CEO of QBE was running an organization that “supports” that Supervisor’s “efforts.” Deals that we believe ultimately led to Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland being hired as QBE’s Executive Vice President.

The FBI Investigation

The ethical violations here are obvious and no reasonably honest person would have participated in these transactions without at least making appropriate disclosures. We think it’s clear that the taxpayer got shafted and that Pete Candland operated with a goal of personal, financial gain in mind. None of that surprises us. Mentored by Mac Haddow and deeply immersed in his cabal’s forgery, fraud and fabrication blog, it’s clear that Candland is one of those individuals who has the ability to convince himself of the righteousness of his actions, no matter how unethical, as long as he benefits from them.

But is it illegal? That, we think, will be much tougher for the FBI to prove. We think the history of the Sheriff of Nottingham blog demonstrates definitively that Supervisor Candland would have no difficulty dissembling to the FBI, and we simply cannot believe that he would have left written evidence of a quid pro quo between his actions as a supervisor and his employment at QBE.

In short, proving he acted illegally will be very difficult. But his actions should be roundly condemned. They are those of a fundamentally dishonest person conditioned to use his public office for personal financial gain, and the FBI is quite justified in launching an investigation.


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    The relationship between those deals and Candland and QBE have stunk to high heaven from the very beginning. Candland is crooked.

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    Typical Candland. Thinks he’s holy by not drinking or smoking but has no problem lining his own pockets at the taxpayer’s expense.

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    This is a big deal Muckraker! The FBI doesn’t just go randomly looking for stuff. They must have seen your report. The mainstream media really should be covering this.

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    One small issue, although I suspect there may be a grain of truth to the issue with the ballfields, you are sniffing around the wrong elected official. The one responsible for that set of circumstances is the mayor of Haymarket and not Pete. Still and all, the issue was pushed forward in the Town despite questions regarding its legality in view of the deed restrictions. That is what happens when a local government has legal counsel that justifies there ends despite the legality of the means.

    [Muckraker Comment: This is an interesting point that we have not examined in any depth. While there is a publicly available document that shows how Haymarket wanted to change the proffers offered by QBE for the boundary adjustment to include restrictions that we understood to have been part of the original sales offer, we have no knowledge of why or how those proffer changes were rejected. If anyone has information on that we will consider a post on it provided the information is factual and can be corroborated.]

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    I’ve had suspicions that Prime Rib Pete uses his posturing as an ardent advocate of accountability for others as a smokescreen for what he and his gang have been up to. That’s why the Sheriff of Nottingham doesn’t acknowledge his identity. This is scandalous and I hope that the FBI will at least make sure that the public is aware of this.

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    I must admit, I am not suprised. Anyone who thinks Pete is innocent is just not paying attention to facts.
    The part that really angers me , he goes around wAsting tax payer funds an FOIA requests, makes accusations against every elected official who doesn’t agree with him and then has the nerve to start a “Transparency Iniative”. Are you freakin kidding me? I hope the FBI finds how deep Petes corruption goes and locks him and the whole cabal up. Gosh that would be a day worth celebrating in PWC

  7. -

    This web of deceit and “deals” has stunk since its inception.

    The FBI might not find any laws broken but it sure is going to step in some muck while investigating.

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    Seems there could be a wider net here, the former school board was complicit in this deal, the FBI needs to look closely at Satterwhite, Trenum, Johns. This is so not surprising, Realy Really Big Mac can give Prime Rib Pete Candland tips about how to act in a Federal Prison. BTW, will Prime Rib be served Prime Rib in federal prison.

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    I suspect Prime Rib Pete has soiled himself by now. Candland has a mentor in Really Really Big Mac who can give him tips on how [edited out] prison. The FBI also need to look at the following school board members who were complicit in the deal: Johns and Satterwhite. This deal stunk from the beginning with the sale at 1/3 the value, a bait and switch on the use of the ball fields and Prime Rib taking a job with his charitable benefactor at QBE, What’s going to happen with Prime Ribs ice cream store when he’s on the inside looking out?

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    Pete Candland’s so called transparency initiative is another one of his scams to divert attention from his misdeeds. Here’s a transparency initiative, Pete. Come clean about your knowledge of and the involvement of you and Mac Haddow in the Sheriff of Nottingham blog. Come clean about how much your being paid by QBE while you charges lunches and mileage to the taxpayer. Shall I go on?

