Haddow-Candland Cabal Snakes Stewart

We got a glimpse of what a Pete Candland controlled Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) looks like on March 15 when the Mac Haddow/Pete Candland cabal snaked the absent BOCS Chairman Corey Stewart.


Snake [sneyk] Verb: To stab someone in the back by telling them you’re going to do one thing and then doing another to their detriment.


The Mac Haddow/Pete Candland cabal is the acknowledged master of the dark art of snaking in Prince William County.*  Their modus operandi is to emit a constant stream of lip service pronouncements concerning good government, transparency, and conservative principles for the consumption of the busy public.  But like the Pharisees of old, while they self-righteously hold themselves above others on these points, behind the scenes they reserve for themselves a completely different set of rules. To help mask their hypocrisy they use the cabal’s house organ, the Sheriff of Nottingham blog, to both misdirect the public on any given issue and discredit opponents through a vicious program of intimidation and character assassination unencumbered by the truth.  Then to lure allies as needed, they sometimes applaud those outside the cabal, including prior victims of their character assassinations.


One example of the practical application of the Haddow/Candland cabal’s strategies and tactics was the March 15 BOCS vote on the removal of the Bi-County Parkway from the Prince William County Comprehensive Plan.  Chairman Stewart had let everyone know that he wouldn’t be able to make the BOCS meeting scheduled for March 15, but given the importance of the subject, he wanted to participate in the discussion and vote on the Bi-County Parkway issue.  So, at their March 8 meeting the assembled supervisors agreed they would proceed with the public hearing on March 15, but would not vote that evening and would instead wait for the Chairman’s return.  As the video of the March 8 meeting makes clear, BOCS Vice-Chair Pete Candland took the lead in raising the issue of Stewart’s anticipated absence and of securing agreement that no vote would be taken during that absence.

Chairman Stewart knows the risks of trusting the devil, but even he had to be surprised by what happened on March 15.  The trap had been set.


As the day and evening progressed on the 15th, Mac Haddow spread the word that members of the Haddow/Candland cabal would push for a Bi-County Parkway vote in Chairman’s Stewart’s absence.  With Stewart gone they only needed one vote from outside the cabal, and Supervisor Caddigan, a long-time opponent of the Bi-County Parkway, was deemed persuadable.  Supervisor Lawson, by her own admission, came to the March 15 meeting with a “bullet point” motion to call for the vote in the Chairman’s absence, despite the promises of the prior week.


The result was the sort of public display of dishonesty and procedural bungling that has embarrassed and bedeviled Prince William County since 2011, discouraging investment, business expansion, and confidence in county institutions.  Haddow cabal stalwarts Pete Candland, Jeanine Lawson, and Ruth Anderson were joined by Maureen Caddigan in a 4-3 vote to remove the Bi-County Parkway from the county comprehensive plan.  John Jenkins, Marty Nohe, and Frank Principi tried to remind their colleagues of the commitment made to Chairman Stewart, but Vice-Chair Pete Candland got a ruling from the county attorney that since no formal vote had been taken at that prior meeting to wait for the Chairman, the supervisors were not legally bound to do so.  Ethical conduct be damned.  Other arguments made by Nohe related to the removal of the Bi-County Parkway from the comprehensive plan, as well as his plea that taking a vote after assuring the Chairman and the public that they would not do so “flies in the face” of the promises of transparency the board had made, fell on deaf ears.


Regardless of what people think of the merits of the Bi-County Parkway, there was no denying that the stench of dishonesty emitted by the Haddow/Candland cabal was more publicly noisome than usual, and their house organ blog, no doubt prepared in advance, immediately went on the offensive with their standard combination of misdirection and character assassination to justify the cabal’s conduct.  First, to elicit sympathy and perhaps co-opt longer-term support from the independent-minded Maureen Caddigan, they waxed effusively about what they called the new power women on the board.  Then they tried to justify the betrayal of their fundamental promise to Chairman Stewart by insinuating that he had lied to them about the reason for his absence.  Finally, they piled on Nohe and Principi with a litany of insulting characterizations and descriptions of their conduct remote from the actual events.


