Deutsch’s Misconduct Nothing New . . . for Him

The revelations regarding the Mac Haddow – Pete Candland Cabal’s 4th of July Forgery and Coles School Board representative Willie Deutsch’s participation in its promotion and his dissemination of confidential information continue to grow. After we reported on Deutsch’s most recent breach, we received documentary evidence showing that such misconduct is not new for Deutsch.

It turns out that Deutsch was suspended as a writer on the influential conservative site, Bearing Drift, for spreading false information. Below is a screenshot of Willie Deutsch’s author biography on the site.


While an author for the site, Deutsch, the self-described Christian, appears to have falsified information and published it as part of a personal vendetta against Republicans with whom he disagreed. Bearing Drift discovered the deceit and suspended Deutsch. As we often try to do, below is the relevant information so our readers can judge for themselves.





There are a number of similarities here to the tactics Deutsch has been implementing with and through the Mac Haddow – Pete Candland Cabal, and their house organ, the Sheriff of Nottingham smear blog. Note Bearing Drift’s references to the anonymous “source” of Deutsch’s and Deutsch’s willingness to spread unsubstantiated rumors and innuendo as part of an attempt to discredit someone. The links in the original Bearing Drift post include comments from various individuals, including Larry Sabato, adamant that the assertions made by Deutsch are absolutely false.

This is the stock in trade of the Mac Haddow – Pete Candland Cabal and it has come to be the dominant tactic of a narrow element in the Prince William County GOP. Like their 4th of July Forgery, they traffic in lies, fabrications, innuendo, rumor, and half-truths, often of their own making, to tear down others, elevate themselves, and exert political power for their own benefit.

What is particularly egregious with Deutsch is that he is a member of the School Board. In an arena where the use of social media for the spreading of lies about and bullying of children is a real concern, Deutsch has repeatedly demonstrated that he uses social media for similar purposes. That he has continued to do so while a School Board member is a disgrace, and makes him not just a poor role model for children, but a threat to their well being.


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    There is nothing Christian about Willie Deutsch. We’re all sinners and make mistakes, but Willie Deutsch purposely does these public things that are specifically designed to hurt people to help him. He’s doing the Devil’s work, not God’s.

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    This goes way beyond legitimate political disagreement. As a School Board member Willie Deutsch is at best participating in irresponsible and reckless online conduct that is threatening to our children. He needs to resign.

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    I’m disgusted by what is happening to our county under the influence of Pete Candland and Mac Haddow. It’s a sign of an area in decline. I have faith in people like Maureen Caddigan, Marty Nohe and even Corey Stewart to at least be above board. But the people who have sided with and adopted the tactics of Candland and Haddow like Lawson, Ruth and Rich Anderson, Willie Deutsch and Jerry Foreman, either out of ignorance, fear, cowardice or God forbid actual agreement with them, make be fear for the future of our county.

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    Home School Willie, who holds himself out to be a Christian, is a habitual liar and worse. I hope someone on the school board calls this [edited out] out on his latest. This is nothing more than the usual for Candland, Lawson, the Andersons, it’s incredible that Stewart is the moral compass of the Prince William Republicans.

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    So a right wing swear blog threw him out, this is too much.

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    I can’t see how Willie Deutsch can continue to serve on the School Board. You can’t have some oversee the schools who purposely promotes false or confidential information online to bully and threaten other people. It’s reprehensible. There has to be a way to sanction him for all this.

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    Hahahaha! You should see how Candland-Deutsch-Haddow group are trying to spin this now that Willie has been caught red handed. They’re trying to say Willie wanted the public to be informed. But Willie didn’t send the information to the public, which he could have done by posting it himself. Instead he sent it to the Haddow/Candland Sheriff of Nottingham blog, BVBL nativist Greg Letiecq, the former PWC GOP chair, and failed Republican primary candidates put up by Candland and Haddow. That’s Willie Deutsch’s version of THE PUBLIC. This shows just how much of a sleazeball Willie Deutsch is. He shouldn’t have anything to do with school children. He’s a liar and a bully. What he did is serious misconduct. He needs to resign.

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    The Haddow-Candland Sheriff blog is in a minipanic over the Willie Deutsch revelation. To protect Deutsch they’re trying to claim a staff member of the schools sent them confidential information before Deutsch did (as if that matters). Of course that would be a firing offense for an employee, except it’s certainly not true. The “birdies” the Sheriff likes to cite don’t exist. I know because he once wrote about the actions of a colleague of mine about when I was in the room. None of what he said “birdies” had told him was true, and I know well both other people who were in the room. The Haddow-Candland Sheriff made it all up. You can be sure they are lying when they reference a birdie.

