Contest: Guess How Big a Check Pete Candland Needs to Write

It was predictable. Facts are irrelevant to them and so they simply couldn’t resist.

As you’ll recall, the Muckraker reported some time ago on the war of words between the School Board Chair, Ryan Sawyers, and Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland. After the former pointed out that Candland was focusing on small percentage items in the Prince William County School System budget, rather than focusing on the major ones, Candland chastised the Chair, saying that he, Candland, was concerned about every dollar of taxpayer funds, no matter how small. Sawyers responded by exposing Candland’s hypocrisy. For as you may remember, a review of Candland’s office expenses showed that Candland was quite generous in reimbursing himself for meals (including lunches that you would presume many people eat each day) on the taxpayer dime, at times at restaurants only a few miles from his house, and at times tipping 40% — all with taxpayer funds.

Well the Haddow-Candland cabal has now tried to justify Candland’s extravagance by trying to label Sawyers the hypocrite . . . just as everyone knew they would.

Let’s say that again . . . just as everyone knew they would.

The Haddow-Candland cabal house organ, the Sheriff of Nottingham blog, has gone after Sawyers for a couple of large group meals while the School Board and members of the School staff were at a conference outside the county. Of course, unlike Candland’s reimbursing himself for the everyday-type of lunch while a few miles from his home or office, what Sawyers paid for was the meal for a GROUP OF SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS AND STAFF, at functions that THE SCHOOL BOARD VOTED TO ATTEND, not for his own lunches a couple miles from his home or office as Candland has repeatedly done.

We note as well that the Haddow-Candland cabal house-organ linked to another blog (it seems obvious that Haddow and Candland seem to want to distance themselves from the Sheriff, so they float stuff over to the other blog sometimes) that criticized School Board member Lillie Jessie for having another family member in her room. Of course, it does not appear that increased the cost. More importantly, so did a Republican member of the School Board, who they conveniently fail to mention.

All of that, however, while funny and indicative of the hypocrisy that pervades the Haddow-Candland cabal, doesn’t really get to our point.

You see, Chairman Sawyers knew over time that the School System would pay for his meals periodically, which unlike Pete Candland’s penchant for having his own everyday-type lunches funded by the taxpayer, Sawyers felt was unnecessary. So, Sawyers made a $1,000 contribution to the Education Foundation, SPARK, with the following notation:

“Throughout the year PWCS will pay for some of my meals. I don’t think that’s necessary. So instead of keeping track of it on a day-to-day basis I will review it annually to make sure that the school district isn’t losing money for my meals. I would prefer that this donation go towards helping feed hungry students but I will leave its final application at your discretion. Ryan”

Here’s the document itself:


So, while Candland generously reimburses himself for everyday-type lunches near his home or office, Sawyers has himself paid the School System for his meals, even including those at formal conferences the School Board has voted to attend outside the County.

Let’s say the two meals that the Haddow-Candland cabal’s house organ cites cost $100 for Sawyers (that’s far in excess of what they claim, but let’s just use that figure to make the math easy). That means there’s still $800 of meals credit left for Sawyers.

Given everything Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland has claimed, all the mud he’s thrown through his proxies and through anonymous blogs, and the self-righteous and hypocritical pontificating he’s done about his frugality, we think Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland should follow Chairman Sawyers’ example and similarly pay the taxpayer for all the meals Supervisor Candland has eaten on the taxpayer dime. Of course, he can’t now pay in advance as Chairman Sawyers did, but at least he can reimburse us. Although Chairman Sawyers was eating with other Board members and school staff at a conference, to make it easy on Supervisor Candland, let’s just limit this to asking him to reimburse the taxpayer for meals he’s eaten on their dime that do not involve another Supervisor. That should be easy enough.

So, here’s the contest. We’re asking our readers to guess how much Pete Candland needs to reimburse the taxpayer? Again, keep in mind that we’re just talking about meals he’s eaten on the taxpayer dime that do not involve another supervisor. The person with the closest guess wins the contest.

What you get if you win, who knows. Maybe just a more honest Gainesville Supervisor, but you get the point.


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    Very well played Ryan Sawyers.

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    This is brilliant! Sawyers obviously knew that Candland would be so intent on retaliation he’d take the bait on anything offered, even if it was a conference meal somewhere.

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    Smart move. Use their own eagerness for smearing against them. How long were you waiting to spring that trap?

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    I can just picture Mac Haddow, Pete Candland and Reece Collins sitting around figuring out how to save face on this one. Maybe Candland really will write a check? With all the money he makes and sweetheart deals he’s put together as supervisor he certainly could afford it.

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    Muckraker, I thought you didn’t read the Sheriff blog.

    [Muckraker Responds: We don’t. As we’ve said before the combination of not wanting our posts influenced by the fabrications on the Sheriff and the time it takes to go through all the material we’ve been sent basically precludes it. Instead, people send us screenshots if they think something is particularly relevant, and as you can imagine, some of them were obviously waiting to pounce on something like this.]

