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We’ve caught some grief by email that we’ve not been more aggressive in exposing the activities of Candland boss Mac Haddow. Indeed we’ve received a great deal of information about Haddow that we’ve not addressed in any of our posts to date. Let us be clear though, that as we have noted on several occasions, unlike the Haddow-Candland cabal house organ, the Sheriff of Nottingham blog, we don’t deal in the innuendos, half-truths, and fabrications they use to smear their opponents. We will not post anything ourselves that is fabricated or that we’ve not been able to corroborate in a substantive way. Consequently, because of the need to fact check and corroborate, it sometimes takes us longer to get to some of the information we’ve been sent.

Today, however, we do have troubling information that confirms the influence of Mac Haddow on Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland, starting with the earliest days of Candland’s tenure. Multiple sources have provided us with a copy of a January 2012 internal document from Candland’s office that outlines the job responsibilities of the positions in the office. For Mac Haddow, the document reads “- Whatever he wants to do.” [emphasis added].

As you will see, Candland attempted to prevent disclosure of this document by marking it “Confidential and Proprietary” at the bottom. Job descriptions and assignments are not, however, exempt from disclosure under Virginia’s FOIA laws and any claimed exemption needs to actually cite the statutory basis. Thus, we feel free to present to you below both the title page and relevant page of this internal document, which was obviously never meant to see the light of day.  The “Reece” mentioned is Reece Collins, off-and-on Candland staffer, Rich Anderson campaign manager, Ruth Anderson and Jeanine Lawson campaign consultant, and ardent member of the Haddow-Candland cabal. It’s worth noting that another page of the document, which we have not produced here, shows the job responsibilities of Haddow’s wife, who also was an employee at that time in Supervisor Candland’s office.  She has since been replaced as a Haddow surrogate in the office by Haddow’s son-in-law.

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    I’ve heard for a long time rumors that Candland was either so afraid of Mac or that Mac had something on him that basically forced Candland to give him carte blanche in the office. But it was all hearsay so I thought it was just rumor mongering. It’s amazing that there’s actually a document that shows it.

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    Are both of those individuals on the payroll?

    I would actually like to know the names of each supervisor’s staff and what their duties are.

    The kind of public disclosure might put a stop to the monkey business that is going on.

    Meanwhile, I am still waiting for my school board member to answer my email sent back in the fall.

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    I don’t care that much about Haddow’s felony conviction. It was a long time ago, is old news, and people make mistakes. I doubt though that any supervisor in Prince William County history has ever formally given carte blanche to a staff member like Candland gave to Haddow. I don’t care who the staffer is, he or she was not elected, the supervisor was.

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    @ Anonymous
    “I don’t care that much about Haddow’s felony conviction.”

    I disagree with you entirely on this statement. Particularly given the influence he obviously has over Pete Candland and the power Candland has given him, Haddow’s felony conviction is relevant if it is part of a pattern of conduct that continues into today. I think there is more than enough evidence to show it does and that is why I freely admit I am one of the people who gives the Muckraker “grief” for not more aggressively publishing about Mac Haddow’s activities. Haddow continues to act unethically and Pete Candland has adopted the same tactics or maybe is being forced to use them by Haddow. Either way, the people of Gainesville have a right to know what is going on. A true, honest conservative needs to challenge Pete Candland in Gainesville rather than let Mac Haddow manipulate them.

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    The Candland office situation has always been troubling. Mac Haddow and his relatives have always played a dominant role.

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    There is something missing from Reece’s job description. The Sheriff of Nottingham is not listed there. ( I know this is about Mac, but I couldn’t help it!)

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    @Inquiring Mind
    That’s okay. Mac will appreciate that you’re one of a handful of people in the universe who don’t think he’s the Sheriff.