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    As someone involved in homeschooling I want you to know that we’re not all like Willie Deutsch. While religious conservatives are often perceived to dominate, we are a diverse group with diverse political views and social values who homeschool our children for widely different reasons, including just to be more directly involved in an important part of their lives. One of the challenges of homeschooling is to teach our children the values we think our important while also teaching them respect for differing viewpoints and giving them the tools to make their own decisions as adults. Somewhere in Willie Deutsch’s homeschooling experience things went horribly wrong. No legitimate homeschooling advocate would support Willie Deutsch’s conduct in overseeing a public education system. Falsifying information, engaging in bullying activity online and distributing confidential information online is not consistent with educational practices, whether private, public or in a homeschooling environment. Willie Deutsch is not representative of what homeschooling stands for.

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    @Homeschooler, Unfortunately, you are right. Willie is giving homeschoolers a bad name. He clearly wasn’t taught the things that you mention. He was never exposed to anything but extreme views. A few old ladies laughed at him during a school board meeting and he broke down into tears so much that the school board had to take a recess.

    He takes off hand comments from other board members as “threats”. He clearly has no experience outside of his own world. Heck, even in his own world the right-wing nut job’s have disowned him as the Muckraker has pointed out.

    The only positive reinforcement he receives is from Candland and Haddow so he will do anything to keep their attention.

    Quite frankly, he needs professional help. He is a immature seven year old in a twenty something year old’s body.

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    Has anyone seen the Sheriff’s page recently? It is down right hysterical watching the same three people post to each other (acting like they are 10 different people) and trying to convince themselves that Willie didn’t do anything wrong.

    Facts are facts and that’s why Muckraker is great. Willie was left out in the cold by Bearing Drift because even his made up BS was too much for them.

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    I’m glad to hear from a homeschooler. One of my fears has been that Deutsch’s whole reason for getting on the School Board was to make quality public education impossible and that he would have unlimited support from other homeschoolers.

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    Willie is the stooge of both Haddow and Candland. Haddow attracts these stooges like John Gray into their web of lies and then toss them to the side when they are done with them. Keep up the great work exposing their sleazy behavior and exposing the truth.

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    Prime Rib Pete you are completely correct. I just went to the other blogs page and the comments all sound like they came directly from the mouths of Candland, Lawson, and Haddow, with a salt and peppering of one-liners about transparency and “loving america” from Anderson. Everyone knows that Willie is guilty of betraying closed session just like Candland does every time it suits his needs. The question is when is enough going to be enough, someone has got to be made an example to reinstate the integrity of both boards. Closed session is just that and at some point someone must face consequences so that the others take their jobs seriously. The county is becoming a joke, it’s time to get back to work ladies.

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      Agreed. That’s why what Sawyers is doing is so important. The GOP didn’t see him coming. Heck, the bloggers who love to talk about him now barely even mentioned him prior to the election. That shows you how much they know about local politics.

      Look at the right-wing blogosphere’s record in 2015. All of their primary people got slaughtered in their tailored made firehouse primary and they lost control of the school board for the first time in history, last November. If that’s not proof that they are in a echo chamber then nothing is.

      Candland sees Sawyers as a risk to the BOCS chairman’s seat even though Sawyers has never indicated that he had interest in it. I don’t know if he is interested or not but it’s sure fun watching Candland scramble around trying to land punches on Sawyers with no success (I don’t count blogger, Facebook clones as success).

      Candland thought he had reached a detente with Stewart for the Vice Chairman’s seat and now Candland perceives a threat in Sawyers. Candland no longer sees a clear path to the Chairman’s seat as Sawyers has more county-wide name recognition (more people have voted for Sawyers one election than Candland in three —- two generals and one primary).

      The third version of Elton John’s classic is about to be made: “Candland in the Wind”.

      His light is flickering and he’s desperately trying to shield himself from the coming storm.

      Deutsch really, really screwed up here. I just keep thinking about “All The President’s Men”. Deutsch exposes the crowd. He is now their weak point. Let’s see if they run him off. They’d be smart to do so considering it looks like he may have tampered with the process for replacing a school board member.

      Another note: Why wasn’t Dottie Miller on Deutsch’s email? Was she too busy invading the elections office to be included on this email?

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    I just found your blog. The reason Dottie Miller chair republican committee wasn’t on the email is because she was too busy running a fashion show at the monthly committee meeting. I was there and people were aghast and saying “what have done by electing an idiot”. I am leaving the republican committee between her and trump who is the bigger clown?

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