Willie Deutsch’s Disdain for the Law

Well, we’ve been compelled once again to succumb to the logic of the argument.

Three months ago we would have thought this irrelevant. But we’ve been inundated with convincing counterarguments.

As a sitting School Board representative Willie Deutsch was intimately involved in the Haddow-Candland Cabal’s 4th of July Forgery. As a sitting School Board representative Willie Deutsch disseminated confidential information to the Haddow-Candland Cabal forgery and fabrication smear blog. As a sitting School Board representative Willie Deutsch disseminated confidential information to a competitor applicant of the person whose confidential information he distributed (a person later found to have boasted about ties with the pornography industry). Both before and during his time as a School Board representative Willie Deutsch has engaged in offensive, bullying online activity for which we would condemn school children.

We’ve also been swamped with arguments concerning the conduct of the Haddow-Candland Cabal forgery and fabrication smear blog, the Sheriff of Nottingham. In particular, we’ve been reminded of their Putin-like intervention in the special election for the Brentsville Supervisor’s seat.

Some of you remember, right? In service of Jeanine Lawson’s campaign the Haddow-Candland Cabal launched a vicious, personal, and often false online campaign of character assassination against Lawson’s opponents, Scott Jacobs and Eric Young.

Whatever you may have thought of his positions, Scott Jacobs is one of the genuinely nicest individuals you will ever meet, and he had a knowledge and command of substantive issues that dwarfed Lawson’s. He and Young ran clean, issues-oriented campaigns. Yet the Lawson campaign via the Haddow-Candland Cabal subjected them both to some of the most outrageous and defamatory attacks ever seen in a Brentsville race.

Things got so bad that some bloggers and two of the candidates called for the restoration of a modicum of civility in the race. But the Haddow-Candland Cabal doubled-down, and the silence from Lawson was deafening. It was politics at its unethical worst, all orchestrated directly by the Mac Haddow-Pete Candland Cabal.

The documents we have been sent regarding Willie Deutsch are consistent with what the Haddow-Candland Cabal condemned Lawson opponents with in the Brentsville special election.

You see, Willie Deutsch has repeatedly demonstrated what the Haddow-Candland Cabal would charge of their opponents is utter disdain for the law, and worse, for the safety of others. Such a high level of disdain, in fact, that Willie Deutsch is unfit to serve on the School Board – at least that was the de facto charge of the Haddow-Candland Cabal during the Brentsville Supervisor’s special election. Again, we won’t go as far as the self-righteous, hypocritical Mac Haddow – Pete Candland Cabal did on their house organ. We’ll let you judge for yourself.

It turns out that according to public records, in a 16-month stretch ending last May, Willie Deutsch has committed not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 traffic violations. Particularly noticeable is that several of them involve the same, repeated violation. To make it easier to follow, here is a summary:

02/19/2015 – EXPIRED REGISTRATION – 02/04/2015

11/10/2015 – SPEEDING – 10/22/2015

03/31/2016 – EXPIRED REGISTRATION – 3/22/2016

04/19/2016 – EXPIRED REGISTRATION – 4/14/2016

06/21/2016 – FAILURE TO OBEY TRAFFIC SIGNAL – 5/16/2016

Again, as usual, unlike the Haddow-Candland Cabal, we won’t forge documents or fabricate stories. Instead, as often as possible we provide you with the documentary evidence. Thus, at the end of this post you can review screenshots of the relevant documents yourself.

In the meantime, the fact remains that the Haddow-Candland Cabal would judge this conduct disgraceful and disqualifying in someone outside their circle. According to their history of evaluation, Willie Deutsch’s actions clearly show that he has an utter disdain for the law. These records show that he has consistently ignored the registration requirements for his vehicle. In one instance he was cited approximately three weeks after having previously being cited for the same violation.

You can register your vehicle 24/7 online. It’s not hard. How could he fail to do this three weeks after being cited for the violation?

Worse, the Haddow-Candland Cabal’s historical argument would conclude that Willie has an utter disregard for the safety of others, with two additional moving violations in a span of about 7 months.

Then, of course, there is the fact that he took office in January of 2016 and three of these violations have occurred since then.

We know what the Haddow-Candland Cabal would say in such an instance with someone outside their circle – in fact they essentially did so in the Lawson special election. Their verdict:

Unfit to serve.

