Dumfries Mayor Gerald Foreman Arrested for Petty Larceny

Dumfries Foreman LarcenyEarlier today we wrote about Dumfries Mayor Gerald Foreman using taxpayer assets to smear and endorse candidates running in the Dumfries Town elections. We asked the rhetorical question, “How ethically challenged is Foreman?” Turns out that if we had waited but a few hours, we would have learned that the question is not rhetorical at all. Just after 1:00 p.m. today, InsideNova reported that the Dumfries Mayor was arrested and charged with petty larceny for removing campaign sign(s). After an investigation police “brought the facts before a county magistrate who found probable cause to issue a warrant” for the incumbent Dumfries Mayor. Petty larceny is a misdemeanor with a maximum punishment of 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine.

As we reported in our earlier story, Foreman was a foot soldier in the Mac Haddow-Pete Candland cabal attempt to unseat Coles Supervisor Marty Nohe, where he canvassed for Haddow-Candland candidate Paul O’Meara. It was also Foreman supporters of his failed State Senate run who were involved in the serious misconduct at the PWC Electoral Board.


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    This guy is a disgrace to the Marine Corps.

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    I’m looking at the photo. Don’t tell me this guy’s a Marine.

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    I’m telling you this is the type of pervasive corruption Haddow and Candland have brought to a part of the Republican Party in Prince William. Haddow, Candland, Lawson, Ruth Anderson, Rich Anderson, Willie Deutsch, Jerry Foreman, Tony Guiffre, Reece Collins, etc., etc. They’re all part of the same group who does the Nixonian rat%(*&ing thing. It’s time to call them all out.

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    May 2, 2016, the first time The Muckraker and The Sheriff have publicly agreed on a topic. Is this a sign of things to come or an olive branch by Haddow?

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    He needs to resign today.

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    Here’s the rest of the story: Willie Toney left Dumfries Saturday to be with his dying mother in North Carolina. Toney’s mother passed today. So, Gerry Foreman takes the opportunity of Toney’s mother dying to tear down Toney’s signs. Foreman is total scum.

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    What a total scumbag.

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    I did not realize how many tentacles the Haddow/Candland cabal really has. People need to know that how widespread the pattern of corruption and intimidation really is. It’s not about what issues you support or don’t support — it’s about an inappropriate use of power and manipulation of people. Very scary!

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    Haddow violates his own HOA rules as President by allowing campaign signs in OAK VALLEY only of candidates he likes. Mac doesn’t put signs out because that would require physical activity and you can tell by his rotund shape he doesn’t participate in exercise.

    Both him and Candland are running a fundraising scheme called “Running with Pete” What is funny Mac participates by waiting at the end of the run with a platter of Chick Fil La that he conned some business to donate by saying it is for volunteers when in fact he eats the whole tray himself while standing in his own blue polyester workout clothes with the “BYU” logo on his shirt.
    Go to Running with Pete Facebook page and you will see women wearing,” Property of Candland” on their tshirts. In the last Haymarket a Day Parade Pete had all these women on his over the top float. You would have thought he was taping a scene for the TV Show “Sister Wives”

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    You should get your hands on internal documents regarding Councilman Cliff Brewer they make Foreman’s stuff look like Childs play.

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    This clown is appalling. He tore down the signs while Toney was in NC tending to his dying mother? Is that true?

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    @ Joe George
    Doesn’t look like an olive branch to me. Looks like the Haddow-Candland cabal has realized two of their soldiers have gotten caught and are facing legal trouble and want to distance themselves. Why else would they have waited so long to condemn Guiffre? The real test is what they do when caporegimes Anderson, Candland and Lawson get in legal trouble. Then what?

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    If Haddow built his basketball court on HOA ground then why hasn’t the county addressed this?
    I understand why the residents don’t want to spearhead the charge, I also have friends in Oak Valley and the fear is real. If Haddow has done this then Muckraker can’t you get a picture of it from google maps and report it to the county?
    After all this is what this blog is about, truth, JUSTICE, and the American way. He has to be held accountable and this seems like a quick way to get some resolution for those residents who are outraged at his arrogance and bullying. Capone went down over taxes, right?

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    I am a true republican and cannot find it in my heart to vote for my own party members, I am so disgusted with Haddow and Candland, it’s time to get these clowns out of office and get someone in the seat that actually cares about the republican party and how it can serve the community, not their own special interests or bank accounts. Candland has done very well for himself since he took his Supervisor’s office. The days of his modest ungated Piedmont home and tiny HOA president job are far behind him. Hey Candland you’re not supposed to do better than the constituents that you pretend to serve, shame on you.

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    Did foreman resign yet? Tearing down signs, using town letterhead to support his candidates and covering up Brewers town hall escapades, what’s next for this guy…homicide?

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    Mayor Gerald Foreman should either be forced to resign and/or be recalled. Haddow, Candland, Lawson, Ruth Anderson, Rich Anderson, Willie Deutsch, Jerry Foreman, Tony Guiffre, Reece Collins, etc., etc. must be very proud and probably believe that the only thing that Foreman did wrong…was get caught.

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    Candland remained quiet about the Guiffre issue because his wife is a friend and member of the same Republican Women’s club as the women who helped Guiffre.

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