Confidential and Personnel Information No Longer Safe in the PWCS: Willie Deutsch’s Professional Misconduct

We believe it may be unprecedented in the history of Prince William County’s School Board. Despicable, disgraceful, disqualifying and unprecedented.

Earlier we exposed that the Mac Haddow-Pete Candland Cabal had attempted to perpetrate a fraud on the public by creating and disseminating a forged document they purported to be from a Democratic consultant. As part of the fraud the cabal also disseminated what was then confidential information regarding Don Shaw, a county resident who had applied to fill the School Board seat being temporarily vacated by Gil Trenum. Both the forgery and the dissemination of the confidential information on the Candland Cabal house organ, the Sheriff of Nottingham smear blog, were linked to and promoted by Coles School Board representative Willie Deutsch, who claimed not to know anything about their origin. The outstanding questions since that day have included what member or members of the Haddow-Candland Cabal specifically created the forgery and who disseminated the confidential information regarding Don Shaw. Today we learned definitively that the person guilty of the latter professional and ethical breach was none other Coles School Board representative Willie Deutsch.

Don Shaw’s personal information, which he submitted as part of his application to serve on the School Board, would have eventually been appropriately made public, simultaneous with that of other applicants, for public evaluation. Instead, however, it was leaked to the Haddow-Candland Cabal smear blog, who posted it an attempt to discredit Shaw by linking him to what the Muckraker subsequently exposed was a document forged by the Cabal. Not only was Shaw’s the only applicant information disseminated, but it included his email and telephone number. Coles School Board representative Willie Deutsch published a link online to the Haddow-Candland Cabal smear blog post, which resulted in the Shaw family allegedly being the recipient of a variety of threats that resulted in Shaw, a long-standing resident of Prince William County, a veteran, and a parent of a special needs child, withdrawing his name from consideration for the vacant School Board seat – all this before all the applicants’ information was made available to the public.

Today we learned that Coles School Board representative Willie Deutsch was not only a participant, but at the heart of this misconduct. We have received documentary evidence from a FOIA request that proves it was Deutsch who disseminated the then confidential information. Equally telling is the individuals to whom he sent the information. See for yourself.

Deutsch Misconduct

As we said, despicable, disgraceful, disqualifying and unprecedented.

Here we have a sitting School Board member sending confidential information to the Haddow-Candland Cabal smear blog, the Sheriff of Nottingham, by name. In fact, you can see that the name and email address in this format means that Willie Deutsch has the email address of the Haddow-Candland Cabal house organ saved in his contacts. He also sent it to Kim Simons, the sometime-staff member of Brentsville Supervisor Jeanine Lawson and sometime administrator of one of the school-themed hate pages, who is also allegedly an applicant for the School Board seat. Also on the dissemination list is the nativist blogger Greg Letiecq, and failed Haddow-Candland Republican primary candidates and Haddow-Candland acolytes, Chris Crawford (defeated by Corey Stewart) and Paul O-Meara (defeated by Marty Nohe).

Of the others on the dissemination list, the most disappointing for us is Tracy Conroy. During her campaign the only negative thing said about Conroy by her opponents, which she vociferously objected to, was their claim that she was really a Republican. Conroy was adamant in denying that she was a Republican and yet now she shows up on a distribution list not of Republicans, but of the most extreme right-wing Republicans and in some cases the most vicious hate-mongers in the county. The one’s who have consistently attacked responsible Republican office holders. Conroy can’t help who sends her stuff, but if she is actually in league with this group, it’s a sad and tragic fall for Conroy.

It’s unfathomable that any honest sitting School Board member would do this – send confidential information specifically to two well-known smear blogs and to a competitor (Kim Simons) for the position at issue. By virtue of Willie Deutsch’s actions, not just Simon supporters, but Simon herself, had information about Shaw that was not available about any other applicant. Coupled with the Haddow-Candland Cabal forgery, the resulting attacks on Shaw that caused him to withdraw prevented any public evaluation of the comparative credentials or qualifications of applicants for the seat.

