Unsung Heroes in PWC

Walts-MartinoThese two to the left are some of the people we’re fighting for. We’re not just fighting for them as individuals, but for the people they lead, the vast majority of whom are hard-working, committed individuals who are doing the best they can to make Prince William a better place.  They’re fighting every day for you, and they’re under siege. They have been since the Haddow-Candland cabal began their vicious, sometimes personal, assaults on them more than four years ago. Assaults against their competence, their integrity, even sometimes their appearance.

This blog started in March in part to stand up for elected officials, candidates, county employees, and private citizens (whether Republicans, Democrats, or Independents) who were being relentlessly bullied, maligned, defamed, and intimidated by the Haddow-Candland cabal, either directly from the dais, through proxies at citizen’s time, or on the Haddow-Candland cabal’s house organ, the Sheriff of Nottingham blog and its imitators.  We found their attacks on county employees, in particular, to be the most vicious and cowardly.  These are people who because of their jobs can’t take public political positions, and are effectively barred from really being able to defend themselves.  Probably because of this vulnerability these people have been a focus of the Haddow-Candland smears, protected only if they become Candland sycophants.

A look at the cabal’s activities and those of its imitators makes this all plain.  Craig Gerhart, Chief Charlie Deane, Chief Steve Hudson, Michelle Casciato, Angela Horan, Melissa Peacor, Chris Martino, Dr. Steven Walts, the list goes on and on.  Anyone who even marginally disagreed with the cabal has been cruelly and unjustly vilified for doing their jobs.  Not everyone that worked or works for these county unsungs liked or likes them, but their work ethic and competence were and are beyond question.  By most accounts we’ve heard even the people who ardently disagreed with Melissa Peacor didn’t think she deserved the outrageous and vicious attacks launched against her by Pete Candland, Mac Haddow, and their allies.

There are some who believe this is all part of the Haddow-Candland-Lawson (and now Anderson) cabal’s long-term strategy.  In short, make the lives of county employees so miserable, paralyze them so much with fear or intimidation that they’re unwilling to take any risks, make any difficult decisions, or take any independent action, and you will make local government not only incredibly inefficient, but essentially nonresponsive to citizen concerns.  Continue to demean and denigrate its workers despite how hard they labor and they will become demoralized and despised.  The criticisms of the Haddow-Candland cabal will thus become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

By no means are all county and school employees perfect.  Like any large group there will always be some who are not doing their job well.  But from personal experience we know that the vast majority are competent, diligent, and dedicated.  Many of them are our friends and neighbors.  They do not deserve the smears and vilification that have been visited upon them by the Haddow-Candland cabal over the last four years.  We will stand up for them and we hope you in your own way will do so as well.


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    I saw that even in a story about a charity walk the Candland crowd had to be nasty. I suggest you look into Candland’s Rise Up Prince William connection. It might be a legit charity now, but it was very questionable when it was first started. I bet you will find a lot if you lift up that rock.

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    I’m glad you posted this. Haddow has been basically calling county staff corrupt at the Strategic Planning Committee meetings and basically treats women like shit. People need to know about this. It’s not about good government or transparency or any of the stuff Candland claims to want. It’s about control.

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    I’m sure I’ll get called a loser for doing this but hey it’s raining. I read Candland’s long document about him using or not using Strategic Campaign Group for his teletownhall and went through his office expenses that are online. What I can’t figure out is that for years he used the group that ultimately got paid and got invoices directly from them. Why did he all of a sudden try to pay Strategic Campaign Group who wasn’t on the vendor form for quotes? I understand he’s saying he didn’t pay Strategic Campaign Group because county staff didn’t think it was a good idea and paid the subcontractor directly. But why did he all of a sudden try to switch to them in the first place and not include them on the bid form?

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    For the record, the Muckraker did not put all of Candland’s office expense records up anywhere. We’ve been sent them, but have only published what is in our posts.

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    I was expecting this post to lead the charge in support of Dr. Walts and Mr. Martino, both of which have extremely difficult jobs that many of us wouldn’t take the chance of doing.

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    @Anonymous “I’ll get called a loser”
    The point you’re making is the point. Candland’s explanation about county staff paying the subcontractor directly makes sense. The question is why did Candland try to switch from them in the first place. My guess is that he or Haddow know someone there or he was trying to curry favor with a hardcore political vendor in advance of a future campaign.

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    We’ll show some flexibility, but let’s try to stay on topic.

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    Candland is two faced, in addition to being Prime Rib Pete, he voted against giving county staff a raise and then amply rewarded the cult in his Gainesville supervisors office.