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    This one page is a sad commentary on the Gainesville District Supervisor, how he runs his office and who has the real power. It makes me want to throw up. I sometimes think that Mac Haddow hates the government and wants to destroy it because “the government’ prosecuted him and sent him to jail. I think hell hath no fury like a Mac Haddow scorned. He will spend the rest of his life paying back the hell he thinks he received undeservedly by trying to shrink the size of government until he can squash it. And all of us in the Gainesville District and PWC will pay for it. He likes being a big fish in a little pond and doesn’t care if draining the pond kills us all.

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    Disgusting! If Haddow wanted the supervisor job, he should have just run for it. Of course, he knows he is utterly unelectable, so Candland was the first idiot he could find to play the part of ventriloquist dummy.

    It appears that there was no disclosure to the BOCS of Mr. Haddow’s conviction when Mr. Candland nominated him for the Strategic Planning Commission job, which is contemptible for the self-proclaimed King of Transparency.

    I like that the Muckraker is getting this info out there. We need to do more to let the voters of Gainesville know that the guy making all the decisions that affect their daily lives is better known as Federal Inmate 11661-016. Candland needs to go.

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    Remember, he wasn’t convicted of some DUI. C.M. “Mac” Haddow was convicted of a financial crime that was tied to his role/position in government.

    [Editors Note: A paragraph has been edited out, as it draws some comparisons to other types of crimes, which although the commentator is not suggesting Mr. Haddow committed, are nevertheless too unfairly prejudicial for us to allow to be connected with Mr. Haddow’s name.]

    We, as a community, should do what we can to keep him far away from the workings of government and access to citizens’ tax dollars.

    Anyone who believes this leopard has changed his spots needs his head examined.

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    Once a person has served their time, that should be it. Done deal. I think continual references to “convicted felon” is absurd.

    Perhaps people should emphasize what he is doing now that they don’t like rather than focusing on the past.

    Let’s let the “convicted felon” remarks to the way of the dodo bird. It’s almost been that long ago.

    Its actually all about power and control.

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    @Rosemary – do you mean like “convicted felon” ex-governor Bob McDonnell?

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    Haddow’s conviction is part of a long pattern of questionable behavior. A convicted felon always a felon. Haddow has a very public record long past “the dodo bird.”

    You sound like one of his family members. I don’t think even his friends,family, or church members know the extent of his track record. Haddow has everyone around him under his spell.

    The only reason Haddow gets involved in the community is to stroke his enormous need for attention and to inoculate himself from criticism and controversy coming down the pike. He has not met a public outrage he did not want to get involved in , particularly if that means press are involved. He will always interject himself into issues to portray himself as the “citizen activist”This is the typical pattern of a con artist who leaves a paper trail everywhere they go.

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    Everyone should care about Haddow’s felony conviction, let alone his role in the Supervisor’s office.

    Documents in a county government office contain highly sensitive material. Citizens who correspond with their elected official should never have to be worried that a”unauthorized individual” let alone a convicted felon is looking at their info. The fact he was convicted of a felony to begin with already indicates a very low threshold of integrity and trust. His crime was against the United States government.

    The is a huge breach in the public’s trust that an elected official gave permission to a convicted felon unlimited access to county documents. From day one Haddow has either his wife or son in law feeding him county emails from their private laptops.

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    I don’t agree with either Rosemary or Shear Hypocrisy. A person should not have their felony conviction follow them around if they have really put the actions that led to it behind them. The important question in the Haddow situation is whether or not he is continuing to engage in unethical, or even illegal conduct. If he is then bringing up his felony conviction is fair game. I’m frustrated that as near as I can tell the Muckraker has never mentioned his felony conviction, which leaves me finding out about it from commentors. From what I am reading of his conduct currently a conviction involving misuse of taxpayer funds is very relevant.

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    How is jail time for misusing government funds with a charity run by your wife, not relevant when the person who did the jail time is one of three voting members of a charity that supports a County Supervisor and whose chair hires the supervisor as a high level executive in the chair’s company a few months after that Supervisor votes to approve a sweetheart deal involving the county and that company. Something’s not right.

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