More Candland Spending Hypocrisy . . . Does It Ever End?

You’ve heard it again and again over the years. Saint Peter Candland self-righteously pontificating from the dais against the county budget and its salary increases (however modest) for county employees. Joined in later years by Jeanine Lawson and Ruth Anderson in guarding the pearly gates of their own professed purity, he’s repeatedly spewed a Noahic flood of obfuscatory, cherry-picked economic and demographic statistics to justifying his repeated votes against the county budget and salary increases for county employees. The “struggling families” he likes to cite as the sheep he protects never seem to include the families of county employees themselves. Of course, we also don’t know many shepherds like our St. Peter who live in ½ million dollar homes, have lucrative jobs in addition to their government positions, and still make taxpayers reimburse them when they travel a handful of miles.

One of the things that’s surprised us in the few months of the Muckraker’s existence is what generates the most vociferous reactions. People have expressed outrage at Candland’s involvement in QBE-gate, his dismissal of $3 million for sports fields, the carte blanche he’s given Mac Haddow, his apparent attempt to curry favor with a political vendor by directing county business to them, Haddow’s interactions with the families of Pan Am 103 victims, the list goes on. But one of the things that seems to most tick people off is Candland’s hypocrisy on spending. People were simply furious about Candland’s spending practices, particularly the manner in which he generously reimburses himself with taxpayer funds for meals and mileage.

There was nothing illegal in this, of course. What seemed to generate the outrage was Candland’s repeated commentary from the dais, in public, and on the Haddow-Candland cabal character assassination blog, the Sheriff of Nottingham, about how he would manage funds. In a public argument with the School Board Chair he went so far as to say that if it were up to him, county business lunches would be “no-host” and people would pay for themselves. Of course, that turned out not to be true. When Candland’s expense records became public, we learned that he generously reimburses himself for lunches, no matter how large or small. Alone among the County supervisors Candland has repeatedly decried county spending practices, moralized and harangued everyone else about watching every dollar, and then gone on to do the opposite when it involves himself or his staff. It’s hypocrisy of the highest order.

And now there’s more.

Since he took office in 2012, Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland has had approximately 10 employees in his office (not including himself) paid with taxpayer funds. Most of these have been part-time. When it has come to his full-time employees, Candland appears to have ignored his own public evangelizing about the county budget and county employee salary increases. While he gnashed his teeth and rent his garments attacking our hard-pressed county employees, voting against the county budget and salary increases for them, he treated another group of county employees quite well – those who worked in his office.

A review of Candland’s office records show that while he was trying to deny raises of 2-3% to county employees, he was doling out raises of more than 6%, and in one case more than 10%, to members of his own staff. Candland will no doubt try to make some claim about a change in job duties to justify his largess with taxpayer funds, but okay, let’s look at that, because the people involved are telling.

Who was the largest recipient of this largess? None other than Alice Haddow, spouse of the infamous Mac “whatever he wants” Haddow. From the 2013 to the 2014 fiscal year, Alice Haddow received a salary increase on the taxpayer dime of in excess of 10%. In fact, by the end of the 2015 fiscal year, Alice Haddow was the highest paid staff member in Candland’s office, with a salary and benefits package in excess of $96,000.


Again, Candland will probably make some argument about changed job functions. Well, here’s an example of the job functions at issue.


We have pages and pages of this stuff – Alice Haddow picking up kitchen supplies, processing Candland’s reimbursement requests, etc., etc. 10% salary increase. $96,000 salary and benefit package. Nuff said.

As alluded to in earlier posts, the Haddows have a history of taking advantage of the taxpayer with old-fashioned patronage and nepotism corruption, in short using government positions to funnel business and funding to relatives. That sort of corruption was a key element in Haddow being sent to jail, which we have not yet fully reported upon.

