60,000 — Way to Go Senator Black

Dick BlackWe normally wouldn’t report on something as bizarre as State Senator Dick Black’s (R-13) apparent bromance with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. It’s laughably (after all, some Syrian media allegedly thought he was a U.S. Senator) and sadly ridiculous, and a sign of the absolute vacuum of public intelligence and public morality that infects some on the far-end of the political spectrum. But we thought it only fair to mention it to our readers since we were recently critical of Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland’s mentor Mac Haddow for his participation in an attenuated scheme involving the late Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi, who as far as we know Haddow didn’t go so far as actually meet, praise, or thank. We also thought it fair since State Senator Dick Black had tried to intervene in one of the Prince William County right-wing’s more despicable electoral bumbles (something that even a far-right blog eventually came around to calling out).

But we mostly felt it fair because of a recent report claiming that at least “60,000 people have died from torture and other maltreatment in Syrian detention since the revolt” against Assad broke out 5 years ago. The group is pro-opposition and probably has a vested interest in inflating the figures. But they claim the number comes from air force and state security agencies, and that through other sources they have been able to document 14,456 detainee deaths, including 110 children.

Now we might agree Assad is better than ISIS, but does he deserve a bromance with one of our state senators? All we can say is – “Way to go, Senator.”


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    Dick Black should probably be censured by his colleagues.

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    At least Black was thanking Assad for protecting Christians. Mac Haddow was just trying to line his own pocket by trying to get sanctions lifted on Qaddafi. What a sleaze.

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    At least with Dick Black what you see is what you get. There’s no lie in him. You wouldn’t see him use an anonymous blog as a front. Haddow and Candland are completely different. What you need to do is get them in a court proceeding where they and their colleagues have to testify under oath in response to direct questions about their knowledge of the Sheriff.

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    Mac Haddow may not have met with Qaddafi, but I haven’t seen him deny the NBC claim that he met with Libyan agents overseas to work a deal.

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    Haddow’s defending himself like he’s a public defender who couldn’t choose his clients.

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    Have you seen the bs that the derecho has posted? Just more confirmation that the sheriff is Mac and the Derecho is Bob Weir. They sit next to each other at meetings, co-chaired the joint budget committee together, and even speak one after the other at citizens time. Of course the Derecho had to publish whatever Mac told him to because he too has to let Mac “do whatever Mac wants”. I wouldn’t be surprised if Weir was on the town council or a key decision maker/influencer in the QBE purchase in Haymarket. [Last sentence edited.]

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    Weir tells everyone Mac is the SON because they sat next to each other in budget meetings and watched Mac post to the SON new threads.

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    Disagree with Bob Weir as much as you want, but at least he has the integrity to be honest about his involvement in Derecho. The Sheriff blog is a problem for Haddow and Candland. After their years of denial, if they’re forced to acknowledge the involvement of them and their staff they’ll be exposed for having lied repeatedly and publicly about it for years. It’s a pickle!

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    “Weir’s integrity”. I looked up “oxymoron” and it said see “Weir’s integrity”.

    Bob has only been slightly open about being the Derecho since he was publicly called out. He’s lucky to get any attention that’s why he has to go slobber all over the microphone at citizen’s time at BOCS meetings. At least eight people are forced to listen to him for three minutes. (But let’s be honest. Even they don’t listen to him).

    Bob and Mac are seeing their digital grip on the community slip away and it pains them. Facts are extremely inconvenient to this group. That’s why they twist them to make them suit their needs.

    Have you ever followed up on Candland’s links from his budget presentation that are organized by Bob & Mac? He lifts quotes out of context and sites data that is immediately refuted in the same article.

    People are finally pointing out the holes in their arguments and, yes, their integrity. It’s enjoyable to watch.

    Sheriff has lost his mind. At least he took a day off from foaming at the mouth about Democrats and wrote about something else. Nobody has been a bigger help to Sawyers since Tracy Conroy.

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    I don’t think anybody tells Bob what to do. My impression is he does what he wants to do when he wants to do it. My experience is that he does his homework and presents his own views, not those of others. You may disagree with him but he will own it.

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    @ Anonymous — “I don’t think anybody tells Bob”

    That’s generally been our take on the blogs of both B.W. and G.L. Their views and tactics are often horrible and we think they post too much gossip and innuendo instead of real facts. But the people behind each at least own who they are. They’re not cowards like the “anonymous” Sheriff, and they don’t have three supervisors in their pocket (Candland, Lawson and Anderson) who are compliant about what’s posted.

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    It was weak of Bob to allow Mac to weasel out of acknowledging his role in the Sheriff. It made Bob look like he’s a puppet of Mac’s or desperate for his attention.

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    I saw Bob Weir make a snotty comment about the previous speaker at citizen comment time during a Board of Supervisors meeting. This guy has a mean streak. He may be genuine, but it’s about the only good thing you can say.

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