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    Candland has enough money to open an ice cream business on the QBE property, which by the way he voted to give his employer a sweetheart deal on at the county’s expense. So I assume he can pay for his own lunches now rather than have us taxpayers foot the bill.

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    This challenge should go public in the press. The only problem is Candland would probably funnel money through a”anonymous” donor as he has in the past, rather having the money come out of his own pocket.

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    One of the ironies here is that I think the prior Republican School Board planned this trip.

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    The Board of Supervisors get almost $4 million to run their offices. The School Board members get $0. Candland makes more than $40,000 as a Supervisor, the School Board members get less than half that. Candland charges the taxpayer for regular lunches and then through his blog to criticizes the School Board for a meals at a conference. Classic Candland hypocrisy.

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    Completely outmanuevered them. Using their own greed against them.

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    It’s obvious that Sawyers feeds on this sort of criticism. When are they going to learn to ignore him and you.

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    If Candland would do his job and make it a priority to fund our schools, I would happily buy him a lunch.

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    Just keep using facts muckracker. The cabal is powerless against them.
    My guess for the contest is $40000 for each year he has been supervisor. Based on what he’s done to our county we should demand a refund. We need a political lemon law.

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    Oh, what the heck! If I’m going to be the only guess let’s have some fun: $50 a weekday, rounded to 50 weeks a year and four and a half years. That’s roughly $56, 250.

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    Someone guessed while I was calculating. Game on!

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    My guess is $8.1 million. Please make it payable to Prince William County Schools.

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    This is just too precious. First Candland doesn’t think about his own office expenses when criticizing Sawyers and then he doubles down on the mistake by assuming that Sawyers would be dumb enough to make the same mistake Candland did. The hypocrite falls hard.

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    One problem for Candland is that I don’t think he writes his own stuff. I think he has Mac Haddow and Reece Collins do it. They’ve probably lost track of exactly what Pete does day to day so they didn’t realize they were contradicting Pete’s own actions when they started throwing trash at Sawyers. They also probably did not expect that Sawyers would be so tough in standing up to them.

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    Let’s be honest. Candland and Haddow never thought Sawyers could win. They knew Singstock was flawed but since no Democrat had ever won that seat they didn’t think it was possible for Singstock to lose.

    Then, they really showed they don’t know Sawyers. When Candland sent his silly letter to Sawyers he had no idea that Sawyers would punch back. Sawyers was not in their game plan. They thought Nohe would be their enemy. [Edited out.] Sawyers may have even earned himself an appliance discount from Mr. Nohe.

    Democrats have now won every county-wide election since 2012 except for two (Chairman BOCS and Clerk of the Courts).

    2012 Obama
    2013 McAuliffe
    2014 Warner
    2015 Ebert/Sawyers

    (I saw this fact online one day and found it interesting).

    Tell me again how PWC is a republican county? It’s not, it’s clearly blue and getting bluer.

    There is new blood in local Democratic politics and, quite frankly, it’s enjoyable to watch.

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    George Will said something in his column today that reminded me exactly of the Mac Haddow gang’s attitude. Will referred to “the ability of career politicians to convince themselves that they and their agendas are of supreme importance.” That’s what Haddow and Candland and their comrades are.

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    This is a classic, Candland looks exactly like the fool that he is…..

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    Well, let’s see . . .
    Are you counting the $3 million of private money he turned down that would have improved the baseball fields at Catharpin and Long Parks? Are you counting the $200,000+ he paid to [edited out] to run errands for him?
    If you don’t count those things, then I’d guess about $1000.00

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    I know for a fact (because I know a board member who was mad about it) that the clerk didn’t travel to this event (or others like the NSBA event in Boston) to save some money. This has likely saved the school board $1,000 (hotels, meals, flights, parking, etc).

    Some board members flew to Boston for the NSBA event. Wanna bet that Alyson and Willie didn’t eat crackers on that trip? I am not sure but I don’t think Sawyers went on the Boston trip. But the difference between the other elected officials and Prime Rib Pete is that they don’t run around telling people that they would never eat such meals. Pete does. That is what makes Pete a hypocrite. Taxpayers understand that meals will be eaten but what makes it hard to swallow (pardon the pun) is that Pete says one thing while doing another.

    Pete Candland is ON RECORD saying he doesn’t think these meals should be paid for and if he had his way, they wouldn’t. That turns out to be a big fat lie.

    No other elected official in this county has that hypocrisy when it comes to meals. Sawyers just took it to a new level by donating the value of his meals back to SPARK the fundraising arm of PWCS.

    So, my guess for your contest is $5,000 being that Pete does “open house” catered meals that seem to only be open to his staff as there are never any promotions for these “open house” meals.

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