Are Candland and Lawson Afraid of Sawyers?

Are Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland and Brentsville Supervisor Jeanine Lawson intimidated by School Board Chair, Ryan Sawyers? Why do we ask?

Sawyers has been meeting with individual supervisors to discuss the Prince William County Schools budget, which as many of our readers probably know, was unanimously approved by the School Board, 8-0, but is dependent upon funding from the Board of County Supervisors. We recently learned that along among the eight county supervisors, both Pete Candland and Jeanine Lawson have refused to meet with Sawyers unless both BOCS Chair Corey Stewart and School Board member Alyson Satterwhite (in the case of Candland) and School Board member Gil Trenum (in the case of Lawson) attend the meeting as well. Huh?

Why are the two most senior acolytes of Mac Haddow afraid to meet with Sawyers by themselves? Is it because Sawyers has stood up to Mac Haddow’s storm troopers in the way few others have? Or are they trying to make sure that they monitor the actions of their two School Board members, Satterwhite and Trenum, each of whom voted for the school system budget that Candland and Lawson oppose? And why would they insist on Chairman Stewart’s attendance?

Chairman Stewart, to his credit, wasn’t interested in Candland’s and Lawson’s games. He responded that Sawyers had made it clear he wanted to meet with Candland and Lawson individually, and so he (Stewart) would not attend any such meeting.

With it being budget decision time, the Mac Haddow cabal has busily been posting their usual screeds mixing innuendo, half-truths, and outright fabrications, all designed to distract and mislead the modern Know-Nothings who actually believe what’s printed in the Haddow cabal’s house organ, the Sheriff of Nottingham blog. One group has claimed that fellow Haddow cabal member, Occoquan Supervisor Ruth Anderson, also wanted to put conditions on a meeting with Stewart, but was hamstrung by the fact that she and Haddow do not control the Occoquan School Board seat.

We’re not sure at the Muckraker that we buy into that. After all, Anderson could still have insisted Stewart attend. Additionally, we have an unconfirmed report that Anderson originally intended for her staff also to participate in her meeting with Sawyers, but excused them at Sawyers’s request (we include this assertion, though unconfirmed, because it reflects positively on Anderson). So we think a more likely explanation is that Anderson simply concluded it was her job to meet with Sawyers and did so.

Potomac Supervisor Maureen Caddigan also met individually with Sawyers. That surprises us not in the least. No one controls Caddigan except Caddigan, she’s not intimidated by anyone, and she isn’t interested in playing games. We have no information on meetings with other supervisors.

So, what are Candland and Lawson afraid of? Sawyers has been in office less than five months. Do they already need handlers to help them or strength in numbers to protect them? Or are worried they’re losing control over their School Board representatives? It’s too early to tell, but something seems amiss in Haddowland.


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    Did Jill Palermo “out” Mac Haddow as the Sheriff blogger today? Read her piece on the piano for Colgan HS.

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    Haddow calls the shots here, Lawson and Candland don’t sneeze without Haddow’s approval. Candland is demonstrating what many think, a propensity for dumbness. Lawson is just a disaster, a mess, a ….

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    @Missing Link
    That was my take too. Technically she didn’t, but I think that was a message that they, meaning InsideNova, know that Haddow is the Sheriff of Nottingham. It’s really about time someone formally exposed Haddow.

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    Everyone that works for a living has had a meeting with someone they don’t like. If they feel they can not perform their duties, maybe, they should both step down. We all have to do things we don’t want to do, its called adulthood.

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    Its not Haddow. Most people in the know believe Reece Collins is the Sheriff. Collins has been an on again off again employee of Candland’s and one of Haddow’s right wing disciples.

    None of what Candland or Lawson are doing surprises anyone. They’re both stupid as rocks and incapable of managing Sawyers, tête à tête. Haddow doesn’t want either of them to be left to their own devices, so he had hoped Corey would bail them out and attend the meetings. Of course, Stewart hates Candland and wants no part of the beating Sawyers is delivering to Candland, so he’s wisely staying out of it.

    All that’s left for Haddow to do is have Collins write complaints about “the piano” and hope he can distract everyone. Obviously, it won’t work.

    I predict Candland will fall once Collins is “outed” as the Sheriff. He knows who the Sheriff is and has never uttered a public word in protest over the racist, hateful and false crap that guy has posted over the years. Candlands credibility wI’ll be shot and the ensuing blood in the water will pull in all the sharks. What’s so funny is that he’s done and he doesn’t even realize it.

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    It doesn’t really matter who the actual author is of Sheriff of Nottingham. We know who is behind it, just as we know who was behind the Gainesville Truth Squad.

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    I see Haddow is after Sawyers, he sees Sawyers as a threat to Haddow’s control of the county. It’s interesting that Haddow is going after Sawyers on “pianogate” when Haddow’s own school board member, Allyson [edited] Saterwhite was on the Board when the piano was approved, and Sawyers wasn’t on the Board. Haddow needs to have a discussion with her and his other lackey who was on the SB at the time: Gil Trenum

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    Haddow’s role in the Sheriff is no real secret, but people really need to know about him because he’s an unelected felon who completely controls Candland, Lawson and Anderson. He was behind the primary challenges to Nohe and Stewart, false smears against Jenkins, Porta, Principi, Caddigan, and now Sawyers, and has placed himself or relatives in key places in the Chamber of Commerce and various boards in the county. Candland, Lawson and Anderson are involved in unethical and probably illegal activities because of Haddow’s influence. I know he threatens people who challenge him with lawsuits, but his long history of unethical misdeeds is in the public domain. Just tell people the truth.

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    Duff, it DOES matter who SoN is. He/she/they and the miserable cabal of henchmen have been on a crusade to destroy PWC for years. Muckraker, out them already!

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    Haddows seems genuinely “obsessed” with Sawyers. That means one thing, that he sees Sawyers as a threat. The harder and nastier Haddow goes after a candidate or elected official the more of a threat he sees them to his plans for wielding control through Candland.

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    It’s such a shame that Candland appoints Haddow to various committees where I hear all he does is wreak havoc and block progress. Haddow is clueless about where the county should go. Unfortunately he is a paranoid control freak who Pete fears. I bet Pete rues the day he got elected under Haddow’s thumb. I actually feel sorry for Pete.

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