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Haddow Business Plan v Chamber

We can’t help but be impressed by the maturing transformation of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce over the past two years.  Rejecting far-right wing ideology, they’ve been charting a moderate-conservative course that emphasizes the positive contributions a healthy business sector makes to our community, businesses’ responsibilities as corporate citizens, and the importance of infrastructure, education, and quality of life to a thriving commercial sector – a sector necessary if we are to diversify away from such high reliance on residential real estate taxes.


Recently, the Chamber took the courageous step of publicly criticizing the latest unprincipled tactics of the Haddow-Candland cabal on the Prince William Board of County Supervisors.  In a press release and letter, the Chamber noted that it was not just the policy change on the Bi-County Parkway (on which reasonable people may disagree) that concerned them, but the manner in which the Board conducted its business (i.e. the Haddow-Candland cabal’s dishonesty).  Calling it a “failure of leadership” the Chamber singled out Vice Chairman Pete Candland, who they said, “in our opinion, forced the vote irrespective of the Board’s previously stated intent,” because he thought that if all the board members had participated the motion would have failed.  The Chamber went on to say that BOC members “spout platitudes to the business community about supporting the growth and development of the private sector,” while in fact working against such growth.  In a bold and forthright closing, the Chamber remarked that “those seated behind the dais should not be some of our community’s greatest threats to economic growth.”


This strong statement was undoubtedly not easy to make.  Cabal leader Mac Haddow has inserted himself on various Chamber committees, and has made sure that some other members of his group are placed on them as well.  Consequently, Chamber members know that in any of their deliberations comments they make crossing Haddow are apt to show up on the cabal house organ, the Sheriff of Nottingham blog.  Additionally, what shows up may not be limited to just the issues of disagreement, but may include insults about the Chamber member’s appearance, speaking ability, or physical characteristics.


Yet, despite all attempts at intimidation, over the last two years the Prince William Chamber of Commerce has emerged as one of the few community institutions willing to stand up publicly to the threat of the expanding Haddow-Candland cabal.  For this, the Chamber deserves all our thanks.


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    I opposed the bicounty parkway but the way Candland handled this was despicable.

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    I oppose the Bi-County Parkway and I’m sure that people in the western end of the county are celebrating its demise. What they don’t understand, though, is that the underhanded way this was done hurts all of us. When elected officials blatantly lie about an important issue and we give them a pass because we agree with the outcome, we contribute to dysfunctional and dishonest government. These same tactics will be used on people in the western end to their detriment and they’ll be the first to cry foul.

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    Does Ruth Anderson have any idea about issues in the county, she should be wearing a dunce hat.

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    Many citizens who represent many shades of the political spectrum have been opposed to the “outer beltway” / “Bi-County” parkway for decades.

    I don’t know if these blog writers attended at community meeting back in 2014, but then, assistant secretary of transportation told the crowd, almost verbatim, delivery trucks traveling 95 needed a more direct route to Dulles. You should have heard the gasps in the audience, of the over 300 residents who showed up to learn about the bi county parkway.

    Why does PWC want to serve as a cut through for big rigs? Why do we want to export our jobs to other counties? Why do we want to open up the west end to massive expensive housing development?

    Don’t you think before we screw the west end, we should develop the 2 million square feet of retail in the Gainesville Sector Plan?

    Please do not assume that the citizens who actually LIVE along the route are anti business, that is unfair and untrue.

    A word of caution, don’t let your hate for the other side cloud reasonable discussion.

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    It seems you missed that there are two issues here. One is the merits of the Bi-County parkway that people have legitimate disagreements about. The other issue which is the point being discussed here is that Pete Candland lied to the public about when the vote would be taken in order to get it out of the comprehensive plan. No one should agree with that unless they think it’s okay to use dishonest, sleazeball tactics as long as it’s to get your way.

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    You’re never going to win over @Elena. There are lots of people like her who don’t care how odious the person is as long as they “protect” the rural crescent. Which basically means keeping out certain types of people. They’d vote for the KKK Grand Wizard if he sided with them on that and they’d overlook everything else he did. You notice she talked about the Bi-County parkway but never mentioned anything about how it was taken out of the plan.

    I’ll tell you why the Gainesville Sector Plan isn’t working. It’s because no one trusts that the Supervisors will keep their word on anything, just like they didn’t on the parkway vote. These people don’t care about that though as long as they get what they want, which is really for nothing to change, including for the Gainesville Sector Plan to work.

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    @ Gainesville Business Owner is right. You’re never going to win over that crowd. A lot of them are good people but they have one issue and people like Candland use it to dupe them every time. I don’t want the Bi-County Parkway or the Dominion Power Lines and I think we should fight them. But the state has the power to do both if they want so Candland knows he takes no risk in making a stink about them. He just uses it to dupe the people out there so they ignore all the other terrible things that he does.

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    [They’ve] been getting duped for years. [They] created false heroes out of Stewart and Stirrup and now they’re doing the same for Candland and Lawson. [They] either won’t learn or just don’t care about anything else.

    [This post has been edited.]

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    Okay, we’ve got some unposted comments about a participant in this thread that we think are unfair if the participant is who we think they are — a good person who has actually fought for things larger than the Gainesville District at great personal cost and facing great ridicule, so we will not approve attacks of that nature on that person. That doesn’t mean that we don’t agree with some of the general points made here.

    We also want to take this opportunity to point out that our objectives, which we made clear on this blog in the “About Us” section on Day 1, are primarily investigative. Consequently, while we welcome and encourage comments, our focus is not on providing a discussion forum that fits any particular model that some one or some group may prefer.

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