Mac Haddow . . . Khadafy . . . and “Blood Money”

We don’t know what to say about this. It was sent to us and is completely new to us. We’d never seen it before and never knew it even existed. It’s astounding and deeply troubling. The C. McClain Haddow in this video is none other than Prince William County’s Haddow-Candland cabal leader Mac Haddow . . . Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland’s mentor and boss, office staffer, spouse and father-in-law of Candland employees, budget committee chair, strategic plan committee appointee, etc., etc. It’s going to take us a while to digest this. For know you’re just going to have to watch the video yourself. The only edit we’ve made is to add a title at the beginning.

[Editors Note: A Haddow partisan or Haddow himself (we’re not sure) has been arguing that the video is defamatory and provided reasons in a comment below. One of reasons that we agreed to look into was the person’s objection to the use of the word “kickbacks” to describe Haddow’s felony conviction in the video. We have not written on his felony conviction, so we do not know much about it. We did, however, find this AP report on his conviction. We will allow the reader to determine whether or not NBC was wrong to use the term “kickbacks.”]

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    OMG. Does Candland know about this?

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    Ugh! I recognize his voice when he talks on the video. This makes me sick.

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    Rich and Ruth Anderson viciously maligned Faisal Gill over his ties to Muslim groups that the government investigated and found to be no problem at all. Yet they sign on with this guy who worked to benefit one of worst terrorist dictators in the world at the expense of the families of terrorist victims. They are dishonest, disgusting hypocrites.

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    Why am I not surprised?

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    “Rich and Ruth Anderson . . . ”
    You need to remember that Faisal Gill is a Muslim and it was politically advantageous for them to attack Muslims then. Haddow isn’t a Muslim and they use get him to do their dirty work. That’s the Anderson way. That’s the Anderson masquerade.

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    Oh. My. God.

    Muckraker, Can you clarify something?

    C. McClain Haddow is the same “Mac” Haddow that Supervisor Candland listed as “Whatever Mac Wants” for jobs in his Supervisor’s Office? You wrote about this earlier.

    For further clarity, Mac Haddow, a man that none other than Tom Brokaw called out for trying to buy off families who’s relatives were killed in the Lockerbie Bombing is the same guy that Pete Candland appointed to Prince William County’s Stategic Planning Commission?

    I don’t know where the line is for “not fit to serve” but I know that potentially offering “Libyan blood money” for the Lockerbie bombing is crossing it.

    If this was known by Candland at the time and not disclosed during the nomination it may be time for both of them to step down.

    To Supervisor Candland: The one million dollars your appointee offered in blood money to Lockerbie families would equal approximately 50,000 prime rib dinners at the McCoart Building that you like to eat.

    Or it would also equal about 60,000 BJ’s Brewhouse lunches that you like to eat at taxpayer expense about 2 miles down the road from your own office/home. Because apparently you would rather spend our money instead of driving back to your house. Maybe that’s because you can’t pay yourself mileage when driving to your home from work so it’s not worth it for you. Top dollar restaurant food tastes so much better when taxpayers pay for it, right?

    One final question, Muckraker. We’re any of these meals that Prime Rib Pete likes to eat also eaten with Mac Haddow? We know that Mac’s wife works for Pete and gets paid more than $40 just to drive to the McCoart Building and back. Does Mac pay for his own meals or does he have leftover Libyan blood money to cover it?

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    I judge people by the company they keep, and those they choose to surround themselves with.

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    Let’s make sure I have this right.

    Candland has no problem with his chief advisor/mentor giving 1 million in Libyan blood money to Lockerbie victims but they won’t give Prince William County Schools an additional 8 million?

    What’s the exchange rate between the Dinar and the Dollar these days? Maybe Mac can fund our school’s budget shortage courtesy of Candland and Mac “I am not a Libyan Operative” Haddow.

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    We need to get this dangerous man out of our county. He’s like Dan Snyder to the redskins, we will never get to the top with poison like Haddow at the helm. Whether I like Candland or not, even Starry eyed Pete has to recognize that Haddow is a negative distraction at a minimum and not good for the county, it’s time to clean house!

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    Candland needs to disassociate himself with Haddow immediately.

    What I saw disgusts me.

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    I was not familiar with the downing of the Pan Am flight but did some research and found that the Lybians eventually paid about $10,000,000 for each life lost. It’s amazing that Haddow was trying to sell the families for $1 million, what a slimey bastard. Did he comply with the requirement to register as a lobbyist for a foreign country, if not he waddled right up to the line if not having crossed it. No wonder Candland has no conscience, he learned from someone with out one. The entire Gainesville office is full of Haddows, so the slime must be filling the parking lot.