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    Pete is the ultimate in “do as I say, not as I do”. His integrity left him a long time ago. People see through his fake smile.

    He has been bashing “private citizens” for years through his blog and his tactics. The Sheriff has been controlling posts on his page but now that Muckraker is doing the same it has become “appalling”.

    Facts are facts. InsideNova is clearly scared of Candland but all of this will get big enough where even they can’t deny Candland’s lack of a good moral compass.

    He’s trying to build a name for himself countywide. It won’t work. He’s a fraud. He knows he’s a fraud. And now you will see him pull all the tricks out of the bag so you don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain.

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    Sorry. One more.

    Pete burned a lot of calories yesterday.

    Where will he spend our money to feed himself and his “contituent” to make up for all of those calories?

    BJ’s Brewhouse is open. Another $23 lunch there? But being heroic requires a reward. He will likely double his lunch budget because a $23 lunch budget isn’t enough for such a Gainesville Hero.

    Maybe it’s time to drive back to the American Tap room in Fairfax. Not only can you blow a lot of taxpayer money there but it’s further away so you can claim some real good mileage for that.

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    That’s standard for the Haddow/Candland crowd. Almost every attempt to post anything negative about Haddow’s influence over Candland has been blocked on the Sheriff blog for years and now because Haddow can’t post one of his rambling monologues at will here they’re in a tizzy. They’re bullies and hypocrites who’ve had it their way without challenge for five years and they just can’t take it. Viva la Muckraker!

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    Thank you for keeping it positive. I think most in the county are done with the behavior of this group.
    It is obvious that don’t like it when they are made accountable for their actions. Keep the info coming.

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    I am disgusted by Haddow and Candland’s behavior. They have been flinging crap at folks hoping something sticks for years. Now when the blow back is hitting them back in their face with evidence they have their boxers all twisted up or that special underwear that they wear.

    Why bother with inside nova Palermo has cut a deal with Haddow. Go to Gainesville Times or Wash Post.

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    Has Haddow threatened to sue yet, that’s how he got another blog to back off, if he sues hope he has to pay your attorney costs, since he is sure to lose.

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    I am very glad to see another blog standing up for county employees. Too many good and decent people have taken a beating over ridiculous, falsified complaints.

    You are right, they cannot fight back.
    It is good that you have their backs.

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    Thanks, Moon. We know you’ve stood up for them too.

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    I like how the Sheriff blog is criticizing Harry Wiggins, Earnie Porta and Ryan Sawyers for their open involvement in the Muckraker while the Sheriff blog has been too chicken*$#% to acknowledge his identity for five years. What a bunch of spineless cowards and bullies at the Sheriff. Just the kind of people that would do Qaddafi’s dirty work. Transparency my ass!

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    Since May of 2012, when the Sheriff of Nottingham blog started attacking both county workers and private citizens and electeds, we have been subjected to a single person trying to ruin others. And prop up Candland. It is time for someone to stand up and say this is not the county we want to live in. The Sheriff of Nottingham needs to be shut up once and for all. I bet his head is exploding right now and he is writing furiously because anyone who knows him, knows he just drones on and on. Just look at Pete’s stuff and you can see that.

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    The droning is a dead giveaway.

    Mac might as well sign whatever it is. He definitely leaves his paw-print on whatever he writes.

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    Sane in PWC is right. The problem is really not Candland’s positions, which you can argue about reasonably. It’s Candland’s tactics. He can’t convince people of his policies without vicious character assassination to discredit and intimidate county employees and citizens, while hiding behind a blog.

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    Given his past denials, Candland has a serious character and integrity problem if he, Mac Haddow or a member of his staff are found to be associated in any way with the Sheriff of Nottingham blog.

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    I heard the Washington Post was thinking of doing an expose on anonymous blogs and their negative effect on local politics. They were looking at the Sheriff of Nottingham PWC as an example. I suspect with some digging it will easily be tied to certain elected official and when it is, the fallout will be massive. Pulitzer Prize material if there ever was any, given the background.

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    Google the irascible Mack Haddow and you will find numerous articles documenting a long history of poisonous backroom politics in his calling as a professional political campaign manager. Haddow’s infamous predatory rants and poison-pen diatribes directed at public servants are constants in this malicious spin-doctor’s tool belt. Sycophants follow like moths to the flame in hopes of future political gain. I thought better of some of his current partisans, but no longer. County employees are watching and they most certainly vote. Sic sempre tyrannis!

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