Is anything illegal going on here? Probably not. We suspect Haddow has learned how to perfect gaming the system. But history is repeating itself as there is obviously another patronage and nepotism scheme in play in Candland’s office. Mac Haddow forces out Candland’s original chief of staff, becomes the de facto “volunteer” chief of staff, and his spouse ultimately gets not only a big salary increase, but becomes Candland’s most highly compensated employee. This is the same Pete Candland who made his chops by vilifying almost every other supervisor at the time for voting to allocate county funds to service nonprofits for whom some of the board members’ relatives volunteered their time.

Oh, we forgot one other thing. Now that Alice Haddow has left Supervisor Candland’s employ, who has been brought on and is apparently now Candland’s most highly compensated employee? None other than Mac Haddow’s son-in-law.

County employees, taxpayers and everyone who cares about them and this county have a right to be ticked.

[Editors Note: No sooner, it seems, had this post gone up when we were promptly chided by those thinking we were going too easy on Supervisor Candland. They immediately wanted to know if the taxpayer was also funding Pete Candland, and perhaps his family’s, medical insurance, rather than having it covered by QBE, his current employer, whose business before the county he had earlier voted upon. Sure enough, while we didn’t notice it, that does in fact appear to be the case, as the document below shows.]



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    Thank you for exposing this. It’s been like getting spit in the eye for county employees to hear Candland preach all the while knowing what he does in his own office.

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    Muckraker, I think it’s worse than you’re reporting here. The salary and benefits information for Alice Haddow shows a hefty medical insurance premium. I’m guessing that Mac Haddow gets his wife a job with Candland and he gets medical coverage through it rather than having to pay for it with his own company Upstream Consulting. More bellying up to the taxpayer trough by the Haddows.

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    Doesn’t Prime Rib Pete also get his benefits from the county on top of his salary?

    If so, that means that his employer (whom Pete gave a sweetheart deal to for the old Pace West School) now doesn’t have to pay for Pete’s insurance?

    Let’s not forget that the chairman of the Gainesville/Brentsville budget committee, Mac Haddow, is a convicted felon who went to jail for taking taxpayer money.

    How does that conversation go?

    Someone: “Hey Pete, you need a chairman for your budget committee.”

    Pete: “Okay. Where should I start? Does anyone know a convicted felon who was jailed for taking taxpayer money?”

    Someone: “How about Mac Haddow. He went to jail for using taxpayer money improperly.”

    Pete: “Perfect. Also, does the county own a henhouse? If so, I’d like to put a fox in charge of it.”

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    You hit the nail on the head Mac knows how to scam the system. He lives in a very expensive home and drives fancy cars, but makes sure his family finds jobs so he gets free medical coverage. Shear hypocrisy since Haddow was questioned in a Medicare fraud investigation when involved with HHS, and a critic of free medical care for the poor.

    Everyday we here on the news how college graduates have a hard time finding work. Yet, if you are related to Haddow or Pete, and/or a member of their church you get a very high paying job,side stepping the veterans and other highly qualified residents in the county.