It was all a small glimpse at what a future Prince William County completely controlled by the Haddow/Candland cabal will look like.  Hurry home Chairman Stewart!


Snake [sneyk] Verb: To employ the techniques of the Mac Haddow/Pete Candland cabal, especially dishonesty, hypocrisy, misinformation, and character assassination to elevate yourself politically regardless of the detrimental impact on your community and the public trust.



*Though it varies, the core members of the Haddow/Candland cabal include Upstream Consulting’s Mac Haddow, QBE’s Pete Candland, Jeanine Lawson, Ruth Anderson, and sometime-Candland staffer/Rich Anderson campaign manager/Ruth Anderson and Jeanine Lawson consultant Reece Collins.


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    Your really don’t understand the Candland/Stewart connection.

    Stewart knew he could have protected his position and absence by making a motion during a board meeting before his absence. Do you really believe the failure to make a motion about his absence was an accident? He has been in the Chairman’s seat far too long to miss that one.

    In this love/hate relationship, Stewart and Candland both voted. Stewart didn’t have to vote either way, and Candland got lots of kudus for his political genius.

    Been done before. Will be done again. I’m surprised people don’t get it.

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    Haddow, whose wife and son-in-law have worked in Candland’s county office now controls 3 members of the BOCS, Candland, Lawson and Anderson. Not too shabby for a convicted felon who set up a “charity” with his wife as executive director and then funneled federal funds to the “charity”. It’s clear that Anderson, who fellow Republicans describe as [phrase omitted] will do whatever Haddow or Collins tells her to do, she apparently is the 2nd supervisor for Gainesville having abdicated her resposibility to the Occoquan District.

    [Editor’s Note: This post was edited to remove . . . let’s just call it a less than charitable description of a supervisor . . . and to clarify that a reference was to “son-in-law” as opposed to “son.”]

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    Stewart should have known that Candland is a self serving narcissist. Candland can not be trusted he is actually less trust worthy that the felon Haddow

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    Even though it’s buried in a footnote I’m glad you brought up Reece Collins as part of the Haddow gang. If Haddow is the brain, I think Collins is the connecting tissue. He’s deeply involved with Candland, Rich and Ruth Anderson, and Jeanine Lawson as an office staffer, campaign manager, consultant, campaign mail vendor and who knows what else. He brings all the people you mentioned together.

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    Anon, it’s Haddow’s son-in-law, not his son I believe, working for Candland and the Sheriff of Nottingham. BTW, thanks for doing this blog to offset the crazies: The Sheriff and BLBV.

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    @ Really?
    Sooooooo……..your position is that Stewart either did this on purpose or should not have taken Pete Candland at his word, and that Candland deserves “kudos” for being a political genius by lying to the public and/or reneging on a promise that he made to the public about when the vote would be taken.

    Shows what passes for admirable conduct under the Haddow-Candland-Lawson-Anderson junta.

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    Like the alliteration: “Candland’s Cabal”, “Haddow’s Junta”. You should have a naming contest.

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    It’s very interesting that Republicans are all up in arms over the School Board “not properly notifying the public” but are praising the BOCS for blatantly lying to Chairman Stewart and the general public. The double standards are amazing.

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    @ Anonymous

    — “It’s very interesting that Republicans….”

    I’m glad you brought that up. The School Board made a compromise decision on the spot to resolve a difficult issue. The Candland-Lawson-Anderson wing of the Republican Party on the Board of Supervisors for political gain blatantly broke a specific commitment they had made to the public the week before.

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    Ruth Anderson is an empty vessel. Some Republicans have taken to calling her “AWOL Anderson” because she’s never really “there”.

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    Don’t think for one minute that Corey wasn’t in on all of this. Now he doesn’t have to sully his pretty little hands with it. They had the votes they needed.

    Corey has cut a deal with the Devil, make no mistake.

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    Candland proved his word means nothing, and he can’t be trusted. That’s the important lesson for Prince William County residents. Why should anyone ever trust him again?

    I wonder how his partners in business feel about this?

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    I like to think that the opinion that Corey really know this would happen is likely the case. As one other said “Don’t think for one minute that Corey wasn’t in on all of this. Now he doesn’t have to sully his pretty little hands with it.”

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