More on Pete Candland’s Mac Haddow and the CYA

One thing we have to say at the Muckraker is that our readers do not disappoint. On June 9 we posted a flyer that we had received about a past dispute involving Mac Haddow and the Chantilly Youth Association. At the time we noted that beyond Haddow’s apparent attempt to gain control of the group, we had no idea what the dispute was about. We asked our readers to review it, and if the subject interested them, to research it.

Well, it obviously interested some of you out there, because we subsequently received a copy of a memo dated May 22, 1998, from the Chantilly Youth Association, which provides quite a bit of detail on exactly what the dispute involved.

The memo paints what has unfortunately become for us in Prince William County an all too familiar portrait. In this instance the Youth Board reports that it finds itself “in the untenable position of dealing with a person we find untrustworthy.” Describing Haddow’s actions as a “palace coup”, the Youth Board goes on to remark that “Mac Haddow’s confrontational approach and heavy-handed political tactics are,” in their opinion, “certainly beyond the bounds of reason and decency for a volunteer organization such as ours.” Asserting that the Youth Board was “duped” into giving Haddow “another chance,” they note that he “has a track record of confrontational and litigious behavior, as well as for intimidating people and institutions with which he comes in contact. Examples can be found in his church community, in former employment settings, in school activities, and even in his own neighborhood . . . .”

In an accompanying “Fact Sheet”, the Youth Board declares they are concerned that the “real intent” of the Haddow group is to “potentially bring personal gain to a few select individuals,” and that the group’s focus was to virtually eliminate “any form of oversight or protection over abuse by individual sports programs.” Among the latter was elimination of oversight provided by the Youth Association Board of Directors over “individual sports’ budgets, contracts and expenditures,” including those of the Basketball Board that Mac Haddow chaired.

A particularly relevant example the memo cited concerned the Youth Association’s investigation of an invoice for $62,100 for a total of 460 hours of services rendered by someone on the Basketball Board for establishing and maintaining a website not owned by the Youth Association, but by the individual submitting the invoice. Additionally, the Youth Association refused to reimburse another Basketball Board member who wanted to “hire an assistant at his business to help because he was spending too much time with CYA basketball administration.”

Are these antecedents to the hypocritical reimbursement practices of Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland? To his machinations involving county assets and his current employer QBE? Mac Haddow, as you know, is Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland’s appointee to the County Strategic Planning Committee, Chair of the Joint Gainesville-Brentsville Budget Committee, sometime Supervisor Pete Candland staffer, spouse and father-in-law of sometime Pete Candland staffers, sometime board member of a nonprofit supporting Pete Candland’s “efforts”, mentor to Candland, de facto leader of the Haddow-Candland cabal, and, we believe, chief architect of the character assassination smear blog, the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Here we have with the Chantilly Youth Association Mac Haddow approximately a dozen years after his conviction for misuse of federal funds and about a half-dozen years after his attempts to profit by lobbying the Pan Am 103 victims, using the same bullying and intimidation tactics for which he has become so well known here in Prince William County. All to gain control over . . . a youth association basketball program.

By continuing to appoint someone lie Mac Haddow and allowing him to do “whatever he wants to do”, we’re once again forced to believe that Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland condones this type of conduct himself, is being intimidated in some way by Mac Haddow, or has exceptionally poor and disqualifying judgment.

You can read the CYA memo below and judge for yourself.












Once again . . . Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland’s Mac Haddow . . . this time in a dispute with the Chantilly Youth Association.


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    What kind of sick person does this sort of thing? He’s a high level government official, goes to jail for misconduct, gets out and bullies a bunch of volunteers in a kids’ sports league to get control of it.

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    What is wrong with these men?? I think that Mr. Haddow and Mr. Candland are constantly trying to overachieve in their professional life because maybe they fall “short” in their personal lives. Anyone that is truly happy in their family life, with themselves, and with their God, doesn’t do what these men are doing. Mr. Haddow has serious control issues and needs psychological help and Mr. Candland needs to remove all of this nonsense from our community immediately.

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    This is all repeating itself in Prince William County. Thanks alot Candland.

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    The expense stuff fascinates me since Candland’s office also tried to blackball a county employee from working with his office when the person wasn’t as cooperative as Candland wanted on some of his office furnishing.

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    Muckraker, thank you for documenting your posts as much as you do, instead of using so called “birdies” who are nothing more than made up people. A bunch of us have had this kind of information for a long time but had nowhere to send it before you showed up. Our bosses couldn’t do anything with it because of fear of retaliation by Candland. Thank you for being out there.

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    So, control of a youth sports league became a political contest. Just like little league baseball in Prince William. Can anyone connect the Haddow-Candland cabal with Patriot High School’s principal and his little league program? Is that the motivation behind the attack on the School Board for investigating Dr. Bishop?

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    It’s no secret that Haddow controls the current Strategic Planning Team thanks to Candland appointing O’Meara (doesn’t even live in Candland’s District) and like minded appointees by Lawson and Anderson.

    It’s also no secret Haddow is making a mess of the process rolling over cooler heads and demanding Prince William County look very different in the future.

    We should all start paying close attention to the Team, and consider recommending its results be rejected by the Board if they turn out to be over the top.

    Unfortunately, the Board members who approved the team members who want to roll back the clock probably will like the results.

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    Raker any chance of you getting your sketch artist to draw a picture of Sheriff Haddow shoveling frozen yogurt in his face in honor of the grand opening of the Cabal’s new shop in Haymarket, I do enjoy those images. I know the imagine I have in my mind and there is always money falling out of his pockets and Bob “Derecho” Weir below him catching his droppings. Keep up the good work, you inspire me!

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    I thought it had to be a typo when you wrote that someone tried to charge $62,100 for web site services. Then I saw it in the memo itself. Just like a Haddow type to try to charge a youth association that much for web site services. Unbelievable! There is no shame when it comes to Haddow.

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    This says a lot about Pete’s judgement. Knowing Haddows past and giving him “whatever he wants ” clearly shows that he is not able to make critical decisions. He has put the entire county at risk. I think it’s time for a complete audit of his office.
    In my opinion Pete should remove Haddow from any boards or committees.

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    A responsible supervisor would ask Mr. Haddow to step down.

    I heard from my sources that he is wreaking havoc on the Strategic Planning Team with the same bullying tactics that have come to be his signature.

    He seems to abuse any power he gets, in my opinion.

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    I think it’s disgusting that everywhere Mac Haddow goes he leaves a trail of people being bullied, fraud and massive control issues over whatever he touches. The county, Candland, CYA, Oak Valley, Candland’s office, his government and lobbying jobs……….they all have massive issues and all have one thing in common, Mac.

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    The string of improprieties on the part of Candland astounds me! If Stewart has a pair, he will ask the Commonwealth’s Attorney to investigate.

    Candland should simply resign. The appearance of improprieties is astounding. After all of these exposures, he has lost the trust and confidence of Prince William County or any hope of ever being its Chairman.

    He’s lucky to still be a Supervisor.

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    Your buddies across the county in the house organ are wading into the LGBT discussion … maybe it’s time to address their thoughts on this part of our community?

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