Candland’s Mac Haddow, the CYA, and the Arrest

So there we were, not having posted in a few days, but continuing to work through the backlog of materials we’ve been sent, when all of a sudden this morning our submission lines get flooded with people anxious to tell us about an apparent melt down by Gainesville Supervisor, Pete “Drama King” Candland at last evening’s BOCs meeting. Not having yet had an opportunity to fully analyze the video ourselves, we skimmed through the submissions to get the gist of what happened. What caught our eye for the moment was Candland’s impromptu defense of Mac Haddow.

Mac Haddow, as you know, is Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland’s appointee to the County Strategic Planning Committee, Chair of the Joint Gainesville-Brentsville Budget Committee, sometime Supervisor Pete Candland staffer, spouse and father-in-law of sometime Pete Candland staffers, sometime board member of a nonprofit supporting Pete Candland’s “efforts”, mentor to Candland, de facto leader of the Haddow-Candland cabal, and, we believe, chief architect of the character assassination smear blog, the Sheriff of Nottingham.

We presume Candland was referring to us here at the Muckraker when he wailed and rent his garments over criticism of Haddow (thanks for reading us Pete). He apparently referred to Haddow as a “good man,” who has volunteered for him, and he howled at the injustice of Haddow being criticized for what Candland described as pleading guilty to federal conflict of interest charges 30 years ago. Candland said it was hypocritical for people to support “banning the box” when it comes to hiring practices, yet criticize Haddow. It was all classic Pete Candland. Without a text prepared by Haddow, his temper tantrum mixed fact, fiction, innuendo, and irrelevancy.

As for the Muckraker, we don’t care quite so much about Haddow’s felony conviction, on which we have not yet done a comprehensive post (though we did feel compelled to respond to Haddow’s assertions about his “waiver”). We’re far more concerned about Haddow’s activities since then, and what makes his felony conviction relevant in that context is that it seems to be part of a long arc of despicable conduct by Haddow that continues to this day. You see, while engaging in his all too common self-righteous, hypocritical moralizing, Candland neglected to mention Haddow’s activities subsequent to his release from prison. He neglected to mention the lobbying connected to Pam Am 103 victims. He neglected to mention his conflict with the Chantilly Youth Association. He neglected to mention Haddow’s recruitment of a spiritual mentee for the smear blog, The Gainesville Truth Squad. He neglected to mention Haddow’s role in Candland’s early attacks on Candland’s fellow supervisors. He neglected to mention Haddow’s conflict with Candland’s original chief of staff. He neglected to mention Haddow’s role as a board member of the nonprofit supporting Candland’s “efforts” that was run by Candland’s future boss at QBE. He neglected to mention Haddow’s activities at his HOA. He neglected to mention the Haddow-Candland cabal’s house organ, the smear blog, the Sheriff of Nottingham. He neglected to mention Haddow’s attempts to intimidate those who disagree with Haddow or Candland. He neglected to mention Haddow’s FOIA requests of fellow supervisors. We’ve actually only scratched the surface. The list goes on and on, and what we suspect bothers Pete “Drama King” Candland the most is that he has no reasonable response to criticism of his own judgment for letting a person who has continually engaged in such disreputable conduct to do “whatever he wants” in an office funded by the taxpayer.

Well, there is a lot of material to digest in Candland’s melt down. But one of our contributors who was apparently particularly incensed about Candland’s hypocrisy with regard to Haddow, sent us some additional information on Haddow and the Chantilly Youth Association.

We provided on June 15 a memo from the Board of Directors of the Chantilly Youth Association describing the intimidation and bullying tactics Haddow had engaged in an attempt to gain a measure of control over a part of that organization. It also showed how members of Haddow’s board attempted to get paid more than $62,000 for operating a web site on behalf of the group – a web site not owned by the group. Apparently, feelings in Chantilly are still a little raw over Haddow, for what we have received since is a transcript of a video from May 23, 1998, when Haddow was apparently arrested after an altercation with a police officer outside a meeting of the Chantilly Youth Association.

We know Mr. Candland has a difficult time following the facts, so from now on we’ll try to make it easier for him. We’ll try to remember to specifically tell him which posts involving his mentor Mac Haddow are not about Mac Haddow’s jail time 30 years ago, but about something after that. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE PETE. Everyone can read for themselves the transcript of the video that appears to end in an arrest.
















Pete, just a quick reminder. This is after Mac Haddow was released from prison. Many years after, in fact. Thanks for turning him loose in Prince William County to do “whatever he wants.” You’re really looking out for us.