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    I like the name “Corrupt Candland” who has a blog that specializes in the 3 Fs: Forgery, Fraud and Fabrication.

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    Let me make sure I have this right:

    (1) An organization is set up consisting of QBE CEO Shawn Landry, Mac Haddow and Pete Candland’s father-in-law to support Pete Candland’s efforts.

    (2) While Pete Candland is on the BOCS, QBE arranges a sweetheart deal that transfers them county land without the restrictions originally proposed.

    (3) While Pete Candland is on the BOCS, QBE also arranges a deal with the county to lease athletic fields back to the county.

    (4) After Candland votes on the deals, QBE hires Pete Candland as Executive Vice President.

    (5) Pete Candland then opens up a separate business on the formerly county land now owned by QBE.

    Do I have it right? Here’s the verdict — Candland is an unethical dirtball.

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    Muckraker, there is another wrinkle to this. I think the fields at QBE are now for the exclusive use of a league where Candland is a member.

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    At the last BOCS meeting when they finally got around to approving the matching grant for class size reduction for the second year it was apparent that the rest of the board was done talking about it. But not Pete! The suggestion that some of the school board members who approved the QBE deal is great. How refreshing it would be to see the people who really need to be investigated come under scrutiny.

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    And because the cabal is so great at what they do, I bet that money from the field rent ends up right in Fat Mac’s pocket! If the west is stupid enough to trust this guy to make our decisions then we get what we deserve!

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    The Rise Up Prince William connection may be the most important part here. The “anonymous” contribution of $10,000 by Shawn Landry was “anonymous” only to the public and the authorities, not to Pete Candland and Mac Haddow (interested to know whether or not Shawn Landry deducted it on his taxes, which you cannot always do for anonymous contributions). It was basically an undisclosed campaign contribution to Pete Candland. Even if it isn’t interpreted that way, it was an undisclosed contribution to an organization supporting him. Then, not long after he votes in favor of QBE and then he gets a high-paying job with them. This is exactly what was missing in the McDonnell case, an actual governmental favor benefiting the person who made the contributions.

  17. -

    @Anonymous — Rise Up Prince William
    I was thinking along these same lines. What was missing in the McDonnell case was that McDonnell never did anything beyond making introductions and that sort of thing. He never introduced legislation or voted to help the guy. Candland very specifically voted to benefit a guy who was running an organization that was supporting Candland, didn’t disclose it, was then hired by the guy and then opened a business on the guy’s property. I also remember the case of a Virginia legislator who got in trouble for taking a job with someone he had steered money to. This really stinks.

  18. -

    It would be nice if at the top of Candland’s transparency and accountability list was: 1. Disclose when you are being questioned by the FBI about what you did as an elected official. 2. Disclose when you’re voting to benefit someone who has funneled $10,000 to an organization set up to support you.

  19. -

    Hey Muckraker — Can you and The Sheriff co-sponsor a debate between Candland and Sawyers about the school system. You have to admit, that would be fun.

    [Muckraker Comment: Sure, as soon as the Sheriff shows he has the basic human decency to admit who he is. As you know, that will likely never happen, not just because of his cowardice, but because he would then have to take responsibility for the forgery, fraud, and fabrication he’s participated in for years and disclose the involvement of Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland. It would possibly be career-ending and he’ll likely never do it.]

  20. -

    Raker was Bob Weir, aka Derecho, on the town council when this was being considered?
    We all know that Mr. Weir is the sheriff’s whipping boy, wouldn’t surprise me if he was in on it too.
    And Weir is so pathetic that he probably didn’t even make any money of his own on the deal, he just did it so the sheriff would still be his friend.

  21. -

    I like how you think that all of this is career ending for Fat Mac if he reveals that he is the sheriff. He’ll just lie and move to the next town like he has so many times throughout his life. If there’s one thing I have learned from all the Fat Mac facts that you have posted…it’s that Mac Haddow won’t stop and won’t be stopped, disgusting.

    [Muckraker Comment: Okay, we have to admit we’re a little conflicted on the “Fat Mac” moniker. We think it’s a clear reference to “Fat Leonard” which was the accepted nickname for the person caught lining his pockets in Asia at the expense of the U.S. Navy and taxpayer. It thus seems appropriate as a nom de guerre for Mac Haddow (of course he already has one in the Sheriff of Nottingham). If it’s a just a reference to his weight, though, it’s not in good taste, despite how often Mac’s cabal has thrown around such meanspirited commentary on their site. We’ll have to think about it. For now, we’re leaving up the “Fat Mac” moniker.]