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    Poor Pete Candland. He’s been completely duped by the Haddows and now he could be in a whole lot of trouble for it – if the facts turn out to be as bad as they appear.
    Patronage hiring is a federal crime that people go to prison for. It is a felony, which is something Mac “I’m not a Libyan agent” Haddow is very familiar with. Patronage hiring is stealing money from taxpayers, plain and simple.
    Putting aside the obvious fact that NO STAFFER in a magisterial district office should ever be making $100,000/yr., federal law enforcement needs to take a close look into what work Ms. Haddow actually performed for the taxpayers and whether or not her compensation was appropriate. Mac (a/k/a Federal Inmate #11661-016) went to prison, in part, because Alice Haddow got paid for work [edited out].
    Pete Candland better hope to God that’s not what happened here.
    I’m not accusing anybody of committing a crime, but I have taken the liberty of sending the Public Integrity Section of the DOJ, the FBI and the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia information from this website related to Mr. Candland’s peculiar hiring practices.
    Here’s the process for investigating this as described in the DOJ’s Public Integrity Section Handbook:
    United States Attorneys’ Offices and FBI field offices may conduct a preliminary investigation of an alleged election fraud or patronage crime without consulting the Public Integrity Section. A preliminary investigation is limited to those investigative steps necessary to flesh out the complaint in order to determine whether a
    federal crime might have occurred, and, if so, whether it might warrant federal prosecution.
    Consultation with the Public Integrity Section is required to:
    • expand an election fraud or patronage investigation beyond a preliminary stage;
    • conduct interviews with individual voters during the preelection period, on election day, or immediately after the election, concerning the circumstances under which they voted;
    • issue a subpoena or search warrant in connection with an election fraud or patronage matter;
    • present evidence involving an election fraud or
    patronage matter to a grand jury;
    • file a criminal charge involving an election fraud or patronage offense; or
    • present an indictment to a grand jury that charges an election fraud or patronage offense.
    It is also recommended, although not required, that the Public Integrity Section be consulted with respect to sentencing issues during
    any plea negotiations in order to ensure consistency with similar cases.

    “There’s filth on the floor and it must be scraped up . . . ” In this case, once again, the filth is in Pete Candland’s office.

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    This is stranger than fiction: Alice Haddow makes $96k in salary and fringe to do Pete Candland’s grocery shopping.

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    Holy cow. This is really telling of his character and that of the Maddow clan. Just to ask a question in fairness ……. Do any of the other supervisors have anyone compensated this well? Just wanted to compare

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    You said you have yet to go into the details of what Haddow did to be sent to jail. I look forward to reading more about it. Good work! Keep it going.

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    So, Pete Candland spends all that time publicly whining about a piano while he’s privately dishing out $100K to the wife of his political patron for running a few errands?
    Time for Pete to take a hike. He should resign over this.

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    Why are the tax payers paying the Candland’s insurance when he has a job?

    I highly resent that, especially when I have someone living in my home with no health care.

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    Pete is the worst thing to happen in the county in a long time. But what really matters is that he is a total and utter hypocrite.

    6% raises for his staff
    Personal meals in town
    4 miles of reimbursement
    Patronage jobs

    All the while

    Complaining about pianos
    Complaining about pools
    Complaining about discretionary funds

    Did you know that Prime Rib Pete used taxpayer money to have a plaque made with his name on it just to bury it in a time capsule at the new library in Gainesville?

    You know the library. The one built with all sorts of windows right after he complained about paying for “too much natural light” in our schools.


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    Hey pot it’s me kettle…I want to control and micromanage every penny you get for savings sake but want to spend what everyone else does when it suits my needs. This whole situation reeks.

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    The hypocrisy is amazing. Old SoN is over there whining, complaining and pissing and moaning that Alice Haddow was attacked. No, she wasn’t attacked nor was SHE accused of wrong-doing.

    Meanwhile, think of the staffs that have been attacked on SoN: Earnestine Jenkins, Donna W., Mr. Caddigan, Mrs. Nohe, just to name a few victims.

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    Really? No magisterial staffer should be making this kind of money, especially one that performs tasks a college intern would happily do for free. Stop casting stones from the dais and clean up your own house.

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    @Rasputin (“The Hypocrisy is amazing . . . .”)
    We appreciate you noting that. We don’t have anything against Alice Haddow and don’t believe she is engaged in any wrongdoing. From everything we’ve been told about her she’s a pleasant person. The worst we think that could be said about her is that Mac Haddow may be using her to line his own pockets with taxpayer funds. Our objection is to the hypocrisy of Mac Haddow and Pete Candland when it comes to what they pontificate on, how they treat county employees and others, and what they do within their own offices. We understand Mac’s strategy, of course. He knows he’s been caught red handed, so what does he do? He tries to deflect this as an attack on his wife. In other words, Mac throws his wife out in front of the bus to cover his own misdeeds.

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