Stewart Speaks Out on Haddow-Candland Cabal Dishonesty

Mac Haddow's Junta Misleads Public

PWC Board Chair Corey Stewart recently spoke out on the Haddow-Candland cabal’s* dishonesty involving the recent Bi-County Parkway vote. As reported previously by the Muckraker, Vice-Chair Pete Candland had explicitly assured Chairman Stewart and the public that no vote would be taken on removing the parkway from the county comprehensive plan until Stewart had returned from a business trip and could participate. It quickly became clear, however, that the Mac Haddow junta of Candland, Jeanine Lawson, and Ruth Anderson on the BOCS, had no intention of honoring the commitment they had made.

Challenged about reneging on their public assurances, principally by Coles Supervisor Marty Nohe, the Haddow-Candland cabal smear machine promptly went into action using their house organ, the Sheriff of Nottingham blog, to distract and mislead the public with spurious attacks on Stewart, Nohe, and other opponents of their swindle. They first insinuated (without any evidence whatsoever) that Stewart had lied about his reason for missing the meeting. Then they peddled the notion that Stewart knew the vote would be taken all along. Junta member Jeanine Lawson hawked the idea that they were doing Stewart a favor. Nohe, of course, found himself the victim of a spurious smear campaign on an unrelated issue, which was clearly designed to move the online news cycle off the issue of the Haddow junta’s betrayal.

Stewart gave lie to all this on his return. In comments to the Prince William Times, Stewart blasted, “I was promised, the community was promised, [that] the vote was going to be taken with the entire board here.” Saying he felt misled and that the business community might not trust the board after the vote, Stewart predicted that the board’s move would have “untold consequences in the future.”

We suppose it’s possible that Stewart had actually hoped to miss the vote so that he wouldn’t have to take a position. But it was Candland who very specifically raised the issue of Stewart’s pending absence at the meeting before the vote, and who very publicly reiterated then that no vote would take place in the Chairman’s absence. Candland tried to rationalize his dishonesty by telling the Prince William Times that people were interested in having a decision made at the time people came out to speak. Yet, there was no mob of speakers at the hearing. According to the Prince William Times, there were only 8 speakers for removal of the parkway and 7 against – hardly a mandate for a vote contrary to public assurances given by Candland just a week before. The “people” to whom Candland referred no doubt consisted of Mac Haddow and members of the Haddow-Candland cabal. In fact, on the day of the vote Haddow reportedly started spreading the word to his junta members that they would be taking a vote that evening.

With their actions, the Haddow-Candland cabal has once again announced to the surrounding region that Prince William County is a difficult place to do business, making the job of the tax-payer funded Department of Economic Development and member-funded Chamber of Commerce, even harder than it already is. The Bi-County Parkway itself aside, reputable companies don’t want to do business in an area where the elected officials brazenly and regularly renege on their commitments, particularly at the urging of unelected puppet-master. Of course, making the jobs of those organizations impossible may just be the puppet-master’s goal.

*Though it varies, the core members of the Haddow/Candland cabal include Upstream Consulting’s Mac Haddow, QBE’s Pete Candland, Jeanine Lawson, Ruth Anderson, Rich Anderson, and sometime-Candland staffer/Rich Anderson campaign manager/Ruth Anderson and Jeanine Lawson consultant Reece Collins.


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    This episode is par for the course with Haddow, Candland and Lawson. Anderson, just elected in November with help of Reece Collins, the Haddow/Candland go to person for deceit and subterfuge, had to be involved. Anderson, apparently no longer represents Occoquan and is merely another Haddow hand puppet. Stewart knows Candland receives his marching orders from Haddow and Stewart should have known Haddow would do anything to make Stewart look bad and his puppet Candland look good, this time however, Candland looks like the lying [edited out] that he is. BTW, why not an expose on Mac Haddow, do some research regarding his activities in the Utah legislature and look at the Pan Am flight that the Libyans shot down, look at who he represents as a lobbyist, look at his “basketball court” and note whose land it intrudes on….there is much much more regarding Haddow’s “activites.”

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    You really need a better name for the Cabal. Might I recommend Haddland or Canddow? I prefer Canddow Cabal.

    But do you really believe the fix wasn’t already in? Chairman Corey knows exactly what is happening most of the time. It’s why he’s still got his current spot. He plays the game very well.

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    Never trust snakes. Haddow and Candland are snakes. So are the sycophant women who can’t think for themselves.

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    Muckraker, I’m guessing that Joe Mama is a Haddow or Candland fan who’s suggesting you use Haddland or Canddow so their actual names don’t show up so much. Don’t fall for it.

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    Do not trust anything Stewart says he manipulates the local press and I have reason to believe he knew exactly what was going to happen and even conspired with Camdland.

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    Candland’s office is a cesspool of corruption, me thinks.

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    If you wallow with hogs, you get mud on you. Maybe Corey shouldn’t have been so quick to cut a deal with the Devil.

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    Stewart and Candland put this together. How pathetic is Ruth Anderson?

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    You probably should lay off Ruth Anderson. She’s in way over her head so it’s hard to hold her responsible for this.

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    @ Anonymous
    “Do not trust anything Stewart says…”

    I think you’re missing the point. It doesn’t matter whether Stewart wanted this to happen or not. The issue is that Candland and co. specifically assured the public the vote would not be taken until a later meeting and then reneged when they knew they had the votes. That’s what destroys confidence in government.

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    I think you are being way to nice with your picture of Haddow, he is twice that size in real life, but I like the new blog and look forward to reading about things other than how great Pete Candland thinks he is while he and Haddow are blogging about how great he thinks he is… No one is as great as the “sheriff” pretends of his little boy wonder Candland, no one! It makes you wonder how deep the relationship goes between Candland and Haddow, [remainder edited out].

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    @ Anonymous
    “You probably should lay off Ruth Anderson . . . .”

    You absolutely should not lay of Ruth Anderson. To get elected she partnered with some of the most corrupt and dishonest people in the entire county. When the truth comes out about that people will understand just how big a fraud she is.

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