Mac Haddow . . . and the Victims of Pan Am Flight 103

We allowed a person purporting to be Mac Haddow to post a comment on our Facebook page, where he attempted to explain that his involvement in the scheme we wrote about yesterday was just a big misunderstanding with some of the Pan Am 103 families. The substance of his assertion seems to be that he was not a Libyan agent (for the record we never said or thought he was and believe that NBC indicated the FBI was investigating whether or not he needed to register as such) and that it was a misunderstanding among the family groups — that he was not actually trying to get them to accept $1 million. In response, we received a bunch of comments and emails from people who sent us additional news reports in which Haddow’s explanations were allegedly different from what he posted. The people chastised us for falling for a standard Haddow-Candland gambit, which is to avoid addressing the core issue and instead try to confuse people with nuanced interpretations provided by Haddow rather than the facts actually available. Additionally, they pointed out that the post contained what was allegedly a phone number for Haddow and that it would not be beyond him to later claim it was not him who put up the post and that we had recklessly given out his phone number.

We took the advice offered and removed the Facebook post, noting that we believe the real Mac Haddow has an adequate forum to express his views in the form of the Sheriff of Nottingham blog. We not only believe he has access to it, but we believe he effectively controls it, and we believe he has used it extensively over the past 5 years as an adjunct to Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland’s office to launch vicious attacks and spread malicious lies about elected officials, candidates, county employees, and citizens who disagree with the agenda he and Pete (and now Jeanine Lawson and Ruth Anderson) are promoting. Many commentators pointed out that any attempt to talk substantively about Mac Haddow on that blog has been blocked. Only passing references have been allowed. So we’re confident that Mac Haddow can express on his own forum the version of events he’s currently peddling.

In the meantime, one particular item sent to us in response to Mac’s Facebook post stood out. It’s a newsletter produced by a group of victims of Pan Am Flight 103. As you will see, according to the newsletter of the group, Mac Haddow showed up at a meeting of the group “requesting to speak . . . about ending the U.S. Sanctions against Libya.” The group didn’t want to speak about the subject with “unknown persons” and so Mac Haddow and his comrade were taken outside to talk by two of the group’s members. As you will also see, it eventually “became clear” to the group’s representatives that both they and a U.S. Congressman were “being used” by Mac Haddow.




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    This is nearly unbelievable, no one I know would do what he did.

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    What county boards and commissions is Haddow on, are they all Candland appointments?

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    Look. There is only one thing to do at this point. Since Mac has so much power in this county through his Pete Candland appointments we need to contact the Board of County Supervisors.

    You can email the entire board at

    They all voted for this “man” to be on the committees that he is on. They can remove him too. Insist on that and do it now.

    Email the BOCS and tell them to remove Mac Haddow from all committees and appointments. If they say they can’t then tell them to dissolve all of the committees and immediately reform them.

    This man can no longer ruin our county.

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    Where will take Mac to go out to eat on taxpayer expense? After all, Pete has lots of “meals with a constituent” but they are never named. Who is that consitent. Mac? Probably, because I don’t think Kydafi is a PWC resident.

    This has the makings of a server getting tipped 40% with taxpayer money. Will Pete spend our money in PWC or go to his many favorite Fairfax locations to spend our money. Time will tell.

    There are just so many good places to eat at taxpayer expense while you talk abkut screwing taxpayers and then lying to them about it. It will probably go something like this:

    – Order your drink
    1) Give your (future) employer cheap taxpayer owned property
    2) Take a job with said employer after you vote to help their business
    – Eat appetizer
    3) Lease the land at taxpayer expense from your employer for Parks and Rec.
    4) Gving the leased land exclusively to a sports group that you are a member of as a supervisor of PWC and an employee of the private company. That is what Michael Scott on “The Office” would call a win-win-win.
    – Salad course arrives (remember to use the small fork)
    5) Plan letters to write to school board members and tell them how you wouldn’t use tax payer money for meals when you actually have been doing it for years.
    – Entree delivered
    6) practice your “surprised face” when your political opponents do to you what you have been doing to them for years. With the only difference being that they use facts and you use “birdies”.
    7) Lowering your personal tax bill while raising the average tax bill on everyone else.
    – Dessert time (as if it could get much sweeter than a free taxpayer funded meal that you insist you would never eat). I suggest the carrot cake.
    8) divert attention to pianos as you raise your personal supervisor’s budget. You get more money and kids get less. Maybe it can get sweeter?
    – Be sure to tip your waiter/waitress. [Edited out.]

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    Agreed – Mr. Haddow should not be serving the county in any kind of appointed or official capacity. The Board of Supervisors should take action to make that happen. But don’t be fooled – even if the Board has the courage to do that, Mr. Haddow will continue to exert his power from the shadows behind Candland, Lawson and Anderson. If those board members can’t separate themselves entirely from Haddow they are ultimately the ones who need to go. This county has so many wonderful people in it who genuinely want to work to make it better. It’s sickening to know that a good portion of our local government has been co-opted by one individual who is so obviously corrupt and only interested in his own power and money. It literally makes me gag.