  22. -

    The irony of this story and Mr. Candland’s “Transparency and Accountability” initiative breaking on the same day is too rich. I only hope the local media for once has the hutzpah to do some real reporting on this topic.

  23. -

    Every fact on a Muckraker post (a post not comments) that I have been interested in checking out myself has been 100% accurate. I suggest that the media verify this one very simply. They should call every supervisor and ask if that supervisor has been advised by a county employee that the FBI is investigating the QBE transactions. There are only variations on three possible responses: yes, no, or no comment.

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    The sheriff is loosing it. His latest post in at best crazed. Sorry sheriff when the FBI investigates you, it’s not because democrats are being mean to you. It’s because you have done something wrong. The Crooked CAndland Cabal will implode before our eyes. They can’t help themselves. Stock up on popcorn people. This is gonna be good

  25. -

    One of the things that frustrates me about this is that I have to learn about it from a local blog. Why doesn’t the local media cover something like this? What is happening to journalism?

    [Muckraker Comment: In fairness to the local media, as we have always said, we rely almost exclusively on contributors. We didn’t discover this. A contributor sent it to us and we checked it. We believe responsible and legitimate local media would have revealed it if they had received the information first.]

  26. -

    Do you know if a target letter has been issued by the FBI?

  27. -

    In conversations with a reporter for a local weekly I have learned that they would think twice before taking on the Sheriff. I’m not sure that broadcast media can give this the air time necessary to explain the situation. I think we have to look at the Washington Post to have the resources to do this story justice.

  28. -

    One more thought to consider is that this blog’s most important contribution in the political arena has to be that, for the first time, Candland and the Sheriff of Nottingham have been put on the defensive. Judging by their own reaction we can see how they have been thrown off their game plan.

    Congratulations to the Muckraker, Counts of Monte Cristo, Moonhowlings and Ryan Sawyers for being game changers!

  29. -

    Was Haddow part of Candland’s staff when this all occurred? If the FBI investigation leads to anything I could imagine civil suits following. Those could force Candland to reveal the Haddow/Sheriff connection and well as the ties to other elected officials like Lawson.

  30. -

    What Candland has done is completely unethical but unless he’s been incredibly stupid, I can’t see how the FBI would prove anything illegal was done. Candland’s mentor is Mac Haddow and Mac learned long ago how to violate all ethical principles of basic decency and go right up to the edge of the law without breaking it. Pete’s been doing it ever since he got elected. There is no way he left a written record sufficient for a conviction.

  31. -

    If there is any way that this is legal then the ethics rules for Virginia are a complete joke. Here you have an organization set up to support Pete Candland by the CEO of QBE, Candland staffer Mac Haddow, and Candland’s father-in-law. Then Candland votes on sweetheart deals with QBE. Then Candland gets hired by QBE. Then Candland and his family open a business on that same QBE property. The whole deal involves the Candland family, his office staff, and private sector employer. How can this possibly be legal when taxpayer funds are involved? It defies any reasonable ethical standard. It’s definitely worse than the McDonnell situation. McDonnell made a few phone calls and allowed people to use the Governor’s mansion. Candland directly benefited financially from all this.

  32. -

    It’s the “Shadow of Haddow”. Wherever he goes unethical and/or illegal activities follow. From Utah to D.C. to Fairfax to Prince William.

  33. -

    Candland must have been contacted by the press about this. It’s the only reasonable explanation for the bizarre reaction on his Sheriff blog. There’s no way to put a positive spin on this for Candland and it makes no sense for the Sheriff to draw attention to it unless he knows it’s coming out in the press and wants to try to deaden the impact. He probably went to Mac Haddow and Reece Collins right after the press called him and directed that they put something up on the Sheriff. Very weird. Not a good move give how few people would ever have seen this on the Muckraker. Unless the press is actually going to cover it. Then it means he’s try to saturate the story a bit to deaden its impact.

  34. -

    When you get an FBI inquiry like this does it require you to preserve documents? I have visions of Pete Candland and Mac Haddow scouring their files and personal emails and shredding or deleting anything damaging related to the QBE stuff.

  35. -

    Prime Rib, remember, obsruction of justice (lying to the FBI) is more serious than the underlying crime. Obstruction gets you 5 years. Prime Rib, you need to be truthful to the FBI, for once don t listen to your mentor.

