Mac Math (Mac Haddow Math, That Is)

As we’ve written on prior occasions, we generally don’t check out what most other blogs are covering or how they’re reacting to our posts, both because we have a specific type of subjects we cover and we just don’t have time, given all the fact-checking we engage in. We’ve been informed, however, that Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland’s boss of bosses, Mac Haddow, appears to be having some troubles with math on the Sheriff blog. It might as well be called the Mac Haddow blog, in our opinion, since we’re told our most recent post resulted in a prompt, confused, Mac-like response on the Sheriff that tried to create a mishmash of salary, benefits, and positions to confuse the brainwashed who look to the Sheriff for facts (why Mac doesn’t just cop to his de facto control of the Sheriff remains a mystery to us).

So, ever vigilant in wanting to provide concrete facts, and to help out the Sheriff’s readers who can’t do the higher math for themselves, we’re going to walk everyone through it using public documents.


You know, come to think of it, we really shouldn’t have said in our last post that it was a salary increase in excess of 10%. We should have used the normal rounding convention and said “of almost 11%.” Now, hopefully despite all the brainwashing they’re subjected to, even the Sheriff readers can see why county employees deserve to be upset when the Haddow-Candland cabal leads the charge – in fact Candland has boasted repeatedly about it – voting against the county budget and salary increases for county employees (at least against increases for those who aren’t in Candland’s office).

For those of you who want to do the math yourself, here are the public documents.





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    It’s not hard to see what’s gone on here. History is repeating itself. Mac Haddow is using his influence over a government office and resources to direct taxpayer money back to his family. Thank you for having the courage to expose what’s going on.

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    This comment and our response were on the prior post, but we thought them relevant here also, and so have re-posted them here as well.

    The hypocrisy is amazing. Old SoN is over there whining, complaining and pissing and moaning that Alice Haddow was attacked. No, she wasn’t attacked nor was SHE accused of wrong-doing.
    Meanwhile, think of the staffs that have been attacked on SoN: Earnestine Jenkins, Donna W., Mr. Caddigan, Mrs. Nohe, just to name a few victims.

    @Rasputin (“The Hypocrisy is amazing . . . .”)
    We appreciate you noting that. We don’t have anything against Alice Haddow and don’t believe she is engaged in any wrongdoing. From everything we’ve been told about her she’s a pleasant person. The worst we think that could be said about her is that Mac Haddow may be using her to line his own pockets with taxpayer funds. Our objection is to the hypocrisy of Mac Haddow and Pete Candland when it comes to what they pontificate on, how they treat county employees and others, and what they do within their own offices. We understand Mac’s strategy, of course. He knows he’s been caught red handed, so what does he do? He tries to deflect this as an attack on his wife. In other words, Mac throws his wife out in front of the bus to cover his own misdeeds.

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    I noticed this too. Where was Mac’s and Pete’s outrage when the Sheriff blog, which they obviously seem to control, was crucifying the staff and spouses of other supervisors? Now I see that through that blog Mac seems to be trying to send the Muckraker toward his wife or Lawson or Anderson. What a sleaze.

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    What Mr. Wiggins, Mr. Porta, and his followers are not acknowledging is that I was promoted to Senior Staff Assistant at the end of 2013. With the position came significantly increased responsibilities, and so it was that the Supervisor offered to pay me a little less than what he had paid the Senior Staff Assistant who was departing the office. Even with the increase, I was making demonstrably less than the other Senior Staff Assistants in PWC.

    I worked myself to the bone when I was employed in the Gainesville District Supervisor’s office. I gave all I had. Early mornings, late nights, holidays, and weekends went to community events to benefit PWC citizens, and that is easily documented — just as it could be documented for the Senior Staff Assistants in other PWC Supervisors’ office. Are you going to attack them because they were and are making far more money than I did? Are you going to publish their Summaries of Salary and Benefits and make claims that they are trying to divert taxpayer money to their husbands? Your attacks and assertions are beyond baseless.

    [The Prince William Muckraker Responds:

    We put up the above comment purported to be from Alice Haddow because it’s actually a reasoned and directly on-point response, and because it also highlights exactly the point we’ve been making about the overwhelming hypocrisy and sense of entitlement in Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland’s office. As we’ve already noted, we don’t think Alice Haddow has done anything illegal nor that she hasn’t done what she’s been asked to do. In fact, we made the assertion ourselves that Pete Candland would probably claim there was a change in duties (man — do some people even read our stuff before they post a comment?) and some among us believe that Alice Haddow should be commended for being willing to make runs for kitchen supplies and the like if it needed to be done, regardless of her position.