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    Let me tell you what really disgusts me about this. This guy is on the county’s Strategic Planning Committee where he not only controls several other members, but where he essentially implied that the some of the county staff who are there at the meetings are corrupt. He has a background like this and yet is free to attack these people who can’t defend themselves because of their positions. It’s a disgusting sign of what Prince William County has become.

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    I see you made an addition to yesterday’s post. Haddow awarding government contracts to friends who then paid his wife to do the work sounds like “kickbacks” to me.

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you Muckraker. We’ve needed someone to defend us from this guy’s slanders. His whole goal has seemed to be to make us miserable and our jobs unbearable.

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    Ditto. The sleazy intimidation tactics of Haddow and Candland have been destroying this county. Thank you for standing up to them.

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    It makes me sick to know that Rich and Ruth Anderson are involved with this guy. How could they do it?

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    I honestly don’t think Rich and Ruth Anderson knew about this or there is no way they would have partnered up with Candland and Lawson.

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    Don t let the Andersons off the hook, they knew exactly what the Gainesville thugs were all about. Ruth, while not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, followed her husbands lead right into the sewer.

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    Agreed. I don’t think there’s any way the Andersons knew.

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    I think you should help Mac put this all to rest by referring to him from now on as Mac “Not a Libyan Agent” Haddow.

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    Oh please – when will people start seeing past Rich Anderson’s nice guy persona? He and his wife are thick as thieves with Haddow and have no problem following him and the rest of the cabal down in to the mud and the slime – all the while feigning innocence and pretending to have no knowledge of those offensive tactics. I don’t know if they knew about this particular episode in the Haddow history, but I know for sure that the Andersons are connected to Haddow and like Haddow, don’t care who they have to hurt to get ahead.

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    I agree with the commentor who said you shouldn’t let the Andersons off the hook. They’re up to their eyeballs in this. The connection is Reece Collins. He was Rich Anderson’s campaign manager and has been a campaign consultant to Ruth Anderson and well as an employee in Pete Candland’s office. I think he is probably the main person on the Sheriff blog. The Andersons knew exactly who and what they were dealing with and didn’t care as long as it got them elected. Remember the hatchet job they did on Faisal Gill and then the hatchet job they did to get Rich first elected. Then Ruth pulled the same crap against Ernie Porta. The Andersons were up to their eyeballs in this kind of smut before Haddow ever came on the scene.

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    The Andersons know exactly what they’re doing and Ruth Anderson is sitting by while Mac tries to bully the Strategic Planning Committee. If I were you Muckraker I’d tag every mention of Haddow with Ruth Anderson so that when people Google her her connection with Haddow comes up.

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    Mac Haddow is claiming you have “summarily” denied his comments, although I see you have actually noted some of his and his supporters objections in several places.

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    We actually responded directly to communications from Mr. Haddow and asked him to tell us very specifically where any of our information was inaccurate, and assured him once notified that we would review it and amend it as warranted. We haven’t received anything in response.

    What he has instead written to us with are long, rambling, arguably-threatening essays, some of which discuss his felony conviction (which we have not done a post on) and that talk about his place in the community, etc. In other words, he hasn’t told us specifically what is inaccurate or defamatory about any of our posts. The specific objections we have received about the accuracy of the posts comes from an anonymous commentator, who cites Haddow not being a Libyan agent (something we have said we do not believe he was), that he was not “kicked out” of the Reagan administration as the NBC video says (we’ve agreed to investigate that), and that what he was convicted of was not “kickbacks” as the NBC video says (we provided some information sent to us on that so that people can judge for themselves whether or not NBC’s use of the term “kickbacks” was warranted). Other than that, Mac Haddow’s argument boils down to claiming his actions regarding the Pan Am Flight victims to be a “misunderstanding.” We think readers can judge that for themselves.

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    I love this. So the Haddow-Candland group’s defense of Mac is that: 1. His actions would have helped Khadafy greatly but he was not officially a Libyan agent. 2. He was convicted of a felony for violating conflict of interest rules and directing federal money to a group that then paid his wife to do the work but that’s not technically being convicted for “kickbacks.” Do I have that right? Wow, what bastards they are at NBC! How could they criticize such an upstanding citizen.

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    The lynching was just a misunderstanding. I’m not actually a member of the Klan.

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    My father always taught me that there is nothing worst than a “liar” Haddow will look you in the face and tell you an outright lie. He has the art of”lying” down to a science.

    Haddow verbally abuses women in public and in print. He conducts a smear campaign against women who dare to challenge him.The women around him are afraid to speak up and put up with all of his crap.

    Even on other blogsites sympathetic to hi he is ou

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    Haddow posted his manifesto of lies I hear on the site of a fellow misogynist.

    Was Mac at the finish line of Petey’s walk having a donut today or was the rain a little too much for him?

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    I’m starting to wonder how bright Candland and Haddow really are. Posting that 87 page long document on Candland’s website was a tactical mistake. Sure people are probably only going to read the summary that puts Pete’s spin on things, but then there going to go to your site and find out what all the fuss is about. Then there also going to see everything else that’s there and then they’re going to start checking back. Letiecq figured this out with anti-BVBL. He just ignored them and they became irrelevant.

