More Candland QBE Hypocricy

After last Tuesday’s Board of County Supervisors meeting we received a number of ‘inquiries” expressing outrage that Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland would vociferously argue for cuts to schools and other county priorities after he cast votes involving taxpayer funds that directly financially benefited QBE CEO Shawn Landry, the chairman of the Candland-support organization Rise Up Prince William. As we also recently reported, five months after voting on the last of those transactions, Landry hired Candland as QBE’s Executive Vice President.

Information related to these transactions has been submitted to us more rapidly than we can absorb it, much less corroborate it. Some of it we are passing on to the relevant authorities, since it exceeds our ability to fully investigate and suggests potential illegal activity. Some of the submissions are right in our wheelhouse, however, as they expose the blatant hypocrisy of Candland and his closest followers. One of these submissions excerpted below comes from Candland’s own blog. Not the Haddow-Candland cabal house organ, the Sheriff of Notthingham blog, where Candland so often surreptitiously tries to manipulate the gullible upon which he depends. No, this is from his semi-official blog, where he self-righteously waxes on his disclosure of conflicts of interest. Here, indeed, is Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland in his own words (emphasis added by the PW Muckraker).

Candland Hypocrisy

So there you have it!  Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland in his own words.  Words that did not seem to apply when he was voting to sell tax-payer-owned property at a substantially reduced price to QBE CEO Shawn Landry, who also happened to be at the time Chairman of Rise Up Prince William, an organization that in its own words was dedicated to supporting Pete Candland’s efforts.  An organization whose voting members consisted solely of Mr. Landry, Mac Haddow (Candland office staffer and district budget chairman), and Dennis Peterson (Candland’s father-in-law).  Nor did it seem to apply when he voted that the county lease-back some of the property from QBE.

Then five months after his last vote on the matter, Supervisor Candland is hired as the Executive Vice President of QBE.  And now who has virtually exclusive use of the fields at the formerly taxpayer-owned, now QBE, site?  Why of course the sports league of which Supervisor Candland was or is a member.  Who has office space at the formerly taxpayer-owned, now QBE, site?  Why not just QBE, but also Rise Up Prince William, as well as businesses run by major campaign contributors of Supervisor Candland.

Pete Candland — hypocrita maximus


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    Maybe this is why Candland is suggesting that PWC cut the school budget. Maybe he is job hunting and looking into some land that he can purchase with tax-payer money for his future employer. That would look really good on the the resume. How many people can put on their resume “already saved this company millions through my vote on the BOCS”? That gets you to the top of the resume pile for sure.

    Or it could be simpler than that. He could just want some more prime rib. He loves prime rib especially when he doesn’t have to pay for it.

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    This is just unbelievably disappointing, I hope charges are filed against all of them.

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    Time to lock up and throw away the key on Candland and his henchmen. In addition, Candland should be recalled.

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    What ever happened to the Silver Lake money?

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    Good question! What did Haddow do with the money he and Candland collected for their Silver Lake Revitalization project? Where is the accounting of what they spent the donated funds on? Candland received a $10,000 donation from Walmart which he personally solicited? Where is that accounting?

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