Haddow-Candland Cabal Opposes Disclosure of Illegal Funding Gambit

In a startling move, the Mac Haddow-Pete Candland cabal has tried to block public disclosure that the school funding scheme proposed by Supervisors Ruth Anderson, Pete Candland and Jeanine Lawson, is illegal under Virginia state law.

As readers may already know from prior stories on the Muckraker, Ruth Anderson, Pete Candland and Jeanine Lawson, partly in retaliation for removing an unrepentant segregationist’s name from a county middle school, have proposed substantial reductions in the school funding agreement, pledging to then return some of the money by requiring that it be used for specific items that they (these three Supervisors) want to see funded. The problem, of course, is that this is contrary to Virginia law.

In normal circumstances, the response to something like this is and should have been that the three supervisors were simply unaware of this particular long-standing aspect of state law. But rather than making that reasonable admission, Haddow-Candland cabal members tried to block public disclosure of its illegality.

The Muckraker has received a copy of the legal memorandum on the issue written by the Prince William Public School system’s interim legal counsel. Such memoranda can only be disclosed with the permission of the client, since it involves communication between the client and their legal counsel. This is an appropriate legal principle designed to protect matters involving litigation or suggested negotiation strategies, as well as confidential information about the client necessarily disclosed to their attorney. Since the client here is the School Board, a majority of the School Board has to approve release of the memo. In this instance such disclosure would normally be a pro forma matter since there is no confidential information about the client involved, and the matter is a legal opinion on public school funding law.

Incredibly, despite all their past paeans to transparency, Brentsville School Board member Gil Trenum, Coles School Board member Willie Deutsch, and Gainesville School Board member Alyson Satterwhite, VOTED AGAINST TRANSMITTING THE MEMO TO THE PRINCE WILLIAM BOARD OF COUNTY SUPERVISORS.

What possible sense could any of this make? Trenum, Deutsch, and Satterwhite voted IN FAVOR of the School budget transmitted to the Board of County Supervisors? Why now would they oppose release to that same group of the legal opinion asserting that the Board of County Supervisors cannot legally reduce that budget in the manner some supervisors are proposing?

The positions taken by Trenum, Deutsch, and Satterwhite are completely inconsistent and potentially even in conflict with their oaths as School Board members. Unless one was to question their basic intelligence, the most logical explanation is that they found themselves under pressure from Haddow, Candland & Co. to bury the memo so as not to embarrass fellow cabal members Anderson, Candland, and Lawson for their ignorance.


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    Bravo Muckraker, you’ve got the “sheriff” on the run. Haddow has gone from an average of 1 post every other day on his hate blog to 3 a day now. Looks like there’s a new sheriff in town and everybody knows it, including Haddow.

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    I realize that Ruth Anderson is part of the Haddow “cabal”, but can we really blame her on this? Seriously, who out there really believes she understands any of this stuff about school funding.

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    Trenum, Satterwhie and now Deutsch have always been lackeys for Mac Haddow. Why don’t you do a little more in-depth research on Haddow, you’ll find that there is sleaze every place he shows up, some unlawful, some border line. Candland/Lawson/Anderson seem to be living in fear of Haddow or they’re just too not so bright to figure [him] out [edited out].

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    Does this mean that last year’s class size reduction matching grant was also illegal?

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    To Very Interested:
    Probably. But that’s not the point as it was the previous school board accepted that offer from the supervisors.

    The question is now this: Will Haddow tell Candland, Lawson, and Anderson to stick to their guns and continue with their illegal proposal which could essentially force the school board to sue the bocs? The memo in this article is clear. The bocs would lose but being a loser has never stopped pete candland before. he has been nothing but a loser for the people of gainesville/haymarket. he doesn’t get funding for parks because the other supervisors can’t stand him. he’s the ted cruz of the bocs. Long on words. Short on results.

    If you are keeping score at home. Pete candland justifies serving himself prime rib dinners at tax payer expense but if you have a child that wants to play on a “prime” piano then you can take a hike.

    Prime rib for Pete’s belly = good
    Prime piano for your budding musician = bad

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    It doesn’t even matter because, from the moment Candland promised to make a difference, the schools have continued to burst at the seams. Unless they do something significant then the situation will continue to be dangerous for our children. I read Ryan Sawyers letters to Candland and he was right. Candland’s record is a disaster and he has done nothing to help overcrowding in the western end as promised.

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    If it had been the other way around regarding disclosure of the SB document, Satterwhite and Trenm would have already sent it to Haddw and Weir to post up on their hate sites. It must contain a slap down of Candland and cabal.

    Haddow was appointed to some county strategic plan by Candland because he is now getting off about his new position. This is a scary thought. Hopefully, the other team members are standing up to him.

    Someone should alert the county staff that Haddow is leaking info to the press to make him appear to be the go to guy in the county. He is on a ego trip!

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    @Oak Valley Resident I feel so sorry for you having to live under Haddow’s thumb in your subdivision. I hear he has been the HOA president since it’s inception, and refuses to step down, is that true? I hear if you cross him in Oak Valley he makes your life miserable so be careful.

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    Sane: Haddow built his basketball/tennis court partially in hoa common ground he acts as a dictator in our community everyone hates him but the push back isn’t worth it because if feared retaliation.

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    What really bothers me about this year’s budget is that so much of it is designed specifically to retaliate against folks that the Haddow/Candland cabal don’t like. The concept of good governance and what’s really good for the county is just not a factor with these guys. They are bullies and possibly criminals.

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