Mac & Pete: The Early Years — The Gainesville Truth Squad

We’ve received a submission from a contributor about the emergence of Mac Haddow and Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland’s initial character assassination campaigns. The submission was apparently spurred by the contortions the two have engaged in over the years to try to deny any involvement with or knowledge of the smear blog, the Sheriff of Nottingham. We call the submission, “Mac & Pete: The Early Years.”

According to sources, when Pete Candland was engaged in the 2011 Republican nominating contest to replace John Stirrup as Gainesville Supervisor, one of his primary opponents encountered someone named Mac Haddow allegedly doing dirty work for Candland. This Republican opponent of Candland’s asked several local Republicans who this person was. When Candland was asked directly he allegedly responded with something along the following lines: “He’s just a friend from church. He won’t be very involved.”

Well, we know what ultimately happened. Haddow was not only “very involved,” he promptly joined Candland’s office staff after Candland’s election, as did Haddow’s wife (and later Haddow’s son-in-law). As an internal document we published earlier showed, Candland gave Haddow carte blanche to “do whatever [he] wants.” By most accounts Haddow became Candland’s de facto chief of staff, forcing out after only a few months Candland’s actual chief of staff who had the temerity to stand up to Haddow. Haddow became chair of the Gainesville budget committee, then with the resignation of Wally Covington and the election of Jeanine Lawson, the chair of the joint Gainesville-Brentsville budget committee. In fact, he became a ubiquitous presence around Candland, not only as a Candland appointee on county committees, but by having relatives appointed to positions, and by accompanying, taping and even, according to a number of eyewitness accounts, scolding and directing Candland at public events. Often, the public has been able to watch as Haddow gives instructions to Candland from the audience while Candland is on the dais, either with signals or texts. Haddow is, in effect, the Gainesville District Supervisor.

But there was something between that original inquiry about Haddow and all this. That “something” was a blog called the Gainesville Truth Squad. Remarkably similar to today’s Sheriff of Nottingham blog, the Gainesville Truth Squad maliciously attacked then-candidate Candland’s opponents with gossip, innuendo, half-truths and fabrications. There is no doubt that it was the direct precursor of today’s Sheriff of Nottingham character assassination blog.

The most interesting thing is that we know who was behind it. You see, back then the person who provided the content of the Gainesville Truth Squad blog allegedly acknowledged to a number of people that he had someone else set up the blog, but that he provided and controlled the content. Who was the person who made that acknowledgement? None other than Mac Haddow.

[Editors Note: So as the denials about the Gainesville Truth Squad blog arrive from the Haddow-Candland cabal, what does someone else send us? A shout-out and link to the blog during the Republican nominating contest from none other than Pete Candland himself. Here is a screen shot of it below. Candland . . . busted . . . again.]



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    I’m glad you finally did something on this. It shows how Candland’s and Haddow’s lies are not isolated instances but patterns of regular conduct.

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    I believe for all intents and purposes that Haddow is the Sheriff of Nottingham and that he’s set things up like he did for the Gainesville Truth Squad. Someone else “owns” it while he, Reece Collins and Candland provide the content. This is how they rationalize lying to the public since it is not technically just one of them. Liars and cowards.

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    The people of Gainesville need to know that their real supervisor is a felon, Libyan agent two steps removed and all around dishonest scumbag.

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    They are cowards plain and simple. To hide behind that crappy blog and put garbage in small minds is cowardly and irresponsible.
    That’s why I recommend this blog to everyone. Opinion yes, but based on well researched information. We know who is putting out the info and we know they are accountable.
    Keep going muckracker.

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    So how did these rascals extend their influence to the Andersons? What they do needs to be understood in order to take appropriate action.

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    The Gainesville Truth Squad was supposedly authored by one [edited out] who, amazingly enough, was Haddow’s mailman.

    You can’t make this crap up!

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    The handle, “Sheriff of Nottingham” is really appropriate. But why would anyone but an apologist for those who do well by ripping off the common people use such a descriptor? Ego takes folks to such weird places.

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    So busted! Pete, what were you thinking?

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    I think Candland started out as a decent guy, weak of character but decent, until he fell in to the grips of Haddow, Candland took Haddow’s lead on everything including walking up mto the just short of unethical line. Unfortunately, Haddow now controls Candland completely, through his son-in-law, Haddow knows everything Candland does or fails to do. Haddow tells Candland what to do and what to say, the text message traffic between the two of them during BOCS meetings I’m sure would be revealing and since those texts are public records and can not legally be deleted or otherwise made unavailable to the public should give the Muckraker a wealth of information.

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    Anon, we would all love to see those texts!

    I heard that he once sat a couple tables away while Pete was dining with another supervisor.

    How creepy is that!?

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