The Evolution of Ruth Anderson

Delegate Rich Anderson is widely known for his political cowardice, his breathtaking two-faced hypocrisy. It’s always most evident in election years, when you’ll see him at NAACP events or LGBT events, preaching solidarity with the goals of the organization, and then consistently voting against their legislative priorities in the House of Delegates. He’ll tell delegates across the aisle in private that he would like to see Medicaid expanded in Virginia, but then he votes with expansion’s opponents. When faced with the issue of redistricting reform to end gerrymandering, Anderson will say he supports the effort; then, true to form, he votes against it when a bill comes to the floor. He combines the hard-right legislative views of Scott Lingamfelter and Bob Marshall, but without their principled honesty. You’ll never see either of the latter telling an LGBT group they support their goals before voting against them in Richmond.
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Analysis of Jacqueline Smith’s Stunning Upset

Democrat Jacqueline Smith scored a stunning upset Tuesday in the special election for the Clerk of the Court for Prince William County, Manassas City, and Manassas Park. Smith bested Delegate Jackson Miller, the powerful Republican Majority Whip in the Virginia House of Delegates, by more than 2,000 votes, winning by nearly 8%.
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Sheriff of Nottingham Exposed: Mac Haddow

The Prince William Muckraker has obtained documentary evidence exposing the involvement of Upstream Consulting principal, Mac Haddow, in the well-known forgery, fabrication and character assassination blog, the Sheriff of Nottingham. Since 2012, Haddow, as well as Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland, have repeatedly, publicly and vehemently denied any involvement with the defamation blog. Haddow has gone so far as to threaten with legal action members of the Board of County Supervisors, private citizens, and critics like the Prince William Muckraker. Today’s revelations thus mark another chapter in a long history of deceit and deception by Haddow and raise significant questions about the complicity of several Prince William County elected officials and appointees.
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FBI Continues Candland-QBE Investigation

The Prince William Muckraker has learned that last week FBI officials spoke with Prince William County Schools as part of the FBI’s continuing investigation into the role of Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland in county real estate transactions involving Candland’s former employer, the government contractor, Quality Business Engineering (QBE).
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Jackson Miller’s Ironic Umbrage

According to Potomac Local, Delegate Jackson Miller (R-Manassas) and his supporters have taken umbrage at a personal Facebook post of Prince William County Democratic Committee (PWCDC) Chair, Harry Wiggins. In the post Wiggins writes, “Trump and Jackson Miller two unqualified bigots and white supremacists.” In response to questioning from Potomac Local, Wiggins said that his Facebook post was based on Jackson Miller’s repeated votes in support of voter identification and disenfranchisement laws that disproportionately and adversely affect minorities, and that amount to institutionalized voter suppression.
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FBI Investigation – Candland and QBE Part Ways

On August 8, the Muckraker reported that the FBI was investigating transactions between Prince William County and Quality Business Engineering (QBE), where Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland was employed as Executive Vice President. Now we have learned that Supervisor Candland and QBE have parted ways.

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Distraction and Dysfunction

Unusual and unseemly is one way it’s being described. Dysfunctional is another. The President-elect of the United States is holding a drama-ridden reality TV-style selection process for some of the most important positions in the United States government. People like Rudy Giuliani are openly lobbying in public for the position of Secretary of State to try to box the President-elect in, while the President-elect himself parades contestants through the lobby of his building and then tweets out his impressions of his meetings to get visceral public reaction.

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Social Media, Fake News, and Post-Truth Age

On October 24 we ran a post regarding the rise of alt-right, anti-Semitic tweets that originated with self-identified Trump supporters and targeted Jewish journalists. An Anti-Defamation League (ADL) report noted that there is evidence that Trump contributed to the environment in which reporters were targeted, citing Trump’s references to them as “absolute scum,” and his saying, “I would never kill them, but I do hate them. And some of them are such lying, disgusting people. It’s true.”

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