    But her comments about working herself “to the bone” and giving it all she had, and devoting “early mornings, late nights, holidays, and weekends,” etc., etc., highlights exactly the point we’ve been making about the Haddow-Candland cabal’s hypocrisy. You see, we don’t think this is particularly unusual. In fact, we believe that there are literally tons of county employees, teachers and others in the community who engage in a comparable level of effort for far less compensation than Ms. Haddow received, or even for no money at all — i.e. on a volunteer basis. Yet, they’ve been subjected repeatedly to vicious, malicious, professional and personal attacks; to rampant character assassination and dissemination of lies. This includes the staff and spouses of other supervisors, some of whom never get paid a dime, but who simply volunteer. Some of whom in the case of at least three supervisors’ spouses and staff have for some time and still today are putting in more time and effort for the benefit of the community than Ms. Haddow probably every did. And yet who has been doing the vicious vilifying, lying about, and character assassination of these county and school employees, supervisors’ staff and families, and community members? Well, none other than the cabal led by Ms. Haddow’s very own husband Mac Haddow, and Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland.

    There’s the rub isn’t it folks? The Republican and Democratic County Supervisors outside of the Haddow-Candland cabal haven’t engaged in a near-continuous assault on the integrity of county and school employees, supervisors’ staffs and families, and other community volunteers, as the members of the Haddow-Candland cabal have done. Yet, people attached to the cabal feel unfairly “attacked” when their
    public salary and benefits information is actually made “public” and compared to the position taken by their boss toward other county employees. This is the classic mindset of the self-righteous hypocrite and the bully.

    Truth be told, but for the four+ years of the vicious, often false attacks of Mac Haddow, Pete Candland, and their house organ, the Sheriff of Nottingham blog, on individual county and school employees, other supervisors and their the staffs and families, and volunteers in the community, we would never even have thought of looking at Pete Candland’s office practices. Yet as is so often the case with the outlandishly self-righteous, we knew such viciousness was likely accompanied by incredible hypocrisy, and so it has been proven once again.

    We’re sorry that Ms. Haddow for some reason feels it unfair to point out the salary increases she has received while her boss worked hard to prevent others from getting even much smaller increases. We only wish she felt as bad for those who give it all they have among the county and school employees, supervisors and supervisors’ families and staff, and community volunteers, that her husband, Mac Haddow, and her former boss, Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland, have maliciously attacked and maligned over the past years — all the while as she worked so diligently for the latter for a salary and benefits packaged that eventually topped out at over $96,000.]

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    Boy the sheriff is loosing it. Lol.
    Now they are trying to spin everything. It’s gonna be hard for Pete and team to spin this. Their credibility is shot. If Pete doesn’t ditch Mac Soon this could be the end of his career

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    Can Alice shed any light on who the “constituent” is that Prime Rib Pete’s eats lunch with? Is it her husband? Is it someone else from the cult…err…office?

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    I have information directly relevant to Alice Haddow’s comment. Her husband, Mac Haddow, is on the County Strategic Planning Committee where he has criticized the inclusion on the committee of the wives of Supervisor John Jenkins, Supervisor Marty Nohe, and former Supervisor Mike May (probably really because they stand up to him). This is a volunteer committee (i.e. no compensation) with no actual power. Pete Candland, on the other hand, has appointed Mac and Alice’s son-in-law, who is an employee in Supervisor Candland’s office, to the board of the Prince William County Service Authority. I believe this is a compensated position and other members have said it is the first time they can ever remember a supervisor actually appointing a member of their staff to the Service Authority Board.

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    Muckraker, I think you should take up Alice Haddow’s suggestion. Look at the other supervisor offices and see if any of the others have either members of the same family or single church who have held as many positions in a supervisors office or compensated appointments as in Supervisor Pete Candland’s office. If I’m keeping count right, in Candland’s office we’ve had “whatever he wants” Mac Haddow, his wife Alice Haddow, his son-in-law, and who knows who else. Seriously, this is worth looking into.

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    Ha ha ha!! It’s DEFCON 5 over at Team Haddow and I think it’s hilarious.

    I’ve submitted a few comments over on the Sheriff’s blog, but the site is on complete lockdown and no comments critical of Inmate 11661-016 (or any other member of the cabal) are being posted. This is a big change from what the Sheriff used to do and it’s telling.