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    They’re in a complete panic over at the Sheriff blog. Don’t they realize that their perpetuating a nonstory? Who cares if Candland got reimbursed for some lunches? Who cares what vendor he paid for town halls? It’s all “peanuts” to quote Ryan Sawyers. Nobody cares. It makes me think Haddow isn’t behind the Sheriff blog. He’d be smarter than to give this thing more legs. Candland’s the only one with anything to lose.

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    I’m sure you’re getting tons of threats. Please don’t be intimidated or back down. That’s what Haddow and Candland always count on. Please, Obi-wan, you’re our only hope.

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    Since it is doubtful that many of the supporters/voters for Candland read this blog, I would hope that those of us that knows some of his supporters/voters encourage them to read this one and watch the video. I wonder when the newspapers will pick up and investigate some of these reports?

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    Muckraker, this is why I don’t understand why you won’t do a story on what Haddow’s jail time for what NBC calls “kickbacks” in this video. I know you think that it was a long time ago and people deserve second chances, but Haddow and Candland do not extend that philosophy to anyone but themselves and for Haddow there is a pattern of consistently unethical conduct that both precedes and follows his felony conviction right up through today. The stuff on this video is just one example. Stop coddling him. He’s made himself a public figure and can’t sue you for telling the truth.

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    They’re trying to do crazy damage control over at the Sheriff. When that doesn’t work they’ll threaten you knowing you won’t be as nasty and dishonest as they are. Don’t let them scare you. Just keep printing the truth. The public needs to see it.

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    FBI inquiry into Lockerbie ‘bribe’
    ”The FBI is investigating whether they are agents of Libya and may have violated US law or United Nations sanctions as a result,” said the official, who asked not to be identified.

    NBC television reported on Wednesday that each family was being pressed to accept $1m in a deal that would allow Colonel Gaddafi to save face by turning over two suspects to a country sympathetic to Libya.

    The report showed film of men said to be working for Henry Kartshner, identified only as an American agriculturist, offering a victim’s family $1m in a plan aimed at lifting US trade sanctions against Libya.

    The men were identified as Val Miller, a lawyer, and C. McClain Haddow, a former Reagan administration official.

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    Here are the questions you should be asking yourselves: Did the FBI look into this? If so, what did they find? Could it be that they found this story is NOT BASED ON TRUTH? Could it be that NBC got the substance wrong?

    I know you don’t want to publish my comments because they make you look bad, all of which shows you are just out to defame a private citizen.

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    I am new to your blog, I was reading the Sheriff and googled Haddow, your blog came up near the top. I’ve been reading your posts and I doubt very much that Supervisor Candland ever gave a 40% gratuity, I live in Gainesville and know him, he is as tight as a crabs rectum and that’s waterproof. Do oyu have proof?

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    Candland is as naive as a 4 year old, Haddow showed him how to win and now he knows and doesn’t need Haddow any more, he needs to disassociate himself with Haddow.

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    This is disgusting.

    The real question now is whether Candland will double down and defend this guy, or will he do the right thing and distance himself from Haddow.

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    I don’t know Ruth Anderson at all and I think Rich Anderson is a twoface. But I can almost guarantee that if they knew about this they wouldn’t have associated themselves with Haddow and Candland. No way.

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    so – do I have this right? Mac Haddow – the self-proclaimed protector of the citizens of PW County – once put his considerable persuasive skills to use in order to convince Americans who had lost family members to an act of terror to help get the actual perpetrators of that terror off the hook. For money. Ok then. According to the video he was booted from the Reagan administration for taking kickbacks (I assume this is the felony conviction we keep hearing about), and now he is on film trying to convince Americans to take a “kickback” of sorts so that the people who murdered their family members can avoid justice. Let’s forget the felony conviction – he was only trying to divert a few taxpayer dollars for his personal gain. In THIS instance he is literally trying to help terrorists who killed American citizens escape justice. I thought that the word for that kind of action was treason. And this is the very same man who essentially dictates every move Supervisor Candland makes, whose family members populate Candland’s office staff, and who is the primary influencer of two other Supervisors (Lawson and Anderson) when it comes to making local public policy decisions. The same man who is now dominating the County’s strategic planning committee. But no, let’s not get all excited over this news — we need to spend our time proclaiming what a waste it is to give our children an opportunity to play a high quality piano. Right. Let’s talk about that. What planet, exactly, are we living on??

