More Than Meets the Eye . . . Thank You Sheriff

We read in InsideNova that the School Board voted 7-0 on Wednesday evening to remove the “hold” on the contract of Patriot High School Principal, Michael Bishop. That seems like a reasonable outcome to us. Other than what we read in the newspapers and on some Facebook pages of Bishop supporters, we don’t know anything about whatever allegations might have been made against Bishop. A unanimous vote by the School Board, with Chairman Ryan Sawyers abstaining, presumably means that whatever issues existed have been addressed satisfactorily. That’s good enough for us.

Ironically, however, we have to thank Mac Haddow, Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland, Reece Collins, or whoever wrote the post on this subject on the Haddow-Candland cabal house organ, the Sheriff of Nottingham blog, for bringing to our attention a related issue that we otherwise would have completely missed.

You see, as we’ve noted before, given how much information we’re sent from contributors and others, we typically don’t have the time to regularly survey the fabrications on the Haddow-Candland cabal blog. Even the stuff people send us from it typically can only be quickly perused before taking a place at the back of the queue. Something we were sent recently, however, caught our eye.

That something was the photograph used by the Haddow-Candland cabal in their post on this issue. We thought we’d seen it before. It appears to be the same photograph posted on the “Our Schools” Facebook group operated by former School Board candidate, Tracy Conroy. Now a number of people have believed for a while that “Our Schools” was co-opted some time ago to be nothing more than another tentacle of the Haddow-Candland cabal. But, if so. we don’t care about that at the moment. It’s not what interests us.

No, what interests us at the Muckraker was that the photograph was posted on “Our Schools” by someone named Amy Sachs. We don’t know anything about her, but just as the photograph on the Sheriff seemed familiar to us, the name Sachs also seemed familiar. In fact, we realized that the person standing on the chair and given prominent billing by Tracy Conroy in the following additional photograph on “Our Schools,” is Jeremy Sachs (we blocked out the faces of others in the photograph).


Then it hit us. We know where we’d heard that name before. It’s associated with this:



These were notes addressed to Ryan Sawyers’s wife, Jaime Sawyers, and placed surreptitiously in the Sawyers family mailbox in 2014. At the time, there was not even an inkling that Sawyers was going to run for office. He had by that time, however, started a youth baseball league that was drawing some players from the Gainesville-Haymarket Baseball League. The Sawyers family called the police, who investigated and secured an admission from none other than Jeremy Sachs that he had placed the threatening notes in the Sawyers family mailbox. This same Jeremy Sachs had sent private Facebook messages to Jaime Sawyers making fun of her weight. As a result of this incident and the prior Facebook messages, the Sawyers felt compelled to file no trespass orders against Jeremy Sachs. That’s the person to whom “Our Schools” is giving prominent billing. Here is Tracy Conroy’s post on “Our Schools” again . . . in case you forgot.


We’ve noted in the past how troubling it is that both “Our Schools” and “PWC Education Reform” (which is administered by sometime Brentsville Supervisor Jeanine Lawson staffer, Kim Simons) claim to be about improving education, but with disturbing frequency traffic in innuendo, hate, and disdain, particularly for minorities and those with lower incomes. But “Our Schools” has now taken things to a whole new depth. With bullying being such an issue in the school system, it is astounding and disturbing to us that “Our Schools” would give prominent billing to someone who placed threatening notes in a women’s mailbox over a baseball league dispute.

Of course, in a show of almost unfathomable hypocrisy “Our Schools” has a tendency to complain bitterly that they are somehow being subjected to intimidation when anyone shares the views of the “Our Schools” group with a wider audience by using “Our Schools” own words and posts. Well, placing threatening notes in a woman’s mailbox saying “Watch Your Back” is real intimidation. That’s what Jeremy Sachs did, and now Tracy Conroy and “Our Schools” seem to be holding him up as a role model. Bravo!

There appears to be even more to this story. A little digging also produced the following from the website of the Gainesville-Haymarket Baseball League. It’s a list of its Board of Directors, showing as President, Patriot High School Principal Michael Bishop and as Communications Director . . . Jeremy Sachs.


Thanks again for the lead, Sheriff. Without your post we would have missed all of this.


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    This is the kind of thing that’s left me so disillusioned about Tracy Conroy. I don’t know if it’s just that she’s so bitter about her loss or what, but she’s completely lost sight of what’s good and decent. To make an apparent bully like this a face of Our Schools is sickening.