    Look, Pete Candland and Mac “I’m no friend of Khadafy” Haddow are under some real pressure here and it’s really hurting them. Haddow is a convicted felon and Candland is now exposed as the self serving sleazebag he really is. They know this is just the beginning of the storm and they’re freaking out about it.

    Haddow understands that as long as these horrible stories are contained to the local blogs, he can get away with his “it’s all just a big misunderstanding” routine. After all, his probation officer said he was a great guy. The slobbering acolytes that follow Pete and Mac will buy whatever simpleton gruel Team Haddow feeds the stupid.

    But, here’s the rub. People who can’t stand what these guys are about are getting organized and raising money. There will be a reckoning this summer for Pere and Mac and they will face a much more rational public who just won’t accept the bs excuses these two (and now apparently Alice) are peddling. I predict there’s just no way this felon will be serving on any county boards or committees after September – the public just won’t support it when there are so many better candidates.

    The end is near.

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    The hypocrisy of Mac’s ability to skewer others and then turn around either as himself or as the Sheriff and cry foul makes me want to puke. The man has a personality disorder that makes him blind to his own actions and how viscious they are, as well as an inability to realize how much he must be rationalizing his sick actions to himself. He is a sad old man.

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    Here is the link to Mac Haddow’s original blog under his own name. All the posts say “posted by Mac Haddow.” It began in February of 2012 because Mac was frustrated with the budget process in the county and Pete Candland wasn’t effectuating change at all.

    You can see the whole premise is that he wants lower taxes and make government smaller. That is always his objective. Even when Pete wants to “give more to the schools” it is too shrink the county government because the the overall pie is the same size.

    Unfortunately he started attacking county employees directly, specifically Michele Casiato, the budget director. He was told he couldn’t do that so the posts stopped. Completely.

    The Sheriff of Nottingham blog started in May of 2012. Funny, it seems like the same blog, just the name changed.

    I have screen grabs of the entire blog if you want them. I am sure it will disappear. But it will now live forever.

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    Muckraker, I think Alice Haddow should reflect on the virtual nothings that the Muckraker has posted about her on this blog and then go and look at all the things that have been posted about other county employees, community leaders and volunteers going back to 2012 on the blog of Mac Haddow/Pete Candland, and put herself in the shoes of those people and imagine how they felt about what her husband and Candland did to them while they were giving it all they had.

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    We’ve now received a rather bizarre comment from some one again saying they are Alice Haddow, but this time the comment is not so well reasoned.

    She’s criticizes the Muckraker for using the word “claim” in describing what Pete Candland would say about a change in job responsibilities for her. [Note: the Muckraker has never disputed that her job responsibilities might have been increased, even though we were not provided with anything to document that.]

    Perhaps most bizarrely she says: “Although some of Candland’s employees share his “faith,” others do not. The rumor surrounding this is categorically untrue, and yet you continue to peddle it, as if you can do so without issues involving religious discrimination.” [Note: What rumor? What religious discrimination? The Muckraker has never said everyone in the office shares the same faith as Supervisor Candland. In fact, we know that not to be true. Sounds like there’s a story here that we haven’t actually done. Perhaps someone else has.]

    She claims the Muckraker said her “job was little more than ‘running for kitchen supplies.'” [Note: Not true. The Muckraker has never said that. In fact, we alluded in an earlier post to our belief that it’s not a good use of taxpayer funds for someone being compensated as highly as she was to be responsible for that sort of thing.]

    She claims the Muckraker said she was “diverting taxpayer money.” [Note: We don’t actually believe that. Where has the Muckraker said that?]

    She says: “There has never been a single occasion in which my husband has received a single penny of compensation in any form for any of the multiple ways he has volunteered for PWC.” [Note: We don’t believe we’ve done a post on that subject, but will consider doing one. We’ll have someone check on whether or not the taxpayer ever picked up the lunch tab for Mr. Haddow.]

    She says: “I object to your claim that my comments are “purportedly” from Alice Haddow.” [Note: Who knew the word “purportedly” was offensive in this context? Next time we’ll say as we did in this one, “someone who writes that they are Alice Haddow.”]

    This is the kind of nonsense we see all too often from the Haddow-Candland cabal at every level. It doesn’t matter how unfairly and falsely they defame anyone else, better not use a word like “purportedly” when talking about them.

