Courageous Caddigan Calmly Calls Out Candland

We had other stuff ready to run today, but decided to stop the presses since we’ve been deluged by people wanting to comment and wanting us to post on something else. That something else is the portion of the June 21, 2016, BOCS meeting dealing with the cost to taxpayers of FOIA requests that Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland has made of other Supervisors.

We have to hand it to Supervisors Jenkins, Principi, Caddigan, and Stewart for their courage and discipline in effectively calling out Pete Candland and his cronies for Candland’s hypocrisy in not only using the FOIA process for political retribution against his colleagues, but for racking up significant costs to the taxpayer in the process. Chairman Stewart, in fact, deserves major credit for pushing through a requirement, supported in comments made by Principi, Jenkins and Caddigan, that Supervisors adhere to the same rules as the average citizen – in other words, that they should have to pay for FOIA requests they make just as any other citizen would. While Candland tried to stick it to the taxpayer, Stewart countered by leveling the playing field.

Despite Jeanine Lawson’s attempt to deflect blame on this, the whole FOIA imbroglio started when Candland was criticized by School Board Chair Ryan Sawyers for focusing on small items in the school budget to score political points. Candland responded by claiming he viewed every dollar as important and in the ensuing war of words went so far as to make unwise representations about how he, Candland, managed taxpayer dollars. It’s hard to know if Sawyers was just laying a trap or not, but if so, Candland walked right into it. Sawyers apparently suspected Candland was lying, and submitted a FOIA request for Candland’s office expenses to prove it. Sure enough, he found that contrary to Candland’s self-righteous moralizing, Candland had in fact used taxpayer funds to pay for a variety of meals, including his own lunches. Candland was apparently livid at being exposed and decided to retaliate by submitting FOIA requests to all the Democratic members of the School Board and BOCS. It’s not the first time Candland has submitted FOIA requests to other elected officials, but this time he took it to a whole new level, in a juvenile and peevish reaction to Sawyers’ challenge, which had focused solely on Candland’s pontificating.

But more on all that later. There’s way too much on this to cover in just one or even a couple of posts, so we’re going to have to break it down into digestible pieces. For those who haven’t seen the video of the relevant section of the BOCS meeting, we’ll eventually put it up. But you can see it all right now at (thanks for putting it up, Moon).

Today at the Muckraker we want to highlight the polite courage of Potomac District Supervisor Maureen Caddigan. You see, after Supervisors Jenkins and Principi had exposed the cost to taxpayers of Candland’s petulant “FOIA War” (Candland’s own words for what he was doing, according to Supervisor Principi) Candland responded with one of his typically long, self-righteous riffs, filled with half-truths and innuendos. When Caddigan was recognized to speak, she pointed out that she’d also received unreasonable and offensive FOIA requests, and that these requests came from none other than close Candland associate Mac Haddow. Ironically, during his riff Candland had sung Haddow’s praises and commented on their working relationship. But when Caddigan pointed Haddow out as being from Candland’s office, Candland erupted and tried to downplay the connection. He rudely and condescendingly repeatedly tried to talk over Caddigan, who had the floor. Caddigan calmly continued, while Chairman Stewart tried to get Candland to wait his turn. By this point Candland was at peak petulance and continued trying to interrupt until Chairman Stewart brought the hammer down.

In a few brief moments, Potomac District Supervisor Maureen Caddigan had politely, calmly, factually and effectively exposed Pete Candland’s continuing hypocrisy on the FOIA issue. Our narrative can’t do it justice. It’s best that you watch calm, courageous Caddigan in action below. She deserves the thanks of every citizen in Prince William County.


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    Pete has an easy work-around here.

    He can just take more four mile trips at taxpayer expense and pay for his FOIA’s that way.

    He and Willie Deutsch are identical. Willie idolizes Pete (while Satrerwhite is just scared of him). Pete and Willie love to attack fellow members on their board and yell as loud as they can into their online echo chamber and bask in the sound of it all coming back to them.

    They are both petulant children who can only pinch their nose and hold their breath when everything doest go their way.

    Maybe if the two boards gave each of them a participation trophy (you know kind of like a Gainesville Hero award like Candland gives out) like in Little League they can both run home to their mommies and see if they are proud of them.

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    We all know Pete loves taxpayer funded prime rib.

    But when are you going to do a story on Pete having an aluminum plaque made with his name on it and then burying said plaque in the ground at the new Gainesville Library.