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    I watched the meeting and was really amazed at how much of a whiner Candland comes across as. He and his surrogates have been lying about people for years and now he gets a little criticism and freaks out. What a big baby.

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    I was really impressed by Caddigan. She called Candland right out when he was trying to play the victim. She mentioned how she had been FOIAd before by Candland’s office and now had received a FOIA request from Mac Haddow. Candland tried to jump in and say that Mac Haddow wasn’t from his office and Caddigan shot right back that Candland had just talked about Haddow and his volunteering in his office. Caddigan rules!

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    I like how Candland tried to deflect attention on to his staff by pretending they had been criticized instead of him. What a coward to throw his staff under the bus. You’re the one who demeaned your chief of staff by having her get kitchen supplies and your the one who directed staff what vendors to pay.

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    I remember a conversation with two of Pete’s board colleagues in his first year and they expressed concern then that he was completely under the influence of Mac Haddow. It’s clear they were right.

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    It’s hard to believe someone could be as blind or as hypocritical as Candland. Someone needs to get him and Haddow in court to testify about the SoN blog. That would expose their hypocrisy once and for all.

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    I’ve come to view Candland as the most dishonest person on the board.

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    That is insane!!! Are both these people insane? Why have they been unleashed on us here in Gainesville?

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    And this guy is on the county strategic planning committee and Candland allows him to do what ever he wants. Candland doesn t just have poor judgment he aparently is totally devoid of judgment.

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    It’s enough to make a preacher cuss, as my mother used to say. Wait! Corey Stewart did at the county board meeting yesterday. And we thought Trump was making him do it. Now we know it’s Pete and Mac. So now Frank and Ryan will get a break and the Sheriff will be bashing Corey, Maureen and Marty for the next few days.

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    Muckraker, at the risk of adding to the materials you have to review, I’m going to send you some information on Candland’s FOIA hypocrisy.

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    Raker — you got to put up the tape of the BOCs meeting. It’s priceless. The best thing is when Stewart finally gets tired of Candland’s nonsense.

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    I’m glad Stewart asserted himself. Candland pulled this kind of stuff the last time Stewart was preoccupied with his LG run. Candland and Haddow used it as an opportunity to try to bully and dominate the board. Good for Stewart. Shows he’s still in charge.

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    How is it even possible that with all that is known about him, Haddow still controls 3 members of the Board of Supervisors? If this was a movie it would be panned for being so unbelievable.

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    Candland’s performance gets worse by day. He is going from a Supervisor to some level of auditor…..checking up on his supposed colleagues on the BOCS. As Rump would say “what the hell is going on…” Candland FOIA’d the other Supervisors regarding 4 years of their receipts for expenses……….the responses, including attorney fees cost into the thousands of dollars……all so he could check on the appropriateness of other Supervisors expenses. That is the work of an audit clerk and/or give the job to the BOCS Internal Auditor or Accounting firm. But the Supervisor? That’s like a Congressman auditing the accounts of others………….huge waste of time and money………c’mon Pete…you’re always telling us that you are an executive………..and you’re acting like an audit clerk………

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    I watched the BOCS meeting yesterday, Prime Rib Pete is hysterical, what a whining crybaby. He bulls everyone for 4 years via the SoN and can’t take it, what do they say about people living in glass houses. Prime Rib or Mini Mac or Drama King is an immature whining baby, if he has any judgment he should resign, I live in Gainesville and have voted for him…never again.

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    I assume you’re talking about the part of the BOCs meeting on FOIA costs (you really should put it up online). I just watched it and it’s astonishing. Candland is basically flipping out because he got criticized for his spending habits on a blog that probably has a total of 10 readers. How is it possible that after all the SoN attacks over the years he has such a thin skin. He’s like a little kid.

    [Editor’s Note: You wound us. We have more than 10 readers. We actually have about a dozen. :-). Really, we’re proud to say we have more than 18,000 readers (that’s readers, not visits). We know IP addresses can be manipulated or the same person can use different computers, so we expect that number is inflated. But even if it’s just half of that, we’re glad if in a short 4 months even 9,000 people have been readers (we’ve had almost 150,000 visits). Of course, we get your point. There is something particularly juvenile and unseemly about an elected official in a county as large as Prince William reacting on the dais the way Pete Candland does to criticism from a blog. Other Supervisors have made occasional passing references over the years, mostly with regard to vicious attacks on them, family members, and/or county staff, from the Haddow-Candland cabal house organ, the Sheriff of Nottingham blog. But no one has shown Candland’s thin skin, which is even more striking given his conduct toward others over the past four years. It’s the classic reaction of a bully. He can’t take even a modest dose of his own medicine. Maybe it’s because he’s been hit with the truth, while his colleagues are able to more easily brush off the fabrications thrown at them from the Haddow-Candland cabal’s house organ.]

