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We’ve called people out in the past who use social media to take positions we find to be reprehensible. But most of those folks are nothing compared to the people who use social media to promote and circulate false and reprehensible things about specific individuals in our community. Things that are specifically designed to smear and vilify those individuals. Things that are irresponsibly promulgated like malicious gossip without any substantive evidence. Things that are demonstrably false. These people are “The Haters.” They seem to thrive on showing hate toward, criticizing, or belittling other people, no matter how unfairly. They’re people who don’t seem to share fundamental American values of fairness and decency.

Today we bring you an example of one such social media group that was sent to us. Maybe they should be called the “Hateful 8.” These particular haters have launched an attack to discredit George M. Hampton by claiming he’s falsified his military records. They have no substantive evidence mind you, but that hasn’t stopped them. Nor do they seem to care that circulating their accusations alone will do damage whether true or not.

We’re going to let you read the Hateful 8’s colloquy for yourself, but we want to point out in advance a few highlights of the Haters hating.

The primary hater appears to be someone named Lori Anderson. Her quotes are among the most irresponsible. She starts off by writing, “While waiting for receipt of Dr. Hampton’s official military records, one veterans’ group has provided a preliminary report that indicates Dr. George Hampton may not have earned the most prestigious accomplishment listed in his bio [emphasis added].”

In other words, they’re not actually “waiting.” They could, but they’re not. Instead they’re proceeding with promoting and circulating the idea online that George Hampton is lying about his military record.

Lori Anderson goes on to say, “The veterans’ group is not willing to make a public statement or talk to the media until they receive his official records but they have said that they are ‘troubled.’” It’s hard to imagine that any reputable member of any reputable veterans’ group would say even this much in advance of receiving official records, so we think there’s a good chance that Lori Anderson is inserting her own views here.

Then Lori Anderson says, “Please note that his war medals are not listed on every bio that I have seen.” What?! How crazy is this? Now George Hampton is suspect because not every bio she has seen – bios George Hampton, by the way, may not even have put together himself – don’t list his war medals!!!!!

What actually makes us feel “troubled” is that Lori Anderson is not even the worst participant in the Hateful 8. That honor probably goes to Zee Teryl (though reasonable people can disagree about who is really the worst hater in this group). Teryl says, “As a Veteran, his willingness NOT to correct mis-statements by his supporters to the SB is shameful and also speaks to a lack of integrity. “Silence is consent” is something that any Veteran understands. If he had integrity, and those statements were false, he would have corrected them immediately. Shameful.”

“Shameful” is probably a word that best describes Zee Teryl. Teryl’s already jumped to the conclusion that George M. Hampton lied about his military record, and then criticizes him for not correcting people, and even for consenting with his silence rather than correcting them immediately. She’s condemned him in advance for not correcting lies that haven’t yet been shown to be lies. Shameful indeed — of you, Zee Teryl.

Maybe most discouraging is that a veteran named Jason Byrd joined the de facto condemnation gang. We say this because of all people we would like to think that veterans wouldn’t jump to condemning another veteran about something like this until compelling evidence is available. That’s a fundamental principle of honor that we would all like to believe has been instilled in our fighting men and women. To behave otherwise is a disgrace to the uniform. Alas, it appears our hopes are unwarranted. Byrd tried to play it cute at first by closing with a sentence reading, “I hope I’m wrong on both those last counts but he’s not doing any favors to his integrity by being silent.” This is a cowardly approach, one that implies George Hampton is somehow at fault because he’s not replying to unfounded social media gossip. It’s the same tactic used by the crazy birther crowd that hounded President Obama. For some reason, unlike others, he had to go to special lengths to “prove” to conspiracy theorists that he was born in the U.S., because the sort of proof everyone else would have provided just wasn’t satisfactory to those people.

Byrd also says, “It’s a poor lesson to our children though to show that lying has no consequences to those with powerful ties.” Really?! Thank you for that revelation. And what lesson is it to our children to have adults publicly smearing the reputation of a man, a man of 80+ years, a veteran, without at the very least waiting for an official record that would determine things conclusively one way or another? Again, shameful.

