The Counts of Monte Cristo

the good bad uglyThat’s right! There’s another political blog in Prince William County, and we don’t mean us here at the Prince William Muckraker. We’re very new, but our first post is not about us. It’s about the Counts of Monte Cristo, a blog celebrating its first full year in operation that seems poised to be the reasonable person’s online alternative to the Pete Candland/Mac Haddow smear blog that has dominated the Prince William blogosphere since Candland and Haddow arrived on the scene in 2011. The Counts bill themselves as providing Radical Common Sense for the Middle Class in Prince William County. We wish them the best! Check out the Counts of Monte Cristo.


While the Counts tackle some of the important day to day issues in the County, our focus will be a little different. Take a look at our About Us page to get an idea.