    He put the plaque in a time capsule and buried it.

    Boy, that’s money well spent. Pete makes aluminum plaques with his name in it just to bury it in the ground (literally) while he makes the school system collect aluminum cans (figuratively) to pay for their education.

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    Maureen Caddigan has always conducted herself in a professional, respectful manner. Mr. Candland has proven to be rude and condescending whenever he speaks. This superiority complex is evident in his actions, not just his words. It’s costing taxpayers money and it’s destructive to the BOCS ability to govern. I was happy to see Mr. Stewart slam the gavel and take control.

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    Maureen, Well said. Your statesmanship is showing.

    Pete, your 15 minutes of fame are up. I hope the embarrassment you continually cause the folks in Gainesville will cause them to re-think returning you, your interesting crew, and the sheriff to office.

    You bring Prince William County down.

    you can forget about the Chairman’s job. The thought of you using all of the County’s resources for petty revenge is frightening. Perhaps you should devote your efforts to your ice cream store. Such endeavors appear more suited to your talents.

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    After watching the bocs meeting I can’t say enough about how well Caddigan presented herself. My only question, how much longer do we have to put up with his nonsense? It’s time for Candland to go

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    Candland really needs to get a grip on reality. While pontificating about following the rules he himself repeatedly violates the rules of closed session by leaking on more than one occasion discussions held in closed session to SON and his attack dogs.

    Someone brought up the Gainesville Hero Awards. Candland has given every sports team member,citizen who smiles at him, and political friends to include Haddow a heroes award.

    Lawson is blissfully ignorant to the fact that Candland has FOIA the hell out of his colleagues and county staff since 2012. Candland makes Lawson look like a tool of his.

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    The individual who brought up the library time capsule with Candland’s name on it needs to be investigated and needs to be brought out during a board meeting to expose Candland’s hyprocrisy.

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    With the several allegations of misspent public funds, is it time for the Commonwealth Attorney to consider appointing a special prosecutor to investigate the spending of all the members of the BOCS? I concur that if elected officials wish to make FOIA requests, they should be required to pay for them just as any ordinary citizen does.

    The idea that members of the fiscal department who process claims submitted by any county employee need to be better trained regarding the processing of these claims; i.e., they should look at claimed expenses with a critical eye ann with full knowledge of the county’s rules or allowable expense reimbursements. I also thought Marty Nohe suggestions that things would be better done when tempers cooled down was a wise suggestion.

    [Remainder edited out.]

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    Wow. The Sheriff is not just stealing quotes from Sawyers. Supervisor Haddow…err…I mean Supervisor Candland is losing his mind over at their blog.

    Recently, the Sheriff wrote this about Sawyers:
    “Sawyers then ramped up the rhetorical war by accusing Lawson of being completely ditzy:

    “Supervisor Lawson’s ‘let them eat cake’ attitude towards the other six magisterial districts may play well in Brentsville, but I must consider the entire county when making my decisions.” End quote

    The Sheriff just said this about Supervisor Caddigan:

    “Queen Caddigan will then be completely free to peddle her “Let Them Eat Cake” attitude toward the remaining citizens of Prince William County. ” End quote:

    So how about that? The Sheriff accuses Sawyers of using “mean words” about his precious Supervisor Lawson and then the Sheriff uses them himself. The hypocrisy is just so thick with these guys, just like their skulls.

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    Pete Candland whining about Chairman Stewart’s language is my new ringtone. It only plays when my ex-wife calls.

    “I am disgusted at your language.” LOL.

    What a child Candland is. Maybe he can send on of his overpaid staffers out on a “binky” run so Candland can pacify himself when the adults scare him.

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    I’m happy Mrs. Caddigan was re-elected in the Potomac District.

    She’s not a partisan hack, but someone who truly represents the moderate nature of the Potomac District.

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    This is exactly what needs to be amplified for the people who don’t have the time or inclination to follow these events.
    Not only does this political vendetta embarrass the county but it also wastes time.
    The contrast in tone between Candland and the more mature board members is remarkable.

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    It’s getting even better over at the Nothingham blog – it sounds exactly like Pete’s temper tantrum. There’s no way they’re not connected and now they’re proving it for all of us. Way to go!

