Petty Pete Candland Can Dish It Out But He Can’t Take It

So what greets us in our inboxes first thing this morning? Missives about Petty Pete Candland’s latest freak-out. Stung by exposure of his hypocrisy and corruption, some evidence for which came out of Candland’s response to a FOIA request, Candland has decided to retaliate . . . . .

. . . . . . by submitting a FOIA request to . . . . Frank Principi, a fellow Supervisor.


So . . . . Candland tells School Board Chair Ryan Sawyers in a public exchange that if he (Candland) were in control meals would be self-host with everyone covering their own cost. Sawyers FOIAs Candland’s office records and finds out this isn’t true, that Candland, despite his public statment to the contrary, actually often charges the taxpayer for his own lunch. To retaliate, Candland FOIAs . . . . Frank Principi.

Before we go further let’s review. One of the county’s senior leaders, the Vice-Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, doesn’t like getting exposed on a small-time local blog for, well, not telling the truth, so he FOIAs the records of . . . . . . . a fellow supervisor. One image comes to mind.

Candland Waah

Candland is a classic self-righteous bully. In fact, that’s the defining characteristic of every member of the Haddow-Candland cabal. They can dish it out, but they can’t take it. What’s more, while they regularly fabricate malicious stories about their opponents, they whine like babies when their own actual words and actions are exposed.

In this particular instance it’s helpful to recall some of Candland’s earlier pronouncements, particularly his claims that actions of School Board Chair Ryan Sawyers were “unprecedented” retaliation. Candland was referring to Sawyers assertion that in the event of funding cuts, lower-income schools would be protected and more affluent schools would bear more of the cuts. Given the affluence of his district and his leadership in sticking it to the schools, Candland suddenly found this to be “retaliation” and “unprecedented.”

Of course, for years the Haddow-Candland cabal has exercised its influence through retaliation, whether threatened or actual. It’s the entire raison d’etre of their house organ, the Sheriff of Nottingham blog, which tells everyone, “Support us or we’ll make up vicious things about you and put it online.” Just a few weeks before, Candland, stung by the Chamber of Commerce calling him out for lying to the public about the timing of a vote, “retaliated” by submitting a budget that eliminated county membership in the Chamber of Commerce. Pot, meet the kettle.

Candland simply will not apply to himself the rules he excoriates others with. Now, we have another example. In a pissing contest with the School Board Chair, Candland “retaliates” by submitting a FOIA request to a fellow supervisor. Huh?

Candland Waah

That isn’t all, however. We have to admit that we don’t get to read the Sheriff blog very much. That’s partly because we don’t want to be distracted from uncovering bigotry, corruption and hypocrisy by the fabricated tales they specialize in. Additionally, we just don’t have the time. Unlike that blog, information gets submitted to us and then we have to research it ourselves because we’re committed to only representing as facts in our posts information that’s been corroborated. That takes time.

So among the missives we received this morning was one concerning the Haddow-Candland cabal going mental on their blog about Candland’s use of taxpayer funds. They have avoided the most serious items like QBE-gate and focused on the revelation that Candland had used a hyper-hyper partisan vendor for county business. In fact, we were sent a link to an 87-page tome Candland posted on his website defending his use of the vendor.

This is another classic Haddow-Candland cabal tactic. Avoid the elephant in the room, focus on some small item, and bury the audience with paper to make the busy public think you’re doing something substantive. It’s what Candland consistently does with the budget (e.g. never mind fully-funding the schools, let’s eliminate the county’s membership in the Chamber of Commerce).

After you sweep away all the garbage and obfuscation what do you find? Candland apparently did try to use the hyper-hyper-partisan vendor, but was rebuffed by county procurement officials. Nevertheless, his office signed off on invoices from that hyper-hyper-partisan vendor. County officials, however, apparently cut the check directly to the subcontractor. Of course, unless you believe the misleading summary at the start of his document, you have to go through 87 pages to figure that out.

But wait, it gets worse than this. On his website tome, Candland says that “The Democratic Party activists argue that Supervisor Frank Principi (D-Woodbridge) uses a well-respected tele-town hall vendor that is free from any taint of partisanship, and Supervisor Candland should use that company.”

There is one big problem with this statement. IT’S NOT TRUE. We’ve never mentioned Frank Principi in connection with tele-town halls or in any manner whatsoever with this issue. In fact, in our search of the public record thus far we find no mention of Principi in this context by anyone. In a transparent attempt to justify his FOIA request of Principi, this is apparently Pete Candland simply lying – not through some proxy or under the mask of the Sheriff, but directly himself on his own website. Again, the image that comes to mind is:

Candland Waah


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    The caricature of whining Prime Rib Pete is perfect except it should have puppet strings controlled by Mac Haddow: “…Mac make them stop…”

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    I’ve noticed the Sheriff’s been blundering of late with his posts probably drawing attention to yours. Keep it going. He’s making your blog famous.