School Board members, they would argue, should at least serve in some small way as positive role models for their charges, the children in our schools. Yet Willie Deutsch participated in the Haddow-Candland Cabal’s 4th of July Forgery and Fraud. Yet Willie Deutsch disseminated confidential personal information to both bloggers and a job competitor of the person whose confidential information he distributed. Yet Willie Deutsch is so dishonest that he was suspended from a right-wing blog for spreading false information as one of its authors. To say nothing of his other online antics. Now we find that he has repeatedly shown a disregard for the law – three violations while serving less than 6 months on the School Board. That may be a record.

Forgery, fraud, confidentiality violations, disregard for the law. Quite the role model. At least that’s what the Haddow-Candland Cabal would normally say on their forgery and fabrication smear blog, the Sheriff of Nottingham. If, of course, the person was not part of their circle.

Will they apply the same standard to their own? Or do the rules only apply if you’re not Mac Haddow, Pete Candland, Ruth Anderson, Willie Deutsch, Jeanine Lawson, Rich Anderson, Reece Collins, Kim Simons, or some other member of the Haddow-Candland smear squad?

We think we know the answer.







13 comments on “Willie Deutsch’s Disdain for the Law

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    Muckraker I think you’re missing the point here. This is not a negative for a member of the Mac Haddow and Pete Candland crowd. It’s a badge of honor, a right of passage, an initiation test. If you want to be a member of Haddow and Candland’s group you have to pass a test of pontificating about how honest and ethical you are, condemning others with smears and lies, and then behind the scenes doing even worse things yourself than what you’re condemning others for. Mac Haddow has built his whole career around this, Pete Candland is building his political operation around it, and Reece Collins is building his political consultant business model around it. Willie Deutsch has passed the initiation tests of Haddow and Candland with flying colors, just as Jeanine Lawson, Ruth Anderson and Rich Anderson did before him. Congratulations Willie! You’re now an integral part of the most unethical group in modern Prince William history.

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    I remember the Haddow cult trashing Young for his driving record which was abysmal. Now one of the Haddow cult members has a record worse than Young, I’m sure the SoN will put a positive spin on this such as Willie was just testing the police to see if they were alert. Home School Willie must go.

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    As a Coles District resident, I find this appalling. I call on Willie Deutsch to resign for his actions. The people have spoken.

    COUNT 1: Forgery and fraud

    COUNT 2: Sharing privileged information

    COUNT 3: Associating with someone who benefits directly from the exploitative porn industry

    COUNT 4: Fomenting hate against the LGBT community

    COUNT 5: Blatant disregard for the law

    Let’s start a recall petition and send this bum back to Mississippi or Alabama or some G-d forsaken place where he can’t hurt civilization.

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    I disagree with you about one thing on this and that is the chronology. The groundwork for all this was laid with the Rich Anderson and Reece Collins TV and mail smear campaign against Paul Nichols where they lied about Nichols’ involvement in a DUI traffic stop and spread his social security number all of the internet. It crossed a boundary of unethical conduct that hadn’t been crossed before and Haddow and Candland eventually teamed up with Collins to make it standard operating procedure. Congratulate Willie but thank Rich Anderson.

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    Willie Deutsch needs to resign. His conduct in the short time he has been on the School Board is a disgrace.

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    Please provide the link to Willie D’s diatribe against the LGBT community.

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    Perhaps he should spend less time leaking confidential Board information to the “Sheriff” and more time at driving school?

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    Is that how the Sheriff got the Jeff Fagan e-mails?

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    I know this post is not consistent with Home School Willie, but another member of the Haddow Cult, Tim Singstock is falling right in line as a law breaker and genuine scum. Last year Conroy made a big deal of Singstock not paying his child support, when she raised it he promptly paid up. Well guess what, the little darling, Tim Singstock, who [was recently] appointed to a county board, is two months behind in supporting his children which is the act of a total [edited out] unfit for any public service.

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    I just have to say what a total dirtball Rich Anderson is. He and Ruth march with their Trump signs, but you should hear what he says in private about Trump. Of course it depends on who he’s in front of. What a sleazeball. At least Lingamfelter has the guts to say he’s for Trump regardless of who he’s in front of.

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    If Willie has time to forward emails to the cabal then he should have time to go on the computer and register his vehicle. This is just insight into the sloppiness that he perpetuates not only at home but on the dais. He should be embarrassed that this is a matter of public record and so easily accessible, just plain sloppy. Get your life in order Willie D!

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    His remarks just sounded sophomoric. I don’t think he is advocating hate as much as he just sounds like a child.

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