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    This doesn’t surprise me at all. Conroy has been peddling malicious gossip for a while now on “Our Schools”. Look at the post you just did where she repeated something that she said couldn’t be called fact but a rumor with legs. No ethical person does that.

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    I have to believe Conroy didn’t know about this.

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    Have you seen the transcripts from depositions and the court case with Bishop and his baseball friends? A lot of their dirty laundry is in there.

    Bishop admits to spending more time on his baseball league then his full time job.

    Bishop admits to lying to a citizen. (It’s weird how being under oath makes people tell the truth).

    Other members of Bishop’s league had to tell the truth about how they started and how they acquired their assets (by lying to and deceiving parents)

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    Am I the only person bothered by the fact that a guy who sends a woman private Facebook messages criticizing her weight and puts threatening notes in her mailbox is on the board of directors of a little league? Shouldn’t this be reported to someone?

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    Does Bishop know what this guy in his league has done?

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    I have seen the FOIA that the school system had to do on bishop a few years back.

    Michelle Baker of the Gainesville Times (now the editor, then a reporter) was forwarding Bishop “the dirt” on Sawyers as she was trying to dig it up.

    Baker even went as far as calling Little League headquarters in Pennsylvania to try to discover who was on the Bull Run Little League board with Sawyers.

    Who does that? Really? Who does that? For no apparent reason other than trying to dig up in for for the GHBL the Gainesville Times tried to “expose” a new Little League board just for being in existence.

    For the record, Little League volunteers are forbidden to make any money off their involvement with the league.

    I assume it’s the same with Bishop’s league too but who knows?

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    What’s with all the hate in Gainesville and Brentsville? It’s crazy.

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    Point of clarification here.

    “Little League” is a proper noun and cannot be used correctly as a lower case noun.

    Not all youth baseball is “Little League” although it is commonly used incorrectly meaning “youth baseball”.

    GHBL is not a “little league” (because they don’t exist) or a “Little League” (because they are not chartered under that organization). GHBL is a member of th Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth organization.

    Little League and Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth are separate governing bodies of youth baseball.

    [Editors’ Note: Thank you for that clarification. We knew the difference between the “Little League” organization and the Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth organization, but didn’t think about the use of the lower-case term “little league.” We’ve made the correction in the place we used the lower case. Thank you again.]

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    I would agree with Anonymous above and would hope that Tracy didn’t know about this. However, it will be interesting to see what she says or does now that it has been brought to her attention.

    Also like the other Anonymous I thought Tracy was much more of a responsible and level headed individual but I no longer feel that way.

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    Why does it seem like whenever there is an instance of threatening language and overt attempts at intimidation anywhere within the sphere of the local government and/or school board it can always be traced back to a link with Haddow? Are his corrupt tactics just contagious or does he really control that many key people in the county?

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    That is the same guy that had to get a police escort out of a Chic-Fil-A for disrupting sign up for Little League a few years back. Seems like a perfect role model to be on a board that deals with children.

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    I think it is high time that youth baseball (who gives a crap what it is called) get out of Prince William County Schools.

    I am running my finger down my throat as I type.

    All of these people are effen nuts if that is all they have to think about.

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    I read Gil Trenum’s note regarding his recall to active duty, and need to appoint a temporary replacement while he’s gone. What do you think the odds are he would recommend appointing Tracy Conroy?

    She would have to be approved by the board, but support from the incumbent and the District Supervisor would make it difficult to reject her.

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    Of course a personnel issue is supposed to be confidential but that doesn’t matter to Bishop, Conroy or the Haddow-Candland cabal.

    Parents complained that Bishop endorsed Sawyers’s opponent, Tim Singstock, at a PTA meeting in violation of division policy.

    The mistake that was made in all of this is that apparently they couldn’t hold his contract without putting him on an improvement plan according to school system procedure.

    Bishop needs to be written up for running his Little League out of the school office and endorsing Singstock at a school event on school property.

    I was at the school board meeting and I saw Lawson there too.

    By the way, can it be a pure coincidence that these haters left threatening notes in Sawyers’ mailbox and two years later Justin Wilk got a Confederate flag with a racist slur in his over the school naming uproar?

    There is something here that needs to be investigated. Haddow has been caught and prosecuted before with success. They are betting that they couldn’t be tracked down.

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    When the documentary gets made about all this, I think you’ll find more gems like this one.

    Dig harder Muckraker, you’ll find that GHBL did know about this. He was asked to step down after it happend and quietly reinstated during the next election.