    As we have repeatedly said, if anything above that we have written is factually inaccurate, please notify us of the specific inaccuracy and in or under what post it exists and we will review it and correct it if warranted. But . . . we’re not going to change things just because the bright light of truth is uncomfortable on the self-righteous at times.

    (Oh yes, she also said something to the effect of knowing from personal experience that Pete Candland always thinks employee raises are important. We’ll let county employees and the public themselves evaluate what that whopper substantively has meant in practice.)

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    This shows one of the biggest problems with the Haddow and Candland gang. Alice Haddow is so thinskinned as to be outraged that her salary and benefits information is online and that it’s been suggested she got the job and salary because of her husband’s influence. But she is completely indifferent to the way her husband, Pete Candland and others have assassinated people’s character online on the SoN blog for years simply because they disagree with them. I’m starting to think she is as bad or worse than Mac. No one can be that blind or delusional.

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    You know Alice Haddow and the rest of the cabal are going to whine about her whole comment not being posted. Tell them you’ll post it when everyone involved in the Sheriff blog reveals their identities, agrees to post everything ever submitted to them, and removes all their made up stuff.

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    Muckracker. You have struck a nerve.
    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

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    I don’t understand how Alice Haddow can have a Christian bone in her body, say what she says, and then acquiesce in what Mac Haddow and Pete Candland do on the Sheriff blog. It’s about as hypocritical as a Christian can be.

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    Muckraker, you said you don’t know why Mac Haddow doesn’t cop to the truth about this involvement in the SoN blog. Because if he does he and Candland will be exposed as having lied to the public about this for years. It will be proof once again that Mac Haddow has not only not reformed from his earlier years, but has been schooling a younger generation of people like Pete Candland in his unethical ways. It will bring down the house of power that Mac is trying to rebuild.

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    I understand completely. You can lose a lot of time and opportunities for retirement planning when you are doing time. Mac and the family need this to provide for their future.

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    Muckraker you should check out the June 7, 1988 edition of the Deseret News, published in Utah: headline: “Haddow Works to End Lawsuit” “Former Utah Legislator C. McClain Haddow thinbks he has made some headway in…persuade the Justice Department to drop its plan to sue him and his wife, Alice…” Sounds like a civil suit to recover the $$$$$ that were diverted from the US Treasury.

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    Muckraker, don’t take Alice Haddow at her word about her work effort. FOIA Candland’s comp time records. His office was notorious among county staff for abusing the comp time process for anything they did outside posted working hours.

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    I expect that Pete really doesn’t know how to say NO to Mac. Isn’t Mac his spiritual leader? That dual role could get confusing.

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    I am confused. Ms. Haddow replaced the Chief of Staff in Pete’s office. I thought that was the top rung. So now I find out there is a top top rung.

    Seriously, when you are the boss of the staff, what is higher? Methinks I hear weasel words.

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    I don’t believe for one minute that any of this is coming from Alice. Mac Haddow writes everything for everyone so it doesn’t surprise me that a response was written in her name but doubt, very seriously, that she actually wrote it. In fact, I would bet that Alice hasn’t made one decision in her life since Mac walked into it. He has probably forcibly included her in all of his dirty dealings and she is terrified of him. Why else would a woman continue to be accused of crimes over and over again, continue to involve her children and their spouses, ruin her good name in every community in which they settle, and still be available for the next crime spree? She must be terrified of him as we all have become since he settled in our community and began his destruction.

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    Poor Ali Haddow! Her former boss Candland goes after his detractors and when they sling the mud back she becomes collateral damage. Maybe she should put Pete in a time out. Talk about a clueless woman.

    I hear Candland has resorted to wearing Depends and Mac is imploding over at SON because he is unable to control everyone’s speech.

    Keep it up Muckraker! Mac is out of control. Haddow and Candland have thousands of folks in PWC who hate them but they always resort to attacking a woman on their blog! They both are misogynists!

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    The SoN blog is loosing it. They are on total defense. The have spent post after post saying everyone is lying. NBC, the victims families and of course the muckracker all lying?
    Sorry sheriff no one in their right or left mind is going to believe you, Mac , Pete or any one else in your group. You can’t be trusted and it’s time your entire group get out of PWC politics. The people in this county are done with you.

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    I am glad to see you all are back up and running. You scared me!!!!

    The people of PWC are counting you Muckraker to print the truth.

    [Editors Note: Thanks. We’re not going anywhere. We were just trying to honor Memorial Day.]

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