Well, we should probably take a break here (before we vomit) and let you read the details for yourself then we’ll come back with some closing comments.




This all truly saddens us. We receive screenshots of Facebook pages all the time with this kind of irresponsible nonsense that makes us question how so many people in Prince William County got so messed up. At the end of the day we think it’s got to be a failure of family. People are not born with this type of irresponsibility and hatred. It’s learned behavior, and there are probably children learning it right now from posts like the ones above.

We can only hope that if and when definitive information comes out about George Hampton’s military record, if it proves that the insinuations of these individuals are false, that they will have the decency to publicly apologize as vociferously as they publicly smeared Mr. Hampton, and that they will teach a lesson to their children about spreading such calumnies.

But Wait!

We almost forgot! That’s right, we have George M. Hampton’s Form DD214. We’ve redacted information that could be used to steal his identity, but we’ve made sure everyone can clearly see block 24 entitled “Decorations, Medals, Badges, Commendations, Citations and Campaign Ribbons Awarded or Authorized.”

And what do we see there? Well, among other things we see CI Bad (Combat Infantryman’s Badge), BSM (Bronze Star Medal), ARCOM (Army Commendation Medal), and . . . what do you know . . . Legion of Merit.


Amazing isn’t it that the Haters would engage in casting such aspersions without having all the facts? It’s a poor lesson to our children, isn’t it? It’s just, well . . . shameful.


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    Thank you for doing this Muckraker. Back in the old days when people gossiped it died out as the word of mouth died out. What these people don’t understand is that when they put false gossip up on the internet now it’s basically there forever to do damage to the person. If you hadn’t put this post up then there would be nothing out there to counteract the garbage that people like hateful 8 put online. They should be ashamed of themselves for posting those sorts of things without getting the facts first. You should be commended.

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    It depresses me to think that people like these actually have kids. Imagine what those kids are being taught. That its okay to say such horrible things about people when you don’t know if they’re true or not. That it’s okay to even put it up online.

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    The veterans groups that Anderson and others give allegiance is probably the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy or that past group of confederate veterans and their descendants: the Ku Klux Klan.

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    Parents like these people are what causes so many of today’s problems with young people. We’re supposed to be teaching kids to be responsible on social media and look how these people behave.

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    We need to find out what veterans’ organization was involved in this. They owe George Hampton a written apology and the person involved should be reprimanded or reported to the national organization. It’s disgraceful for a veterans’ organization to treat a veteran with those accomplishments this way based on the gossip of some malcontents. Totally unethical, dishonorable, and a disgrace to the service. There might be a court-martial if this had happened on active duty.

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    Thank you for calling out these people. They deserve ridicule.

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    Is Lori Anderson related to Rich and Ruth Anderson? I can’t find a listing for her anywhere but the Anderson name is always somewhere close to this sort of crap.

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    Haters got to hate. This is what happens when you live in an Anderson-Candland-Lawson-Haddow society.

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    I think you should tag the names of all these people in the post so that eventually when they are googled online this kind of stuff will come up and people will know what kind of jerks they are. This isn’t made up stuff. This is their own words that they put other there for people to see.

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    Jason Byrd is a true American, having voted 2 times in the past 15 years, 2008 and 2006, if you don’t vote don’t complain

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    The rest of those awards and decorations are all impressive, but the US Army Infantry School and CI Bad (Combat Infantry Badge) caught my attention.

    The Combat Infantry Badge is only awarded to Infantry Soldiers (the toughest job in the Army) who have been in active ground combat.

    Hand salute Dr. Hampton. Many people wear their “fruit salad” on hats and lapels. Your modesty impresses me.

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    Maybe we shouldn’t give our veterans extra-special treatment. But maybe when wild accusations like this are made we should give them, our combat veterans in particular, just a little, just a little benefit of the doubt until we have concrete facts. The people behind this smear of George Hampton should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. It makes me sick to hear that this Jason Byrd is a vet and would put unfounded accusations like this online.

