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You’ve probably heard of Bizarro World before, the strange realm Superman confronts where up is down, black is white, and you say “goodbye” when you arrive and “hello” when you leave. It’s a world of weird, even grotesque inversions that defy the laws of physics and the existing logic of the normal world we humans inhabit. It’s a comic book world, made up, a fabrication – or is it?

Since we went online in March of this year we’ve received a mountain of screenshots of some of the most ridiculous blog and Facebook posts imaginable. In trying to make sense of it all we’ve reached the tentative conclusion that the Bizarro World may not be a whimsical fantasy of comic book writers. No, far from it. It may exist right here in Prince William County, where it serves as the natural home of what passes for the far right’s intelligentsia.

Unlike our right-wing blog counterparts we try to deal solely in the facts, so to support our tentative conclusions we present for your consideration just two examples (we know we’re mixing our metaphors, but far warning, if you read these you really are about to enter . . . the Twilight Zone).

The first example comes from one of the original and longest-resident denizens of the Bizarro World. We normally don’t criticize him because despite how repulsive we find many of his views, unlike the Haddow-Candland cabal he at least has the courage to own what he says. This particular episode is too telling, however, in that it seems representative of the level of expertise he possesses on almost any subject he covers on his blog, and was posted on “PWC Education Reform”, which is administered by Brentsville Supervisor Jeanine Lawson staffer, Kim Simons (isn’t it amazing how incestuous the Bizarro World is).


There it is. After railing about how “unconscionable” it is that PWC would let the school system get away with receiving an unqualified audit opinion, which he says with his usual well-researched authority “would be a massively huge red flag for a publicly traded corporation and probably invite scrutiny by the SEC as well as investors”, this paragon of the right-wing has to be told that an “unqualified opinion” is the best you can get in the accounting world. One can hardly blame him for the error of course. After all, as he says he’s not one of those “accounting folks.” Of course, if you take the 3 seconds necessary to Google the term it’s only the first entry that comes up that says:

An unqualified opinion is an independent auditor’s judgment that a company’s financial records and statements are fairly and appropriately presented, and in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). An unqualified opinion is the most common type of auditor’s report.

We guess the 3 seconds of extensive research involved to confirm something before lodging a serious accusation is a bit much to expect in the Bizarro World.

Our next example comes from “Our Schools” where a right-wing stalwart uncovers evidence of a Roswell-style cover-up in the supposed appearance of Neabsco School Board member Diane Raulston.


Now it might have been wise for this particular individual to consider first whether or not it would be likely that Neabsco resident Diane Raulston would be out near Haymarket at this particular time, about . . . oh . . . let’s say an hour, from her house. But wisdom is in short supply in the Bizarro World. In any event, a number of people chimed in to report that they were actually there and Diane Raulston was nowhere to be found. Eventually we learned that Ms. Raulston was actually elsewhere at the time taking care of an ill relative.

You know what we want to say, don’t you?  After all, this person posts vicious personal comments on Facebook.  Now they post something accusatory about spotting someone being somewhere and don’t even confirm it’s actually the person they’re talking about. What are we to do with that? Okay, you’re basically forcing us to say it – in the right-wing Bizarro World all black people look alike. What other explanation for this nonsense is there?

So there you have it, folks. Two brief vignettes providing evidence of the existence of the Bizarro World right here in Prince William County, the natural domain, it appears, of our far-right brethren. The examples we’ve been sent are legion, so you might see more postings on the activities of Bizarro World in the future. But for now, mark this day. If the Chinese or some other power eventually take over, God forbid, our beloved United States, we’ll no doubt have the natives of Bizarro World to thank.  Remember, you heard it here first . . . on the Muckraker.


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    I’m sorry, but the other month Rachel Carter and fellow “Southerner” Wanda Carter were exchanging dialogues about how “Colored people” were separated back then, and that was just how it was.

    After they were exposed on a Potomac Local article comment section, the lovely Wanda removed her posts from the Our Schools hate blog, and quickly reverted to accusing members of PWEA of spying on her. To which Linda Tripp, I mean Tracy Conroy, started purging people who “disagreed” with her from the Our Schools hate blog.

    So much for open discourse. Apparently, rather than let the educated masses into Our Schools, bigots like Rachel, Wanda and Tracy would rather keep it an echo chamber of of Bizzaro World.

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    What a trio, do they have an ounce of integrity between them. To Simons: the school board was perfect when 6 republican lackeys were running the show; To Letiecq: anyone who has ever worked knows that an unqualified audit is as good as it gets, he’s dumber than most think. To Carter: you are obviously a racist where all blacks are the same in your squinty vision.

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    Distinguishing between fact and opinion is a fourth grade reading standard. Perhaps these folks care so deeply about education because they missed some . . .

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    You’re letting Letiecq off way too easy. He does this sort of thing all the time. His whole blog is about him shoot his mouth off like something is a federal crime only to learn he doesn’t have any clue what he’s talking about.

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    Okay, so we allowed in a comment that referenced two people, Wanda Carter and Tracy Conroy, who were not part of our post. We did so because we were able to confirm what was alleged and it was relevant to the post (and because Conroy’s FB group was the source of one of the Bizarro World exchanges we posted about). That does not mean, however, that we’re going to let this turn into a free for all on the perceived character flaws of the two of them. So, keep the comments relevant and there’s a better than even chance they’ll make it up on to the site.

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    I heard that Simons is actually working in Jeanine Lawson’s office. Somebody needs to find out if that’s true. [Last sentence edited out.]

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    Wanda Carter is all over Candland’s Facebook. She is one of his close friends. She likes everything he does along with his wife and her siblings.

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    Two prime examples of why you need to be skeptical of what you read on the internet. I’ve seen many of the posters on the two mentioned Facebook pages post items that are just simply not true and the posts are removed later.

    As for Mr. Letiecq, anyone who has held a job or invested money knows what an Unqualified Audit opinion is. The fact that he so quickly posted about a subject he obviously knew nothing about (and someone “liked” his post) is a bit troubling.

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    I heard that [edited] Simons was promised a job in Lawson’s office but that Lawson stabbed her in the back. I also heard that [Simons] was very upset and told folks about her malcontent because she really needed the job and had to take a job elsewhere with a much longer commute.

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    Isn’t the information about who works in Lawson’s office a matter of public record, shouldn’t be too hard to find out, after all, Lawson is all about transparency, ha!

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    I would like to know who works in Candland’s office and who works in Lawson’s office.

    It is a matter of public record and we pay their salary.

    Question: What would taxpayers say if everyone who worked for a supervisor on the eastern end of the county all went to the same church? What if we had a Muslim supervisor and everyone hired for that office was Muslim?

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