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    Haddow is the HOA President for the Oak Valley community in western PWC. He has lead the community BOD in fighting turning over land proffered by the developer to the county for athletic fields for the last decade. He has now brokered a deal with the county BOD to allow the HOA to sell the land to a developer to put up more homes. Reading this blog and knowing his history brings many questions to mind; why would the county agree to lose much-needed sport fields? and what safeguards does the county have in place to assure no ‘kickbacks’ will be acquired?, to name a couple. Many in the community do not trust his motivations, but do not have the resources to investigate. This is a potentially illicit situation that this blog might want to follow.

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    This is absolutely ridiculous. It’s like a bad soap opera only it’s real life with much uglier people. How dos this disgusting man get access and get involved in so much of our county business?
    Is everyone in this damn county asleep? Mr. Candland please separate yourself from him immediately, you are embarrassing us all and undoing any good that you think you have done, absolutely ridiculous.

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    The Gainesville thugs have been trashing their opponents as well as innocent county employees for 4+ years, now there is a blog calling them out and they are whining like stuck pigs (Mac, excuse the analogy).

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    @Anonymous “I’m starting to wonder”
    I didn’t get that either. Why make a bigger deal out of mileage and meals by responding? Nobody cares. To me it exposed a weakness that they either have really thin skins or they have more to hide that they’re worried about coming out.

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    The “other” blog has become even more vicious, when a comment is made that is at all an opposing opinion, the “sheriff” will spend a paragraph name calling. It’s obnoxious, and frankly a sign of a weak defense. Bullies always crumble when they are stood up to.
    There defense seems to trickle down to name calling and misdirection.
    It’s time for the quilty party to step down fur the good of the county

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    @Worried in PWC:

    Great comment and completely agree! Anyone who has been to Long Park during soccer season on a Saturday would shutter at the thought of not using the proffered county land in Oak Valley for what it was originally intended for. I wonder how many Western Prince William County residents even know about it? Many would be outraged at the thought of proffered county land intended for athletic fields, now being sold off to developers.
    Is it really a coincidence that this is going on in the neighborhood that Mac Haddow lives in and is HOA president of? Based on the reproted information on this blog, making deals that benefit him seems to be his method of operation.

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    This story has “legs” and obviously things are going to start heating up for BOCS members.
    Here’s the big question, “Will Mac resign?” It’s a big question because even reasonable republicans like Nohe and Caddigan are going to get pressure to remove Haddow from the committees he serves on. Notwithstanding his ridiculous excuses for his past conduct, there is no question that Haddow is unfit to serve. Príncipi and Jenkins will have to support his removal
    Mac will give us all a lot of insight into his true personality depending on how he handles the upcoming outcry and public calls for his ouster. If he decides to fight to retain his positions and power, he will be telling all republicans that he considers his personal interests more important than the interests of the party. Of course if he does that then he should expect them to kick him to the curb. I think he’s too clever to let that happen so I predict a resignation from all his official roles and he’ll just head back to being the snake in the grass who tries to run things from the shadows.

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    I noticed that too. The Sheriff blog has an obviously planted comment from someone saying they felt bad for Earnie Porta when he was called out for a “sexual harassment thing” that was 10 years ago, but that they think it’s disgraceful this blog is calling out Haddow for something 20 or 30 years ago. Except that Porta’s thing was from 20 years ago, when he fired someone in 1995. The Sheriff just wanted people to think it was more recent. This tells you everything you need to know about the Sheriff crowd. Porta was in a private lawsuit that was settled. Haddow went to jail for misusing taxpayer money then allegedly lobbied for a deal that would have benefited Qaddafi and is still up to all sorts of his old tricks, while he’s been on Candland’s staff, runs Candland’s budget committee and is a Candland appointee. It’s an amazing double-standard.

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    Keep it up Muckraker. They’re trying to do the same thing they tried to do when anti-BVBL started. They can’t argue the facts so they try to go after you personally. Don’t let them intimidate you. They’re terrified at getting called out for their dishonesty.

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    Here’s an interesting quote about Haddow from his days in Utah from a Mormon paper no less: “Whatever Haddow touched in his political career seemed to turn into a fight. At one point he was accused of violating legislative ethics and was investigated by a House committee and the attorney general’s office.” The more things change the more they stay the same.

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    The problem with Mac and Pete is not their positions. It’s that they can’t just get their way. They have to destroy and control everyone who disagrees with them. If there was no Sheriff blog engaging in character assassination every other day there would be no problem with Mac’s past. It’s relevant because of what he’s doing today.

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    Mac and Pete suffer from some form of paranoia. I have heard by many county residents and employees that anytime anything is exposed about them they always try to pin the blame on one person that they are so afraid of. What they are so blind to is that they have thousands of folks in the county who hate them. This blog has provided a much needed outlet for county employees to fight back from their personal attacks.

    Everyone thinks it is so funny!

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