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    This kind of smear has been perfected in Prince William by the Haddow-Candland crowd. It’s what they do to get elected and what they do to exercise power. They’re basically online terrorists. Instead of blowing up buildings they just blow up people’s reputations with online lies.

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    Your research is impressive. If Dr. Hampton tried to respond to all of this foolishness he wouldn’t have time for anything else. Their side lost and they can’t move on. Thanks for what you do.

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    Yes, your research is impressive, though I’m going to ask a question that has been asked on this blog before. When are you going to actually do something about it? It’s one thing to talk, it’s another to act. Who will file suit against these assholes?

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    Kim Simons and Tracy Conroy run the two Facebook “education blogs” with impunity as long as you are on their side.

    You shouldn’t let them off the hook. They regularly delete posts that they don’t agree with so by leaving these posts up they are clearly agreeing with them.

    They even have a campaign email from Willie Deutsch on Kim’s page and then later said they don’t allow campaign materials up after someone posted a rival politicians materials. Willie’s request for money is still up.

    Kim and Tracy foster this hatred of our school system. Tracy’s platform was soundly defeated in 2015 and Kim’s “platform” is based on delusional data that she dreams up on the taxpayer dime as an employee of Jeanine Lawson, Supervisor from the Brentsville District.

    Make no mistake. Kim Simons and Tracy Conroy support this type of e-lynching through their inaction and clear approval of such hateful posts. Looks like it’s the Hateful 10 (not as catchy, but more accurate).

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    Leave Tracy alone!

    She’s a solid democrat one day, but then the next day, she’s colluding with the likes of Kim and Wanda.

    Tracy’s sole desire is to win a seat on that school board and will stop at nothing to take down the man who soundly defeated her.

    Conroy 2019*

    * One day democrat, the next day a republican

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    Diana Sherelle Allen should be included in the “Hateful 8” for numerous posts attacking the good name and accomplishments of George Hampton.
    On May 10, 2016 at 9:22 am, she responded to Lori Anderson’s, May 10, 2016 8:02 am Facebook post by stating the following: Diana Sherelle Allen All I can say is that when their is proof in the form of a Dd214 there will be School Board members that will act. Whether we let them fight for us alone is what concerns me. If even more proof is provided that Mr.Hampton and his supporters are proven to have embellished these facts there will be the Veterans that they will have to answer to…And if it is proven that his War records were embellished there is no way I will not find some way to have those on the School Board held accountable for their rushed misinformed decision.

    What say ye, Diana Sherelle Allen? George Hampton’s DD214 has been made public and he has a proven distinguished honorable military career. Are you willing to apologize or continue to wallow about in misery and hate?

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    Zee Teryl is always running her mouth before the facts, been watching it for years. Best part is when she’s typing into the late night… possibly getting into the late nightcaps…then there are lots of nonsensical random thoughts with lots of typos…that’s when it becomes humorous!

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    It surprises me that Lori Anderson and her friends would find it so hard to believe that George hadn’t provided proof to them that he had these awards/medals. Do they really think that he was reading this junk and even knew to respond to them. Thanks to whomever sent Lori’s Facebook and the replies of the others into you and thank you for revealing this to the public.

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    @ Rich — you’re absolutely right! This is what’s most disgusting about all this. These people talk trash about an 80+ year old man on Facebook and imply that it must be true because he never responded to their posts. That’s crazy.

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    These people repeatedly seem to HATE FIRST and ASK QUESTIONS LATER. Where was this same OUTRAGE when the ‘squiggly lines’ were drawn at Colgan HS on 234, which were drawn to prevent many minorities from attending this school?
    Where was this same OUTRAGE when the community was not allowed to voice their opinion regarding the naming of Ronald Reagan Middle School in Haymarket, VA or when the community was not allowed to voice their opinion when the PWC School Board, FOUR YEARS AGO, added 30 minutes to the teacher workday.

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