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    It’s worse than you think. Candland’s also FOIAed all the Democratic School Board members. Candland claims he would pay for his own lunch all the time, Sawyers FOIAs him and proves that’s a lie, and Candland responds by FOIAing only Democrats. What a partisan hypocrite. He’s obviously hoping those Democrats will get you to lay off him. Don’t fall for it. Keep digging. There’s a lot more that he doesn’t want his own party to know about, much less the people in Gainesville.

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    That Gainesville office is like a cult.

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    Keep at it Muckraker! The Haddow/Candland gang is in a panic. That’s why they’re doing this. They bully everyone else but they’re not used to scrutiny. There’s a reason Candland didn’t release his 2012 information. Get it. There’s probably a smoking gun.

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    Pete tells these sorts of lies so often that he doesn’t see them as lies. The cult comment above is right on the money. Like a cult, Haddow and Candland have an almost mystical belief in their superiority that exempts them from the rules they apply to others. It’s really weird.

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    Whoever wrote that 87 page tome writes the Sheriff. It’s exactly the same kind of structure and language. You’re very close to exposing them Muckraker.

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    Here’s an interesting question Muckraker. When Candland is arguing with Sawyers he says that if he’s in control it would be “no host”, meaning everyone pays for themselves. But that doesn’t seem to apply if he’s meeting with a Republican. When he met with Satterwhite, for example, he paid for both their lunches with taxpayer money. Hmmmm.

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    This is really a shame. I think Candland probably started out as a basically honest, conservative guy who wanted to do good things. If he’d played things straight I think you could have done a lot of good and moved up. But right away at the start of his political career he got sucked into the orbit of Mac Haddow and adopted the view that in order to elevate himself he had to tear down anyone who disagreed with him by whatever means necessary. He hired Mac and Mac’s relatives and used the vicious Sheriff blog to slander and ridicule people including defenseless county staff. Little by little he cut more and more ethical corners until now he’s so deeply into it he doesn’t know the difference and can’t get out. He’s now completely dependent on Mac Haddow and at a young age has become the classic hypocritical corrupt politician. It really is a shame.

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    I think unfortunate is correct. I saw part of this from close range when Pete Candland first started as supervisor. There was only one person in the office willing to stand up to Mac Haddow and try to keep Pete on the straight and narrow. Haddow had her fired after a few months and took over. Now he has complete control and without him Pete is lost.

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    I never understood why Candland signed on with the Sheriff blog. He didn’t need it and now it’s going to be an anchor around his neck for the rest of his political life, which will be shorter because of it. Doesn’t make any sense.

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    I think Mac Haddow helped get Pete in office and Pete is just a puppet. Mac was there through Pete’s whole first campaign with another dirty blog. Pete can’t write and people can see that every tome that comes out from him or his office is written by Mac. Pete is scared of Mac and probably with good reason.

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    I wonder what all those text messages between Candland and Haddow say? The ones they send each other during meetings about county bidness.

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    @ Anonymous, “I never understood . . . ”
    It makes sense if Haddow has something on Candland or Candland is afraid of him. I think Sane in PWC is right. Haddow gets Candland elected with dirty tricks and then makes Candland feel beholden to him or scared that he could at any time back a challenger against Candland using the same dirty tricks to rip Candland apart. He did the same thing with Lawson and Anderson who are completely terrified at the notion that Haddow could turn on them and support someone else. The irony is that based on partisan demographics and typical voter turnout Candland, Lawson and Anderson would have all won easily without Haddow’s dirty tricks or help. Instead since they all signed on with him during they’re campaigns they’re trapped. Now he can crush them any time he wants with what he has on them. When you make a deal with the devil, the devil is the one in control.

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    Thanks for standing up to the Haddow and Candland bullies. They’ve been getting away with bullying and character assassination for years and were getting stronger by bringing Lawson and Anderson into the fold. There are plenty of people who want to fight back but they’re scared because they don’t know where to turn or how to do it. By standing up to the bullies you’re giving people hope that things will eventually get better.

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    You are only touching the surface on Prime Rib Pete’s puppeteer: Mac Haddow, you need to do some research, there is tons going back to his 2 ethics cases while a member of the Utah legislature, at every stop in his career there have been shall we say issues.

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