An Antecedent to Candland Cabal’s 4th of July Forgery?

As our readers know, the Haddow-Candland Cabal, followed by Coles School Board member Willie Deutsch, chose to honor our nation’s founding by producing this past July 4th on their house organ, the Sheriff of Nottingham smear blog, what we demonstrated was a forged document designed to perpetrate a fraud on the people of Prince William. This is the prevalent currency of Cabal members like Mac Haddow, Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland, and Anderson campaign manager and sometime Candland staffer, Reece Collins, and it constitutes the bulk of the content on their house organ blog.

Our post on this generated significant feedback, with people providing one instance after another of explicit falsehoods promulgated by the Haddow-Candland cabal on their house organ. But among the examples provided to us was one that stood out from the others. This particular apparent forgery was associated, of course, with none other than Mac Haddow.

Mac Haddow, as you know, is Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland’s appointee to the County Strategic Planning Committee, Chair of the Joint Gainesville-Brentsville Budget Committee, sometime Supervisor Pete Candland staffer, spouse and father-in-law of sometime Pete Candland staffers, sometime board member of a nonprofit supporting Pete Candland’s “efforts”, mentor to Candland, de facto leader of the Haddow-Candland cabal, and, we believe, chief architect of the character assassination smear blog, the Sheriff of Nottingham.

We have not yet done a post on Mac Haddow’s jail term for his illegal activities while a federal employee. In response to bizarre, convoluted postings by Haddow, however, we did eventually do a post on his “waiver” claim. As we said in that post, to summarize Haddow basically argues that he was essentially innocent of wrongdoing because he had a waiver from HHS Secretary Margaret Heckler.

To make a long story short, Heckler denied this. At one point she was presented with an unsigned copy of the waiver and reiterated that she had not signed it. Haddow was subjected to a multi-count indictment and the conventional wisdom is that he plead guilty to lesser chargers to avoid conviction on the more serious ones, to avoid prosecution of his spouse, and to avoid potential civil fines. It also seems Haddow thought he would avoid prison. He did not; his sentence included jail time.

This is when things really became interesting. Forgery is again our subject.

You see, approximately two weeks after Haddow was sentenced to jail time, a signed waiver from HHS Secretary Heckler arrived at the court. As we reported in our “waiver” post, the court was skeptical that it had actually been signed by Heckler, and in any event noted that it was irrelevant since it appeared to be based on the assumption that Haddow would receive no benefit from the money involved, and was allegedly signed retroactively, after some of the illegal activities at issue.

But all that is not even the most interesting part. What’s most interesting in our context at the moment is the way in which the so-called “waiver” arrived at the court. You see, it was sent to the court anonymously, with an unsigned letter. Here is the letter.


Really?! After months of fruitless searching for what we think was likely a mythical “waiver” that Secretary Heckler says she never signed, it mysteriously emerges in this fashion shortly after Haddow is sentenced to jail time? Really?! It comes with a letter containing mistakes, alternately conventional and then odd phrases, commentary on Heckler and Haddow? Really?! A person who writes like this would hold a position in HHS with access to this kind of information and the ability and willingness to hide it from investigators?

Or did someone think it not worth the risk of forging a government waiver document when they might be able to avoid prison and prosecution of their spouse with a plea deal, and then when actually sentenced to jail time conclude that the risk was warranted? Does forgery have a lengthy pedigree with the Haddow-Candland Cabal?

You be the judge.


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    Every place he goes turns in to a mess, Prince William County is just the most recent place.
    Ethics problems in the Utah legislature
    Prison for funnelling tax payer dollars to his wife’s “charity”
    Arrested in Chantilly
    Negotiating with Ghadaffi business partners
    Controlling the three trolls at the BOCS: Candland, Lawson, Anderson
    Controlling another troll at the SB: Willie [edited out]

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    I agree and congratulations once again on your great research. Only a political appointee would write or type like that. A career civil service professional would not.

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    The Candland/Haddow group disgusts me, but when it comes to the forgery issue I’m really outraged by Willie Deutsch’s actions. He’s a School Board member yet with as big an issue as bullying is in the schools he strokes the bullies by posting a forged document that he says himself he doesn’t know where it came from and if it’s real. How could someone in his position do something like that?

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      Don’t forget that Willie also refers to “militant lesbians” on his blog a few years ago. With gay students being much more at risk of suicide Mr. Deutsch is single-handedly the biggest bully in PWCS.

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    The Candland crowd’s July 4th forgery is definitely the work of either Mac Haddow or Reece Collins. When it comes to Prince William politics they are by far the two most unethical players. No respectable Republican would be associated with either of them.

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    Mac Haddow has serious psychological issues.

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    Willie is younger than the rest and I hope that he learns from this who can’t be trusted. The rest of these people can be undone by their own actions if held accountable.

    The school board was hyperpartisan when the Republicans had a majority but we didn’t have t-shirt wearing mobs showing up to disrupt meetings until this year. These people are angry because they lost control and they are out to distract the school board from education policy by stirring up low information citizens over trivial matters.

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    I must admit. I am not suprised. We need to vote the entire cabal out. Every last one. Before they rob ths county blind

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    Does anyone think for one second that this document wasn’t written by Haddow or one of his corrupt partners?

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    Willie Deutsch, Ruth Anderson, Jeanine Lawson, Pete Candland are all controlled by felon Mac Haddow, they don’t do anything without Haddow’s express approval. When Deutsch put up the other fake letter on his facebook page he did it because he was directed to do it. It’s unfortunate that the four of them have never had an original thought and must rely on slimey Mac for their brain power.

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