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    Following are comments I tried to submit on the Sherriff blog. He said he wouldn’t publish them because I am part of a coordinated attack on Candland. I have never met Candland and resent politicians who try to push their own agenda on the backs of poor people, some of whom are near death because of a lack of transportation, others dying in the woods.

    “My comments are not coordinated with anyone. And I do not speak to anyone else about what I say. I do not appreciate politicians who, when we have the lowest per capita taxes in northern virginis, preach austerity. Do you listen to all the commenters at the last meeting? And the Gainesville Supervisor auditing the accounts of the other supervisors, at a cost of several thousand dollars? And then he predicts gloom and doom in the economy….like trump does? He also spoke of coordinated attacks!! For the record, I have never met Harry Wiggins, and have never attended a Democratic Party meeting…….to say I coordinate my constructive comments is the ultimate in paranoia”

    June 23, 2016 at 4:14 PM
    < em>
    [Muckraker Responds: We can confirm that there has been zero contact or coordination with this commentator, who has not only posted comments in the past strongly disagreeing with us, but has also been criticized by others here. It’s laughably hypocritical, of course, if true that the Haddow-Candland cabal house organ, the SoN, is crying about “coordinated” attacks. It’s always been part of their bread and butter.]

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    And Prime Rib Pete said: “…Wah! Wah! Wah Wah! Wah!….”

  16. -

    Candland is the baby in his family and his “infantile” behavior was on full display for everyone to see.

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    Really, Really BIG Mac, they are being mean to me, don’t worry Mini Mac, we’ll send out a blast telling everyone about the corruption you’ve uncovered. Great idea, Really, Really BIG Mac. But what about my abuse of tax payer dollars, well Mini Mac, we’ll just ignore your penchant for wasting tax payer dollars, the dummies, er voters in Gainesville will never figure it out… oh thank you, thank you Really, Really BIG Mac, you’re my hero….

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    You know, I’m glad you’re here Muckraker, because a backlash against the SoN and affiliates and all of their hypocrisy and vitriol was long overdue. Having said that I hate — hate, hate, hate having to watch as year by year our local government has transformed from a collegial body that deliberated the issues of the day with curiosity, decorum and a focus on what is right, into an ongoing backyard brawl where the only thing that matters is which Supervisor can cast the most aspersions or gin up the most outrageous, mean-spirited social media swill aimed at their enemy of the day. When is the last time there was ANY discussion of any policy issue of significance addressed by this board that was not contaminated by this poisonous blogosphere? Haddow and company (and BVBL before them) have done damage that goes far beyond any hurt caused to any of their so-called enemies – they have damaged our county’s ability to have a credible, functional government. And by allowing this truly bad, corrupt person to have such an outsized influence on their decision-making, the other members of the board are complicit. For anyone who actually cares about the concept of good government (or who can even remember what that looks like) it is deeply, deeply depressing.

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    Thank you Muckraker. I would like to add that Mrs. Caddigan provides institutional knowledge in addition to her true public service attitude and actions. We are fortunate to have her wisdom and actions on the BOCS

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    Mini Mac sent out a blast complaining that he will need to pay for his numerous FOIA requests..well how does he think the rest of us get FOIAs… we pay, why does the self appointed king of Gainesville think he shouldn’t pay while the rest of do pay…what a whining cry baby.

    • -

      Luckily for him the decision was made not to retroactively charge those FIOAs.

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    “Wah! Wah ! Wah! Wah! Really Really BIG Mac, they aren’t listening, they think I should pay for FOIAs just like the COMMONERS, Wah! Wah! Wah!” “God dammit Mini Mac, I, Really Really BIG Mac have anointed you, you are not subject to any rules, and if you break a rule, you will get the rule changed” “But Really Really BIG Mac, the COMMONERS think I should pay, we need to do another email blast and let them know you have anointed me Wah! Wah! Wah!” “God dammit Mini Mac stop whining and give the server a 40% tip on the Prime Rib”

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    So let me get this straight. The fair haired boy wonder from the Gainesville District, a self-avowed fiscal conservative, the [edited out] who wanted to privatize the operation of our public libraries to save a buck after opening a brand new one in his district, doesn’t see the hypocrisy in asking all of us to pay for his FOIA requests? There is no such thing as a free lunch, Prime Rib Pete. Someone is paying for the work that goes into answering a FOIA request, and until last Tuesday, that was the taxpayer. Bravo, Corey Stewart, bravo! At least once in a while, you can see through your nativism and hate to do the right thing.

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