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    @Anon – “Here are the questions you should be asking yourselves: Did the FBI look into this? If so, what did they find? Could it be that they found this story is NOT BASED ON TRUTH? Could it be that NBC got the substance wrong?”

    [Edited out] The FBI was investigating whether or not Haddow had to register as a lobbyist for the Libyans. This post doesn’t say anything about that or even that he was doing anything illegal. It just shows the footage of him actually, on undercover video, trying to get a family of the victims to settle for $1 million. The only defamation would be if it’s not Haddow on the tape and it is clearly Mac Haddow.

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    “I am new to your blog, I was reading the Sheriff and googled Haddow, your blog came up near the top. I’ve been reading your posts and I doubt very much that Supervisor Candland ever gave a 40% gratuity, I live in Gainesville and know him, he is as tight as a crabs rectum and that’s waterproof. Do oyu have proof?”

    If you go back to the story on Candland’s use of taxpayer funds you will see in the post itself a copy of a receipt showing a tip in excess of 40%.

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    Actually, defamation exists if there is subsequent information showing that the story you have published is materially incorrect and you fail to provide the accurate information. I suggest you include the information showing that this story is materially false; otherwise, you are clearly defaming a private citizen.

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    @ Anon
    “Actually, defamation exists if there is subsequent information showing that the story you have published is materially incorrect and you fail to provide the accurate information. I suggest you include the information showing that this story is materially false; otherwise, you are clearly defaming a private citizen.”

    Thank you for raising this point. We periodically get this kind of statement from people who do not like what has been printed about them. We typically respond by private email, but feel it particularly relevant to respond publicly in this instance given the amount of attention this video has received thus far.

    If there is anything we put forward in a post as fact that is inaccurate, we will be glad to correct it promptly. Thus far we have not found anything of that nature in this post nor in the NBC story itself. If you have information indicating that something is inaccurate then please submit it and we will give it due consideration and make corrections as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves in insisting on evidence-based accuracy in all statements of fact in our posts, and believe it is what sets us apart from most other blogs of this nature.

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    The anonymous commentator referred to in the immediately preceding comment has been contacted by email for specific information about any factual concerns he/she has. While continuing to submit arguably threatening comments, he/she has not responded to the email for information, which we learned quickly in the past typically means that the person has been posting under a false email address. If that’s the case, then there’s no way for us to address their concerns, since we will not go back and forth with uncorroborated information in a comments section. If there were any inaccuracies, that would simply promote them more.

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    The FBI is investigating a group of U.S. businessmen who reportedly offered $1 million to the families of those killed in the bombing of a PanAm Flight 103 in exchange for urging an end to sanctions against Libya, which is suspected in the attack, officials said Thursday.

    The reported offer would be ‘blood money,’ said Carole Johnson, whose daughter Beth Ann was among 270 people killed in the bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland, on Dec. 21, 1988. Jim Swire, a Briton whose daughter Flora also was killed, called it ‘an incitement to pervert the cause of justice.’

    If the American businessmen, Val Miller, C. McClain Haddow and Henry Kartchner, are not registered in the United States as agents of the Libyan government, their reported offer to Johnson violated federal law, U.S. officials said.

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    I went to the source and called Mac Haddow. The facts are a lot different than what the original new story claimed — which is a lesson for anyone thinking the media gets it right all of the time.

    First, Haddow explained that he was representing an American businessman who had more than $100 million in assets seized by the Libyan dictator. Second, the issue about the $1 million to the families of victims of Pan Am 103 was an issue of concern to the families, and they wanted a public admission from Khadafi. Haddow’s client agreed completely with that sentiment. The families were split into two competing groups, and the family Haddow and his colleague visited suspected Haddow was actually representing the other family group. He was not.

    The allegation that Haddow was representing Khadafi, or was somehow required to register with the DOJ but failed to do so were inaccurate.

    A subsequent news story by a NBC affiliate station debunked the original story. The FBI had no basis to proceed because Haddow was representing an American who had been ripped off by Khadafi.

    Haddow also told me he is willing to talk to anyone who wants to discuss this.

    Seems like maybe too much is being made of this.

