Pete Candland’s Mac Haddow . . . and the Chantilly Youth Association

We’ve said before that we have trouble keeping up with all the materials people send us. It’s time consuming to review them and see if the assertions people make are consistent with what the documents show. But our readership appears to have grown exponentially. So much so, in fact, that it might be fair to say that almost every week, while we’re digging through what we’ve already been sent, someone sends us something else that’s troubling that we’d never seen or heard of before involving members of the Haddow-Candland cabal.

This week was one of those weeks, for this week we were surprised by, of all things, something involving the Chantilly Youth Association, where it appears Haddow was once again seeking control. We have no idea what this dispute involving Mac Haddow is about, and from our review we don’t think the flyer accurately describes Mac Haddow’s conviction when it says “embezzling from a children’s organization,” so we’re going to leave it to you, our readers, to read it and research it further for us if it interests you – the truth is we’re already swamped with Haddow stuff and we will otherwise not be able to explore this for a while.


As almost everyone knows, Mac Haddow is Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland’s appointee to the County Strategic Planning Committee, Chair of the Joint Gainesville-Brentsville Budget Committee, sometime Supervisor Pete Candland staffer, spouse and father-in-law of sometime Pete Candland staffers, sometime board member of a nonprofit supporting Pete Candland’s “efforts”, mentor to Candland, de facto leader of the Haddow-Candland cabal, and, we believe, chief architect of the character assassination smear blog, the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Given Haddow’s past and current activities, it’s no secret that we believe Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland, if not corrupt himself, has shown continuing poor judgment in giving Mac Haddow “whatever he wants.” Is this yet more evidence of the truth in that?


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    Looks like Mac Haddow scheming to ruin something else in his community.

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    I have more on this incident that I can send you. Where do I send it?

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    This so weird given that Haddow’s kids are full grown. He has been in control of the Oak Valley HOA for over 15 years, I didn’t realize he did this in all areas of his life. This man needs help, how sad.

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    Does trouble just follow this man around?

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    It’s no secret that Pete Candland is next in line to be the Chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors.

    Close your eyes and imagine Mac Haddow as his Chief of Staff, and the rest of the gang in staff positions in the Chairman’s office.

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    My new daily routine. Read muckracker , grab popcorn , watch cabal implode. Good times

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    What is wrong with this guy? He gets in trouble in the Utah legislature, he goes to jail for illegal activity while a highranking federal official, he’s smarmy with the victims of Pan Am Flight 103, and he runs a “slate” to take over a youth basketball league. This is a crazy person. Who does stuff like this?

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    Trust me this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Haddow.

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    I guess I just don’t understand why a man would continue to put his political agenda above doing what’s right for his family and the community. It sounds to me like Mr. Haddow has a very serious psychological problem and that is very dangerous.

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    Mac Haddow is on the Prince William County Strategic Planning Team?


    What is wrong with Pete Candland? Put another way, what exactly does Mac Haddow have on Pete Candland?

    Candland better [edited out] clean up his act if he wants to stay on the Board.

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    I think it’s time that Pete cleans Haddow out of his closet or he is going to find himself sinking along with him. But he will never do that because he fears Mac just like everyone else controlled by Mac. What a sad situation we have in PWC right now.

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