  36. -

    Candland needs to come clean on this. The first thing he should do is publish the terms of his employment contract with QBE, including the terms of his compensation. He claims to be for transparency and accountability. Given that the FBI is investigating his ties to QBE, I think the public has a right to know how much he is being paid by QBE.

  37. -

    Congratulations Muckraker! In addition to exposing the QBE matter you have almost definitively proven the direct ties between Candland and the Sheriff blog. Despite Candland’s years of denials the timing and nature of that blog’s reactions to so many of your posts has exposed how closely tied it is to Candland and Haddow. Way to scrape the muck off the floor.

  38. -

    Let’s not forget that this is the same corrupt guy that turned down over $3 million in private money to improve the fields at Catharpin and Long Parks, all because his kid played in the league that would have lost some field time had he accepted the money. The guy is a straight up crook.
    He’s done nothing but ripoff the taxpayers of the Gainesvile District.
    We can only hope that Prime Rib Pete spends the rest of his term developing a great relationship with his new cell mate.

  39. -

    Apparently the Sheriff is trying to make a straight-faced claim that Sawyers and Wiggins control the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

    You heard that right, Candland’s blog is claiming that a local Democratic party with a whopping (sarcasm) $14,000 in their bank account has enough power to summons the FBI to investigate a magisterial supervisor.

    If they do have that kind of power why are Sawyers and Wiggins wasting their time on the School Board?

    (here’s the link to the money the local Democrats have on hand: http://www.vpap.org/committees/147854/democratic-party-prince-william-county/)

  40. -

    The SoN has lost his bowels, there is defecation all over Prime Rib Pete’s office. This is hysterical. And the part about Wiggins and Sawyers running the FBI, what’s next, they also control the CIA? If they control the CIA please waterboard Haddow and Candland. The SoN is a total wacko, the Gainesville crazies who read the SoN are the conspiracy nut jobs who think everyone is out to get them…guess what SoN they are!

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    Wah! Wah! Wah! Really Really Big Mac, make them stop. Prime Rib, it’s not that bad, three hots and cot. Wah! Wah Wah! Really Really Big Mac, do they serve soft serve ice cream or real ice cream? Look Prime Rib or Mini Mac, whatever you call yourself, I DON’T KNOW YOU!

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    When I first read this on Monday, I was skeptical, then I saw the Sheriff’s response and immediately knew it was true. Candland needs to get the best criminal defense lawyer he can afford, I’m guessing he’s making $330k at QBE so money will not be a problem, Also, if the FBI tries to interview him, he should decline through his attorney. If the Candland Cult tries to cook their story, someone will be offered immunity and it won’t be the target. Candland’s only hope is to cut a deal as his mentor did. I suspect many in the cult are running as fast as possible away from him.

  43. -

    Nobody’s really surprised by any of this, are they?
    With the felon Haddow operating the Prime Rib’s puppet strings, it was really only a matter of time before the FBI and the US Attorneys office rolled in.
    The downside for Candland is that the best meal he’s going to be getting where he’s headed will be a bologna sandwich and whatever commissary goodies he can acquire from the meager the wages he’s going to get working in the prison library. He also better show up with at least a few carton of smokes to keep the other inmates satisfied…

  44. -

    The shredder at Candland’s home and office are likely working in overtime.

  45. -

    The Shadow of Haddow will corrupt everything it touches.

    He will also hang Pete out to dry if it comes to that.

  46. -

    Raker you’re hitting mainstream! I saw some mom’s in Food Lion yesterday, that I hadn’t seen in a long time, and the first thing they said was, “have you heard about Pete Candland and his unethical Haymarket deal?”
    Way to get the word out, hopefully we can vote that clown out of office so he can’t make any more money at the taxpayers expense.

  47. -

    This almost surely a public corruption investigation by the FBI. There is a clear conflict of interest here in that Shawn Landry, the founder and CEO of QBE, was both the president of and major donor to a private foundation set up to support Pete Candland while Pete Candland was voting on issues that would specifically benefit QBE and Shawn Landry financially. This is made more troublesome by the fact that QBE is a federal contractor and that the county receives federal funds. This is a serious issue.

  48. -

    Beyond whatever the FBI may be looking into I think Candland has definitely violated state law on a number of counts. For example:

    § 2.2-3103. Prohibited conduct.

