Haddow-Candland Cabal Freakin’ Out about Candland’s $3 Million Gaffe

Candland GaffeIf we weren’t talking about serious dollars it would be funny. The Haddow-Candland cabal is freaking out and has gone into full blown damage-control mode after the disclosure that Candland’s partisanship and a conflict of interest cost taxpayers $3 million. It’s a particularly stinging blow for Candland after he tried to savage the school system for the potential expenditure of a few hundred thousand dollars. On their house organ, the Sheriff of Nottingham blog, the cabal employed their usual techniques to try to shield Candland. First they use humor to act like they might really criticize him, then they claim they learned the “facts” from some mythical “birdies” in county government (who for the most part have never existed), then they try to distract the reader by attacking someone else. They commonly use Marty Nohe as that distraction, but in this case the cabal focused again on School Board Chair Ryan Sawyers, since it was Sawyers who found the $3 million to bring to the table.

When you strip away all the irrelevancies from Upstream Consulting’s Mac Haddow and Quality Business Engineering’s (QBE) Pete Candland, you find that the cabal avoided the fundamental question at the heart of the issue.

Why wasn’t Supervisor Pete Candland willing to meet about an opportunity to save taxpayers $3 million and probably tens of thousands more in field maintenance? Was it because he didn’t want to let a potential political rival get credit for saving taxpayers money? Or was it because he had an undisclosed affiliation with a rival organization?

The Haddow-Candland cabal would have you believe that since supervisors don’t get to directly decide on the use or maintenance of fields, Candland was irrelevant to this issue. What do they think the public’s been smoking? Since he and Haddow came on the scene in 2011 Candland has not hesitated to get directly into the minutia of county staff business. We have only to look at his most recent attacks on the potential expenditure of a few hundred thousand dollars on a school outside his district in a budget of $1 billion. No one would expect him to just make something like this happen, but does he really expect us to believe that the contribution of $3 million for four artificial turf fields and tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance savings IN HIS DISTRICT is too small-dollar for his attention.

We recently learned that Brentsville Supervisor Jeanine Lawson was also approached about this issue. She was willing to meet, but indicated that since the fields were in Supervisor’s Candland’s district he should be approached first and she would get involved if and when Supervisor Candland invited her. As we know, he declined even to meet.

The implications seem clear from both the facts and the cabal’s reaction on their blog. As many have expected, even known, all along, the Candland cabal’s commitment to transparency and fiscal responsibility is skin deep. It applies solely to what they can use to their political advantage, not for the betterment of the community. In this case, Candland declined to entertain a savings of more than $3 million to the taxpayer, and four quality fields for his community, because of political partisanship and a conflict of interest due to his affiliation with a rival organization.


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    I don’t work in the Parks Department but as a county employee I can tell you that almost everyone who makes decisions in county government is afraid to make decisions now because they’re worried Candland will attack them or their families on his blog. In all the years I’ve been here county employees have never been more inefficient. No one wants to be responsible for anything or make a decision about anything. I’ve seen what they’re writing on the other blog and I can tell you that since it was in Candland’s district there is no way Deb Andrew in the Parks Department would have made a decision on this without Candland’s okay and no way she would have turned away a $3 million deal unless Candland told her to. Don’t be fooled into thinking this was her call.

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    No way county staff puts the kybosh on something like this in Candland’s district without Candland’s say so. What a coward he is trying to blame it on staff.

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    Candland is a fraud, the real Gainesville supervisor is Mac Haddow who has imbedded his wife and son in law in Candland’s county paid office to keep tabs on him. Btw, you should check out Haddow’s [relatives] in Haddow’s felony conviction, i.e. Who ran the [edited] charity?

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    Candland, Lawson and Anderson are robots who do exactly what Haddow tells them to do. Haddows wife [worked] (I use the term loosely) in Candlands office along with at least one other Haddow relative, they are there to keep Candland in line and to report back to Haddow every time Candland does anything.

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    You are right, anon. Haddow is the real Gainesville supervisor.

    Has he reformed since his old cheat the taxpayer days? I see no signs.

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    For some reason you editors of the Muckraker are censoring or dancing around naming Candland’s staff who are related to Mac Haddow. This is a matter of public record, the taxpayers are paying these people, and people have a right to know about it. Candland’s chief of staff, the person who responded to Sawyers’ email about the artificial fields is Mark Allen, who is Mac Haddow’s son-in-law. Prior to that, Mac Haddow’s wife, Alice Haddow, who was part of the charity that Haddow had to do jail time for funneling taxpayer funds to, was on Candland’s staff. These relationships are important and people should know about them.

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    “The Truth” is correct. We have blocked and censored a number of comments referring to Mac Haddow’s wife and son-in-law working in Pete Candland’s office. In doing so, we were following what we understand to be the practice of another unnamed blogger who we respect. “The Truth”, however, has a valid point that their employment is a matter of public record and does bear on the subject of influence that Mac Haddow exerts over Pete Candland. Given Mac Haddow’s history of activities, that influence is quite relevant. Additionally, on the Haddow-Candland cabal blog, they have in the past launched vicious personal attacks on relatives who have volunteered in supervisor’s offices, so claiming an exemption for relatives of influential parties who are actually being paid with taxpayer funds seems quite hypocritical. We will continue to censor anything that alleges misconduct without evidence on the part of these relatives, but we no longer see any valid reason for censoring their names. On the contrary, we think disclosure is necessary and appropriate.

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    I think the muckrakers are being fair. Simply naming the people and their relationship is fair game. After all, we the people pay their salaries.

    At what point, however, does that entire office become a form of nepotism?

    How many people work in that office for pay? I think he might have more people than the other supervisors. I could be wrong. How do we find out?

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    I’m a first timer on your blog. Is it true that you must be a Mormon to work in Candland’s office, I live in Gainesville and that rumor has been floating around for sometime. If true, sounds like a theocracy not a supervisors office

    [Editorial Note from the Muckraker: We will not print anything that is simply disparaging a particular faith. We believe, however, that whether or not a Supervisor will only hire someone of his or her faith or of no faith in a taxpayer-funded county position is a valid and appropriate question, whether the individuals be Mormons, Catholics, Jews, Baptists, Episcopalians, etc. In fact, we are quite confident that if a County Supervisor was a Muslim and only hired Muslims in his or her Supervisor’s office, there would be a loud and probably vicious outcry from many quarters in Prince William County.]

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    The answer to your question is yes. Candland also likes to appoint members of his own faith to committee assignments. He gave a particular paying committee assignment to a member who did not live in the Gainesville District.

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