    [Editors Note: Out of a sense of fairness (one that would likely not be reciprocated by Haddow) we have decided to allow this comment to go up, with some context. First, the alleged author is a person who we believe has lied about his identify and submitted allegedly false and malicious information on various online venues in the past, so his credibility is in serious question. Second, NBC to our knowledge has not said anything inaccurate about the FBI inquiry. As NBC reported, the FBI was investigating whether or not Haddow and colleague should have registered as foreign agents. We have not seen anything to indicate that what Haddow did was illegal, just blatantly and callously unethical, all part of a scheme that if successful would have benefited not just Haddow and his employer, but one of the world’s worst dictators and terrorists. Third and last, we have not found anything that “debunked” the original story. In fact, everything we have found or that has been submitted to us reconfirms that Haddow was participating in trying to get families to settle for $1 million. What his partisans seem to think is “debunking” the story is the FBI’s decision that Haddow did not meet the requirements for having to register as foreign agents. That’s not “debunking” the story. It just means he didn’t also violate the foreign registration rules. Nothing discovered or provided so far refutes the fact (shown in the video) that Haddow participated in a scheme to get families to settle for $1 million. Again, if we find this to be inaccurate we will gladly correct it.]

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    I’m grateful you put up the post from “Joe” or whatever his real name might be, because it shows exactly how the likes of Haddow, Candland and their whole group think. The issue was not whether Haddow had to register as a foreign agent. It was that he appears to have actually tried to get victims’ families to settle for $1 million so that Qaddafi could “save face” (to use Mac’s words) and Mac’s employer (and probably Mac also) could rake in some major cash. That’s what’s so sleazy about these guys. Their standard is not what’s right or even remotely decent, but whether or not they violated the law in doing something despicable, like trying to let a terrorist off easy so they could collect some cash. It makes me want to throw up.

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    Let’s put this in 21st century terms.

    This is the equivalent of trying to pay off 9/11 families with al Qaeda money so the businessman he lobbies for can make money in the Middle East.

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    In today’s terms has made a great analogy.
    To Joe, if you go to the “source,” do you think some of the facts might just be obfuscated or embellished?

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    Rosemary and “in today’s terms,” what you’re not getting is that the video contains information that is materially false. Analogies based on inaccurate information simply do not hold.

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    Anon, so what in the video is false? That’s what hasn’t been heard from you yet.

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    We’ve been receiving similar comments where the person seems to be Mac, claims to be Mac, claims not to be Mac. It smells of a setup of someone trying to get us to put up something they know is false. Earlier in our lifespan as a blog we almost fell for that. We’re not going to now though. The real Mac has access to a blog where he can put up his version of events any time he wants and we will be more than glad to point it out when he does.

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    Absolutely disgusting! If Candland isn’t strong enough to get rid of Haddow then its time we vote Candland out!

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    1. It is categorically false that Haddow was ever an agent for the Libyan government. That is completely and utterly untrue.
    2. It is categorically false that Haddow was “kicked out” of the Reagan administration. That is completely and utterly untrue.
    3. It is categorically false that Haddow as ever convicted of “bribery” or “kickbacks.” Those comments in the video and on this blog are completely and utterly untrue.

    [Editor’s note: Since this person was asked to specifically identify what was untrue in the video, we feel it only fair to post the three things he or she mentions. We have edited the remainder of the comment because it does not directly address that question, goes on to attack other parties, and we’re not sure the person is who they claim to be. As you will see, their argument is that (1) Haddow was not an agent of the Libyan government (we don’t think that is in dispute — he was working for a guy who was apparently trying to get the families to agree to a monetary settlement so sanctions could be lifted on Libya to his financial benefit), (2) that Haddow was not actually “kicked out” of the Reagan administration (we think the tape said “booted”), and (3) that he was never convicted of “kickbacks.” As we said, item 1 has never been in dispute. As for items 2 and 3, as promised, we’ll look into both of those.]

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    @PWC Parent
    If you’ve known Mac for a while you know this is just the tip of the iceberg. Mac can’t help himself and therein lies the problem. He couldn’t just work for Pete. He couldn’t resist involving himself in the nastiest smear blog in the county to advance his agenda. If he hadn’t and had just worked for Pete no one would know about his past misdeeds. But because of it people have learned about him and from him and are using his own tactics against him. It’s his arrogance and greed for power catching up to him in what he probably thought was a backwater.

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    Ha! Great! Since he/she has questioned the tape’s use of “booted” and “kickbacks” are you FINALLY going to do an in-depth story on Haddow’s Reagan years and felony conviction?

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    I’m a veteran and I am utterly disgusted by Haddow’s conduct. It is treacherous if not treasonous, in my opinion.

    I refuse to believe that any of our county supervisors (Republican or Democrat), other than Candland, knew about any of this when they voted to put this criminal on all these public boards. This is no time for partisanship – I live for the red, white and blue and these colors don’t run!!