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    Wow. That’s all I can say.

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    So let me get this straight.

    Lawson and Candland say that Candland isn’t responsible for his own actions (requesting a FOIA). They are going with the “Sawyers started it” approach.

    Well, there goes the so-called party of personal responsibility.

    Candland is no longer responsible for his own actions according to him and Lawson. I wonder what else Sawyers can make them do?

    Didn’t Candland send the first letter to Sawyers to start this whole thing anyway? From what I can tell this all just appears that Candland doesn’t like being called out as a hypocrite.

    Nobody cares about Principi’s expenses because Frank doesn’t run around the county on his soap box saying he doesn’t do those things.

    From what I can tell, no supervisors have spent money inappropriately. The only difference is that there is one supervisor who claims he doesn’t do things that he so clearly does.

    It’s not Candland’s spending that is causing him problems. It’s his “holier than thou” mouth.

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    Don’t back down ‘racker, the truth shall set us ALL free. It’s about time someone spoke “for the people” of Prince William. The whiney baby brigade will implode and then perhaps, just perhaps, the Supervisors who truly care about this county can get back to the business “of the county.” We’ve suffered enough bullying from Mack The Knife and his minions. “Let the lying lips be mute, Which speak arrogantly against the righteous With pride and contempt.” Shame, shame, everyone knows your names.

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    Lawson might be smarter than she’s given credit for. I watched the video and it was clever how she tried to say the whole thing started with a FOIA from the Democratic Party chair. I’ve gone through the back and forth and that’s not true. School Board Chair Ryan Sawyers took Candland to task for focusing on small items in the schools budget to score political points, so Candland shot back that he considers every dollar important and if he was in charge would make meals “no host” so that everyone would have to pay for themselves. So Sawyers FOIA’d Candland’s office expenses and showed that Candland was lying and actually charged some of his own meals to the taxpayer. That’s what started everything.

    [Muckraker Responds: Thanks for mentioning this. We noticed it too. There is so much in the video from that section of the meeting that deserves comment that we’re going to need to put some other things aside for a little while. We’re getting deluged with suggestions about the examples of hypocrisy it exposes on the part of Candland, Lawson and Haddow, and with compliments directed toward Caddigan, Jenkins, Principi, and Stewart for calling him out. This whole FOIA thing did start with Candland making representations about how he spends money and Sawyers intuitively realizing that Candland was probably lying. So Sawyers submitted a FOIA request that proved Candland was lying. That started the ball rolling. We’ll get to all of this as soon as we can.]

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    Wah! Wah! Wah!, Big Mac make them stop. Well Mini Mac we’ll take care of the Democratic Chair on Sheriff of Nuttyham, we’ll really give it to him. Big Mac, I’m not talking about him, I’m talking about Stewart, Jenkins, Principi and Caddiagan, Wah! Wah! Make them stop.

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    Corey and Mrs. Caddigan are heroes in the eyes of many PWC employees.

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    Too funny, Jim. You nailed it!

    I guess Stewart, Jenkins, Principi and Caddigan are dead ducks now.

    Big Mac will skewer them…alive no less.

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    Nah Nah Nah Nah
    Nah Nah Nah Nah
    Hey Candland…Goodbye!

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    Prime Rib Pete aka Mini Mac didn t have his phone with him couldn t receive instuctions from Really Really BIG Mac

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    I have noticed that The Sheriff and his ilk are acting like the BOCS has removed FOIA from their office and now nobody can FOIA anything.

    Like usual, they are way way way wrong. The BOCS only discussed charging each other for FOIA’ing each other. Any Supervisor is a citizen of the county. Any citizen can file a FOIA. Any citizen would have to pay for a cumbersome FOIA. Pete Candland is literally asking for special treatment saying that he shouldn’t have to pay because he’s a special case.

    Pete has already voted to lower his own personal taxes this year (while the average PWC resident’s taxes went up). He’s already voted to give his boss a discount on county land. He’s already voted to give his boss a tax-break through Parks & Rec subsidies. He’s already built a for-profit ice cream shop on taxpayer subsidized land. Why not also waive the cost of FOIA for yourself as well?

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    This would all be funny and entertaining except for the fact that due to Pete and Mac’s antics the county and it’s reputation have suffered. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt and here it has been the county, county staff, the citizens, the school system and the infrastructure. Pete has been an atrocious elected official and who has done NOTHING to make PWC a better place. Nothing. All he did was saddle us with Mac and his toxicity.

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