Candland’s Hidden Vendor Sued by Cuccinelli for Scam

Just yesterday we reported that Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland tried to use county funds to pay a hyper-partisan political vendor while filing a county procurement form indicating he was contracting with a different, nonpartisan vendor. No sooner had we done so than we started to receive additional information from readers about the vendor involved in Candland’s attempted surreptitious switcheroo, Strategic Campaign Group.

Unlike the semi-mythical “birdies” that the Haddow-Candland cabal cites on their house organ, the Sheriff of Nottingham blog, we at the Muckraker rely on actual facts and documentation, and our contributors do not disappoint. One of them sent us information showing that we misspoke when we said Strategic Campaign Group is hyper-partisan. They are actually hyper-hyper-partisan. The dishonest type of hyper-hyper partisan. So hyper-hyper-partisan in fact that none other than uber-conservative former Republican Attorney General and Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli sued them for being part of an operation that scammed Republican donors nationwide using his name.

According to the suit, Strategic Campaign Group was one of three groups and four people (including a Strategic Campaign Group executive) that Cuccinelli alleged raised approximately $2.2 million using his name, picture and likeness as “cover” to “prey on unsuspecting small donors across the country.” Cuccinelli’s suit says the defendants “admitted they did not use the money raised invoking Ken Cuccinelli to actually aid the Cuccinelli campaign, either through direct contributions to the campaign or through independent expenditures in support of the campaign, other than a single $10,000 contribution . . . .” They allegedly kept and did not spend much of the money on other candidates either, and the little bit they spent was for a Republican who faced another Republican. Cuccinelli’s suit calls the whole scenario a “malicious scam PAC” that was not “a means to the legitimate end of supporting the Cuccinelli campaign, but rather was an illegitimate end in itself . . . .”

The PAC at the center of this sordid tale was Conservative StrikeForce. According to a June 24, 2015, report on the suit, Strategic Campaign Group is one of the largest payees of and partially owns and controls Conservative StrikeForce. As the suit continued, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) noted that the PAC failed to correctly report payments it had made to its part-owner and controller Strategic Campaign Group, and the amounts raised through what Cuccinelli revealed was a scam increased to almost $3.4 million, of which only $62,000 allegedly went to candidates.

Cuccinelli eventually settled the suit in May of 2015 for $85,000 and all the telephone, email and direct mail contact lists for donors.

Now perhaps we understand why Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland appears to have tried to hide the political vendor he was paying with county funds.  It’s a hyper-hyper-partisan vendor already known for scamming donors and using money raised to enrich itself.

Below we provide a copy of but one of the news reports on the Candland-vendor suit.



18 comments on “Candland’s Hidden Vendor Sued by Cuccinelli for Scam

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    This is depressing. There’s no reason for Candland to contract with these guys except to curry favor with them and get access to their scam expertise for future benefit. Using county taxpayer money for that purpose is even worse. It’s basic, petty political corruption and it has Mac Haddow’s influence written all over it.

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    Candland’s mentor and church elder is Haddow. Haddow scammed the United States Government and now Candland is scamming PWC government.

    What do we have coming next from the self-proclaimed moralist on the BOCS?

    Since 2012, Haddow and crew have been vilifying innocent citizens,elected officials, and county government employees on their blog sites,while at the same time they have been abusing the tax payers of PWC.

    Candland and Haddow have gotten away with this abuse way too long and now citizens are returning fire.

    Candland is a pathological liar. He will tell a citizen an outright lie about anyone who exposes or opposes his disgraceful behavior as a elected official.

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    It does have Mac Haddow written all over it. Unfortunately it’s only Peter we can remove from office and not Mac.

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    Holy guacamole Candland needs to resign

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    Looks like Candland is following Haddow, Candland needs to cut a deal for a reduced prison term

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    Do you think people in Gainesville would really vote for someone other than Pete if they knew the truth about Haddow and Candland’s activities? Or is it all about protecting plantations and preventing power lines out there?

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    Let Prime Rib Pete know the cover up is worse than the underlying crime

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    The Candland staff person who did this will be thrown under the bus by Candland he has no conscience

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    Prime Rib Pete has a new name Corrupt Candland

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    The fall of King Candy from Gumdrop Mountain is going to be epic.

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    Is this a case for local, state or federal prosecutors? [Remainder edited out.]

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    Candland is a charlatan who will do anything in the service of his ambition.

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    “Do you think people in Gainesville’
    Unfortunately, the “plantations and power lines” crowd tends to overlook anything else Candland does if he pays lip service to those two causes which he does all the time. Then he takes advantage of the remaining yokelry by using racial and economic dog whistles to make them think some poor person or some evil government intelligence is trying to take all their money to give to someone less deserving. Of course the only one actually stealing their money under false pretenses is him.

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    The US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia located in Alexandria is a pit bull on public corruption cases, this would be a good place to refer this case.

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    Candland knew all along he can create a smoke screen as the protector of the Tax payer’s money, but as soon the smoke is lifted and the screen pulled back the truth is exposed. [Name removed] a local blogger was enamored with Haddow and Candland until he pulled back the curtain and decided to drop his relationship with them.

    Sadly,QBE Pres. Shawn Landry probably has no clue the split personality and liar he has in Candland. Landry is very arrogant and would lose his mind if he knew Haddow’s criminal past.

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    Anonymous said: “The Candland staff person who did this will be thrown under the bus by Candland he has no conscience”

    You’re right. He doesn’t have a conscience. However, if his office runs like it should then his signature would go on every payment (on the form anyway not the actual check). It’s his budget that he is solely responsible for.

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    There s a flurry of cover up activity at Candland s office this morning check out who is parked in the lot

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    Guess who is the biggest elected client of Strategic Campaign Group in the county? Delegate Rich Anderson. Look’s like Reece Collins at work again.

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