Even more importantly, Willie Deutsch’s actions have revealed that “confidential” or “closed session” no longer have any substantive meaning in the Prince William County School System if the School Board is involved. No confidential or closed session information involving the School Board is safe, since Deutsch is clearly willing to share it with county’s premier smear and hate-blog in violation of policy and that smear blog is willing to publish it. (For the record, the Muckraker has occasionally received information anonymously that we believe may have been obtained in violation of policy – we think by plants from the Haddow-Candland cabal – and we have refused to publish it). Deutsch has single-handedly destroyed the credibility and integrity of any assurances of confidentiality involving personnel or legal issues in the school system.

It’s hard to imagine someone like former Coles School Board representative, Dr. Michael Otaigbe, or Coles School Board candidate, Bill Reeder, doing anything remotely like this. The Haddow-Candland cabal’s disdain for and disregard of ethical conduct has clearly infected the School Board, and the vector is Willie Deutsch.

It’s a sad day for Prince William County.


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    Willie Deutsch should resign. This is not the first closed session information he has distributed.

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    Another thing I’ve heard the Haddow/Candland group does is that they sabotage prospective school sites they don’t like by getting the information from closed session and getting it to property owners in advance so that the owner can jack up the price, knowing it will make it more expensive and therefore harder for the School Board to get approval. Very sleazy and works against the Prince William taxpayer.

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    I couldn’t help but think of Tracy this week as the entire controversy with Kanye and Taylor Swift broke out over an illegal phone recording in California. Fortunately, Tracy records her calls in Virginia which is a one party consent state. Otherwise, she’s also be facing at least a misdemeanor.

    This blog has continually blocked anti Conry posts because one of the bloggers was “friendly” with Conroy. Perhaps, he was the individual who invited her to Lillie Jessie’s kick-off after all.

    Tracy is truly a [edited out] and disgusting individual who should continue being labeled with other Republicans.

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    Deutsch has completely corrupted the process. Simons should remove her name from consideration or be disqualified by the Board. She received confidential information about Shaw, which was used to disparage him and pressure him to withdraw, including on her school site. She can’t be given the seat after receiving and using confidential information like that about a competitor.

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    When you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.

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    No surprises here. Home School Willie is part of the Haddow cabal. This is a bunch of evangelicals on Sunday while entering their church and leave he Christianity behind when leaving after services. I have a question for Justin Wilk who seems to be climbing in to Home School Willie [edited out] at every opportunity. Is Wilk part of the Haddow cabal?

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    This has to be a joke. What kind of elected official does this childish stuff? Deutsch lacks the integrity we demand from our politician. Figures though, since he’s just one of Tracy Conroy’s lackeys.

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    Tracy Conroy should participate in the Biggest Loser. Not only [edited out], but she has no legitimate shot at public office in the future.

    I find it completely disheartening that she would disseminate information about Mr. Shaw on her nativist blog, and then act like she supports those who have no voice. Clearly, she doesn’t care about Shaw’s daughter [edited out], or his son [edited out]. Posting information about Don Shaw not only endangered him, but his entire family.

    It’s no wonder why Conroy’s husband lives in another registered address in PWC.

    [Muckraker Note: We’re not sure, but we believe this comment may be from a Candland/Haddow/Deutsch plant. It included commentary about Ms. Conroy’s appearance that we will not print. Additionally, it attempted to disseminate more personal private information about Don Shaw’s children. We’ve periodically received past comments from the Haddow-Candland-Reece Collins group that we believe are designed to get us to print something outrageously over the top to their benefit.]

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    Unfortunately, Deutsch has corrupted the entire process. All of the names submitted are now corrupted since Deutsch decided to share an anonymous blog post. It’s even worse that he actually fed the information to the blogger. Even the Sheriff knows it was wrong because he took down Shaw’s resume.

    There is some seriously wrong behavior going on here.

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    There is something fundamentally wrong with Mac Haddow and Pete Candland. Everyone they draw into their orbit is drawn to illegal and unethical conduct like a moth to the flame. Haddow’s illegal and unethical activities are too numerous to name. Supervisor Pete Candland votes on projects that directly benefit him, tries to skirt the Virginia Constitution on school funding, and lies to the public about his involvement in a local smear blog. Supervisor Jeanine Lawson illegally uses government property. The Andersons distribute demonstrably false information on TV and in mailings about arrests and lawsuits involving their opponents and employ defamatory smear-monger Reece Collins. Mayor Jerry Foreman is arrested for stealing campaign signs and then violates state FOIA laws. Willie Deutsch violates closed session regulations and distributes confidential information about a job applicant to smear blogs. One or more of them forges and distributes a fake document to discredit people they disagree with.