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    According to an email Mrs. Sawyers sent to the entire board, including Bishop, they were made aware of the incident. As far as I know, to date there has been no response to her, from anyone. At the time of the email, Jeremy Sach’s name was removed from the league’s website, but we can all see now that they continue to surround themselves with him and his bullying behavior. Below is a copy of the email received by the league’s board on November 5, 2014:

    Mr. Bishop and GHBL Board Members,

    My reason for writing today is one of serious concern. This past Tuesday morning, while pulling out of my driveway heading to a Parent/Teacher conference, I noticed my mailbox was left in an opened position. When I went to close the mailbox, I found a handwritten threat had been left for me to find there. Fearing for my safety, my husband called the Prince William County Police Department who sent an officer to investigate the matter. The officer asked if we suspected any one person in particular and we informed her that Jeremy Sachs, GHBL Communications Director, was who we believed possibly had left it for me. The police officer then left my home, drove to the home of Jeremy Sachs, where she questioned his involvement. According to the Prince William County Police Officer, Jeremy Sachs admitted to leaving the personal, threatening note in the middle of the night for me to find in my mailbox the next morning.

    Jeremy Sachs has crossed the line and I fear for my children’s, husband’s and my personal safety. Jeremy Sachs has proven himself to be a threat, this being the second time that the police have been involved, and I can no longer stand by and let him continue this way. I strongly believe that your organization should demand his immediate resignation from your Board. Allowing Jeremy Sachs to remain as a leader within your organization says to your families, friends, members and sponsors that you support this threatening behavior and that makes you no different than him. Put yourself in my family’s position and imagine your wife receiving a personal threat in your mailbox. Would you tolerate that? Would you be angry and fearful for your wife?

    The character that Jeremy Sachs has exhibited with this personal threat should not be representative of your Board and you should demand that he immediately resign and no longer represent your organization. I have taken legal steps regarding this matter, one of which includes a No Trespass Order that will be served through the Prince William County Sheriff’s Office. I am taking this threat seriously and implore you to do the same. The actions by Jeremy Sachs are extremely concerning and should not be dismissed.

    Jaime Sawyers

    It seems to me that loudest opinions seem to be the least-informed opinions.

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    Conroy is not fit to serve on the school board on several fronts. She seems to be a gossip, she is not very smart, i d say on a scale of 1 to 100 her intellectual capability is in the 15 to 17 range, she seemingly knows nothing about how kids learn or education, i could go on and on but the board should dismiss her application without comment and without considerstion.

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    It’s let me say that I appreciate seeing actual evidence. The sheriff and his “birdies ” can rarely offer evidence of the stories they try to spread.
    This group has been spreading rumors to intimidate for years. To see that they also use the threat of violence makes it clear that we have got to get every last one out of any public office. These types of behaviors are just unacceptable.
    I know they find it frustrating that they can not intimidate Sawyers.
    I also just want to say ” Hey SoN,

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    I m amazed at the documents and evidence that you are able to dig up and post. Candland needs to go and I m a Gainesville voter.

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    Tracy Conroy would be an excellent addition to the SB while Gil Trenum is on active duty. Tracy has studied the policies, statutes and regulations related to SB activities. She has a wealth of knowledge as a parent and community activist. She is NOT a politician. She is a concerned and knowledgeable parent and has excellent organizational skills….

    • -

      Clearly you are either Tracy herself or someone who worked closely with her during the campaign (not saying that’s a bad thing). The reason I know is that this is exactly her line.

      Where I do disagree with you is that running for office makes you a politician. Period. It’s the definition of a politician.

      Google definition of “politician”: a person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of or a candidate for an elected office.

      Tracy is way to thin skinned to hold any office. Any but of criticism she fights back against by removing people from her group all the while claiming she wants to hear different voices.

      Saying that you aren’t a politician doesn’t make it true. I, for one, want someone who can at least recognize what they are or what they aren’t.

      Lillie Jessie uses the “I don’t play politics with kids” line all of the time. But of course she does. In fact it’s her job to play politics because that’s how things get done.

      Tracy would fall into this “completely ignorant to the process” side of things. Blogging and blocking is not a skill that works well with a live mic and the cameras rolling.

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    Keret, are you smoking the same wacky weed Tracy is? She’s cuckoo for cocoa puffs!

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    “Tracy Thin Skin”…I am NOT Tracy…I am Keret!!! And because she knows more about school matters perhaps better than most people, she does have informed opinions on many subjects, and Crazy World, I don’t smole….I listen, reflect and either believe or have another opinion!!

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