    I expect Príncipi, Jenkins, Nohe, Caddigan, Lawson, Anderson and Stewart to file a joint motion for the next county board meeting to remove Haddow from all county boards/commissions. For Christ’s sake, this guy went to federal prison BEFORE he got caught on this video defending terrorists.

    His acts are disgraceful and un-American. I’m sure the families of those Americans murdered by the terrorists Mac Haddow tried to assist will never forgive him. I won’t either.

    It’s time for Haddow to become the pariah he deserves to be. Let’s get rid of this slimeball.

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    It looks like the Muckracker has hit a nerve.
    I hope the Sheriff and his “Birdies” continue to read this blog. Hopefully it will inspire them to begin to use facts in their own blog.
    Just a suggestion of course!

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    So the Sheriff blog has become a “leave poor Pete alone” blog. Their 12 commentor have booked it down to complaining that this blog doesn’t allow all comments through while the Sheriff openly brags about not letting all comments through.

    Catch a glimpse of Pete and Mac while you can. They may not be around much longer.

    Tomorrow’s Walk with Pete event may quickly turn into a Run Away from Pete event.

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    I love all the defamation talk (threats) that Mac is posting on your blog. Would you guys love anything more than having that idiot actually sue you? I mean, putting aside that all the stuff you’re posting is true, he’s a public figure, so he won’t get anywhere with that.
    But I sure hope he goes through with it. Can you imagine the fun you would have with discovery? Deposing Haddow, Candland, Lawson and the rest of them – how many unbelievable gems would you uncover through that process? The resulting transcripts could be sold and made into an afternoon television movie. You could even use the proceeds to help fund the school budget shortfall!

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    So Mac and his friends lose their ever-loving mind over a PWCS piano but when it comes to spending Lockerbie Blood Money they say “nothing to see here.” Is that about right?

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    PW Muckraker is providing a valuable to service to PWC residents who want the truth to prevail.

    Just like a typical con, Haddow will always make excuses for his behavior. And just like a weak, simple minded individual, Candland falls for it each time. Candland himself has been caught in multiple lies. Candland is simply,”Mac lite”

    The residents f th

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    He who lives by the sword dies by the sword.

    If the Pete-ites are uncomfortable now, they should have thought about their own actions toward county employees and private citizens 5 years ago when their lies and distortions started.

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    I just read Mac Haddow’s pathetic “explanation/excuse” for his appearance on that video. It’s on the Muckraker’s Facebook page for those with the stomach to actually read the whole thing.
    Once again, according to Haddow, it’s all a big misunderstanding and the whole thing is somebody else’s fault. This isn’t a new tactic for him.
    When Mac got caught stealing money and went to prison, it was Margaret Heckler’s fault.
    When he got caught not disclosing his criminal past in order to get a contract in Fairfax County, it was Ushio’s fault.
    Now he wants us to believe it was the Pan Am 103 victims families’ fault! You see, Mac is a really good guy/felon/convict who just wanted to help, but the families of those blown up in that darn plane were just too greedy or stupid to recognize his purely altruistic motives.
    There’s really something wrong with this guy’s soul. He has no business being around taxpayer money or anything else to do with government. Candland, Lawson, Anderson and Deutsch need to ditch this guy while the ditchin’s still good.

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    I don’t buy that Haddow is just a private citizen. When you represent an elected official and have access to phone numbers and emails, when you publicly represent other organizations, you aren no longer a private citizen.

    That just won’t fly.

    It seems that Mr. Haddow always has a reason, time after time, for his behavior and whatever it is he is accused of isn’t his fault.

    I would expect nothing less from him.

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    Mac is just being a normal republican. It’s rule number 1. Talk about personal responsibility and take none yourself.

    Rule 2 is don’t be a Libyan agent.

    Looks like he broke that one. Nobody is perfect.

    [Editors Note: People are entitled to their opinion, but it doesn’t appear to us that Mac Haddow was acting directly as a Libyan agent. Based on the evidence, however, reasonable people can disagree.]

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    Mac in public forum’s likes to boast about how he is the Chairman of Candland’s budget committee which by the way the “other blogsite” owner who is sympathetic to Mac and allowed his response on is on as well,,President of the Western Alliance of HOAs, President of Oak Valley HOA, a leader on many other issues when he is stroking his enormous ego. Read his bio from the PWC Committee 100 when he spoke at that forum It is full of “fluff”. It does not come close to including any and all of his public record.

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    Mac threatens everyone particularly women. Most just blow him off. Big cry babies on SON blog. Those cowards for years have been hiding behind that blog to further Pete’s agenda but can’t take the heat now.

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