    People like John Stirrup, Corey Stewart and Scott Lingamfelter were hard-hitting in their day, but they never continually engaged in this sort of outright dishonesty and misconduct. It wasn’t until the arrival of Pete Candland and Mac Haddow in 2011 that this became the model. Is this kind of disgusting behavior the new normal in PWC?

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    I have known Tracy to be an outstanding citizen and parent, interested in the betterment of our educational system. These claptrap snotty remarks say more about the people making the comments than it does about Tracy.

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    Simons has spent entirely too much time beating up on school board personnel in the past to be considered for any position.

    Willie D. needs to resign. He is not fit for office. Neither he nor Pete understand the concept of “closed session.”

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    I have an honest and serious question for you. How do you square your views of Tracy Conroy with her secret taping of a conversation with Justin Wilk, which she claimed was for her protection and then leaked out simply to embarrass Wilk with Democrats? How do you square it with her promotion of the false attacks on George Hampton’s military service record when there was a physical document that showed he was telling the truth? How do you square it with her being part of a group that includes the Sheriff of Nottingham, Greg Letiecq, Kim Simons and other well known hate mongers? How do you square it with her disparaging posts about diversity? I swear that I’m not trying to criticize you or be a jerk. I just don’t see how you can say what you do about Conroy with what she has done and continues to do online. Don’t you find anything disturbing in that conduct? None of this is hearsay or someone else’s account that could be a lie, but is instead stuff that Conroy has actually published or promoted herself. Doesn’t that bother you?

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    @notkeret – Let’s not forget her role in disseminating the history of Tim Singstock’s messy divorce. As someone who has known Jill Palermo for years, I can 100% confirm that Tracy was continually pushing for the publication of his divorce from day one.

    There is a long history of disgusting acts conducted by Tracy purported for the alleged “protection” of herself of the citizens of PWC.

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    Conroy is upset that she will not get the Trenum position. Shea’s been telling everyone who would listen to her, by the way , that’s fewer and fewer, that Trenum was going to appoint her.

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    Even the Sheriff knew he did wrong. That’s why he took down Shaw’s resume from his post. Now he’s back to making up stories about Sawyers and a “secret plan”. So secret that Sawyers sent it to the rest of the board. Sawyers must be the worst at keeping secrets.

    This is their classic move. The straw man argument. They state something that is true and make it sound like it’s evil.

    The facts are that the GOP were the ones up to tricks because all three GOP school board members knew that Gil was leaving but the Democrats didn’t. This has been turned into a political mess from the beginning by Mac Haddow, dba Pete Candland.

    If Willie were so concerned with release “public information” why not just release it on his own? Why send it to four bloggers, the former leader of the PWC GOP who supervised the loss of the school board, and two failed Haddow candidates.

    Willie didn’t want to “let the public know”. He wanted try to inflict political damage for no reason. In doing so, he and his owners attacked a 20 year veteran on the armed forces on Independence Day.

    Willie is a good lap dog. The only problem is that now he’s exposed himself to all sorts of troubles.

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    Hey Not Keret – What are you? FBI? CIA? DNC? PUTIN? No I have not conducted an investigation of Tracy, and would not believe those who are self-identified Muckrakers. Tracy is a dedicated hard working person who wants to improve the School System. Sadly, she gets dirt thrown at her for doing what many other parents could be doing….slanderous behavior reminds me of rump!! Empty-headed unverifiable remarks designed to run down the opposition, no matter how great people like Tracy have proven to be. How about those 17,000 votes she got last year!!!

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    @ Keret,
    I guess I hit a nerve. I’m not asking you to be the FBI or CIA. I’m just asking you about the straight facts. Are you saying Conroy didn’t secretly tape Justin Wilk? Are you saying that George Hampton did lie about his military record?

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    @ Keret aka [name guess edited out], please just acknowledge and admit you were duped by Conroy believing she was “independent.”

    Her crew of Lisa Bell, Joe George and Kim Simmons are clearly bitter about the outcome of the fall elections.

    Clearly, you’re too!

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