    No officer or employee of a state or local governmental or advisory agency shall:

    3. Offer or accept any money or other thing of value for or in consideration of the use of his public position to obtain a contract for any person or business with any governmental or advisory agency;

    5. Accept any money, loan, gift, favor, service, or business or professional opportunity that reasonably tends to influence him in the performance of his official duties. This subdivision shall not apply to any political contribution actually used for political campaign or constituent service purposes and reported as required by Chapter 9.3 (§ 24.2-945 et seq.) of Title 24.2;

    6. Accept any business or professional opportunity when he knows that there is a reasonable likelihood that the opportunity is being afforded him to influence him in the performance of his official duties;

    8. Accept a gift from a person who has interests that may be substantially affected by the performance of the officer’s or employee’s official duties under circumstances where the timing and nature of the gift would cause a reasonable person to question the officer’s or employee’s impartiality in the matter affecting the donor. Violations of this subdivision shall not be subject to criminal law penalties;

    9. Accept gifts from sources on a basis so frequent as to raise an appearance of the use of his public office for private gain. Violations of this subdivision shall not be subject to criminal law penalties; or

    § 2.2-3107. Prohibited contracts by members of county boards of supervisors, city councils and town councils.

    A. No person elected or appointed as a member of the governing body of a county, city or town shall have a personal interest in (i) any contract with his governing body, or (ii) any contract with any governmental agency that is a component part of his local government and which is subject to the ultimate control of the governing body of which he is a member, or (iii) any contract other than a contract of employment with any other governmental agency if such person’s governing body appoints a majority of the members of the governing body of the second governmental agency.

    Shawn Landry’s role and contributions to the private foundation set up to support Pete Candland and that included a member of his staff (Mac Haddow) and his father-in-law clearly fall within the purview of these restrictions, as does Candland’s receipt of employment by QBE and his opening of a business on QBE property, particularly when QBE has an ongoing lease with the county. These all look like state law violations that should be examined.

  49. -

    Has Candland destroyed his hard drives yet?

  50. -

    Hey Muckraker send this information to the Virginia State Police. While the FBI investigates violations of federal law, the VSP investigates all violations by elected officials in Virginia of state law.

  51. -

    Pete Candland should disclose to the public his employment contract with QBE. If any of his compensation is tied directly to QBE’s financial performance, then he is in violation of section 2.2-3107 of the Virginia Conflicts of Interest Act.

    § 2.2-3107. Prohibited contracts by members of county boards of supervisors, city councils and town councils.
    A. No person elected or appointed as a member of the governing body of a county, city or town shall have a personal interest in (i) any contract with his governing body, or (ii) any contract with any governmental agency that is a component part of his local government and which is subject to the ultimate control of the governing body of which he is a member, or (iii) any contract other than a contract of employment with any other governmental agency if such person’s governing body appoints a majority of the members of the governing body of the second governmental agency.

    QBE receives financial benefit from the lease of the fields from the County, which Candland voted on. If his compensation is tied to QBE’s financial performance then he is in violation of section 3017(a).

  52. -

    I don’t see how this can be legal. Candland simply cannot vote on a project benefiting someone who is running a private foundation that is set up to benefit Candland. That is a clear violation of the law. Whether or not anyone will prosecute is another matter, but it’s a clear violation. To me it’s inconceivable that Candland wasn’t already discussing getting hired by QBE when he cast the votes to benefit QBE, but I don’t think we even need to get to that. He clearly violated the law when he voted while Landry was running a private foundation to benefit him.

  53. -

    He gets Taxpayer relief to use their fields and then builds a ice cream parlor to make money off the kids and their families.

    He then only allows Parks and Rec to allocate the fields to the league that he is a member of.

    Let’s call it what it is. Pete Candland is a small business killer. His policies kill businesses from even coming into the county and now the few businesses that are here he runs out of town by having taxpayers reduce his start up costs and barriers to entry into the market.

    This is why all of us who run businesses around here can’t stand him and his cabal.

  54. -

    As usual it’s always the guys screaming about accountability and transparency who need the most watching. The sounds of irony on this one are deafening.

  55. -


  56. -

    When Pete vacates his seat to go to prison we insist, INSIST that he be replaced with a Bald Eagle dressed in the American Flag. That’s what the people of Gainesville would want.

  57. -


  58. -

    An acquaintance of mine in a distant state was sent to prison for “lying to the FBI in a formal interview.” Most people were shocked at this heavy-handedness. If Supervisor Candland is interviewed by the FBI staff, he best be accompanied by a criminal lawyer…….and tell the truth at all times!!!

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