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Deutsch-landAs the Godwin Middle School naming controversy hopefully finally reaches its denouement, we’re getting a lot of information that leads us to doubt the independence of Coles District School Board Member Willie Deutsch. The three school board members who seem poised to reverse their vote from a few weeks ago are Gil Trenum of the Brentsville District, Alyson Satterwhite of the Gainesville District, and Willie Deutsch of the Coles District (see our prior story on the subject). Of the three, we’re singling Deutsch out because it’s Deutsch who’s issued some bizarre non sequiturs about other board members lacking independence or being in the pocket of some third party. Trenum, we think, has a long history of independence, seems to be his own man, and hasn’t made any such comments about third parties. We don’t know anything about Satterwhite. Deutsch, though, is a different story.

One of the odd things about Deutsch’s current position is that he practically jumped out of his seat to second Justin Wilk’s motion that resulted in the renaming of Godwin. He was asked to refrain so that out of courtesy the representative from the affected district, Diane Raulston of Neabsco, could second the motion. Deutsch was an unusually emotional participant in the whole debate and its resolution.

Then, in a subsequent meeting, Deutsch’s demeanor changed. He made the above-referenced bizarre comments about other board members’ independence and proceeded to post online assertions about comments from outside parties that turned out to be completely false. Deutsch actually sent out stuff online, including Facebook posts, from the dais while the School Board meeting was taking place.  Later, Deutsch held a town hall meeting on the subject in the Neabsco District.  The latter was poorly attended, which was apparently what led the normally loquacious-online Deutsch to say little about it.

Deutsch is already well known for several years of off-the-wall, some would argue offensive, social media posts. In a very tame one he refers to an encounter he witnessed involving a “militant lesbian couple.” The term was meant pejoratively, of course, and while if applied to a choice one makes, like being a Democratic or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, people would have no problem with it. But would you refer to people as a “militant heterosexual couple” or a “militant white couple?” Anyway, you get the drift.

Some people were very surprised that an almost exclusively home-schooled person with a troubling social media presence would win a public school system board seat from the Coles District over a well respected and accomplished person like Bill Reeder. Sadly, we were not surprised. Elections for BOCS, School Board, and Delegate seats are hyper-partisan and essentially a foregone conclusion based on the partisan makeup of the individual districts. As long as Deutsch was endorsed by the Republican Party he was going to win the Coles District seat. The question was really how someone like Deutsch got the Republican endorsement in the first place.

That, it turns out, is much easier to explain, and provides the answer to doubts about Deutsch’s independence. Willie Deutsch is the hand-picked candidate of the Mac Haddow-Pete Candland cabal. Along with Coles District BOCS Republican primary challenger Paul O’Meara, Deutsch was part of Haddow and Candland’s anti-Marty Nohe ticket. As you will recall, Nohe and allies were subjected to a vicious, almost never-ending online assault by the Haddow-Candland cabal on their house organ, the Sheriff of Nottingham blog, in an attempt to elevate O’Meara over Nohe. They failed (although it has not stopped their baseless attacks on Nohe).

In that context Deutsch’s bizarre non-sequiturs make sense. After the vote he was no doubt excoriated by the Haddow-Candland cabal, who like everyone else was caught by surprise in the whole Godwin matter, and was thus unable to tell Willie Deutsch what to do in advance. The cabal has remedied that and Deutsch is now following orders accordingly. So whereas a few weeks ago you may have seen Willie Deutsch vote, tonight you will likely actually be watching one or more votes being effectively cast by Upstream Consulting’s Mac Haddow and QBE’s Pete Candland.


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    It’s well known in Republican circles that Haddow got Willie the endorsement. Haddow always goes for the dummies that he can control: Candland, Lawson, Deutsch, Anderson.

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    I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt.

    I have to admit. I didn’t believe you. So I actually Googled “Willie Deutsch Militant Lesbian” and his blog came up.

    Here’s the link directly to the blog post (assuming he leaves it up):

    Here’s the Google search:

    I’m not sure how any LGBT student, employee, or their families and friends in PWCS can say they feel that the Coles Representative will protect them.

    Someone should save his posts and blog entries. I imagine they won’t last long.

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    There’s a really misleading article in PotomacLocal saying the cost of renaming Godwin would be a half million dollars. When you look at the details though it includes a bunch of expensive stuff that’s discretionary and probably would never need to be done. This looks like the latest tactic of the group that doesn’t want to change the name.

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    Thanks for providing the links. It’s true and it was one of the tamer comments by Deutsch. We don’t just make up lies to attack people the way the Haddow-Candland cabal blog does so often. We might sometimes just be expressing our opinion, but we don’t make things up, and we try very hard not to write anything ourselves that we cannot verify or corroborate.

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    Let’s not forget the hand picked opponent they convinced to run against Stewart, poor loyal Chris Crawford. Crawford pledged his allegiance at every event for Candland and Lawson, whether in support out loud or as a spy. When they got what they wanted, they encouraged him to run, figured out he couldn’t beat Stewart, and they avoided him at every turn. I actually felt sorry for the guy.

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    I couldn’t believe the people who said the board needed to be bipartisan and shouldn’t allow politics into the equation. There’s nothing more bipartisan than a unanimous 8-0 vote. It’s clear that it only became partisan when the Haddow-Candland cabal gave marching orders to Trenum, Satterwhite, and Deutsch. All you have to do is go to the Haddow cabal blog, the Sheriff of Nottingham and you’ll see Mac and Pete’s hands all over it.

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    You can see that the felon Mac Haddow orchestrated a bunch of this. He’s going crazy on his blog about losing so big. As usual he’s made up a bunch of stuff and has in some cases reported the opposite of what actually happened. What a sleaze. You see why he’s been in so much trouble over the last 30 years.

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    It’s a real disappointment to learn that Trenum, Satterwhite and Deutsch are in Mac Haddow’s pocket. I think the proof is that when left to their own devices they voted 8-0 and then when Haddow’s crew started going after them on the Sheriff of Nottingham blog they suddenly became concerned about “community input.” We elect these people to represent us and instead they end up being so afraid of a blogger like Haddow that they toe his line.

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    I heard a bunch of militant lesbians nearly made Willie break down [edited] last night… Can anyone confirm?

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    I don t think Haddow is actually the Sheriff I think it s someone in Candland s office paid by the taxpayers who actual job description includes “blog” probably nothing unlawful but just more sneeze from Haddow, the Gainesville supervisor, er Candland the Gainesville supervisor. Btw who is the Gainesville Supervisor? Haddow? Anderson? Or Candland?

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    I saw the Post article re: Tn and Md Post photographer went to the two states to track KKKers, the photographer could have gone to Prince William County and visited Coles, Gainesville or Brentsville and found the same thing.

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